Best Bed Position Feng Shui

By | April 16, 2023
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Best Bed Position Feng Shui – Your bedroom is a place to rest and relax after a long day, so you want to make sure it’s a place of peace and relaxation. One idea is to create a feng shui bedroom arrangement by placing the right bed.

We have compiled the three best and three worst arrangements according to the feng shui rules of bedroom furniture arrangement. Even if your bedroom is small, you can easily arrange and organize your room with the following tips and example plans.

Best Bed Position Feng Shui

Best Bed Position Feng Shui

But first you are interested in what is feng shui and how to create a bedroom with it.

Feng Shui Bedroom: Best Tips For 2022

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of creating an environment that promotes balance and harmony. Exercise uses energy to help you harmonize with your surroundings. You can use feng shui for the whole house.

You work with the five elements of nature; Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water. In English, the term “feng shui” translates as “wind and water”, which are two aspects of nature. When you think about it, feng shui is perfect for creating a peaceful environment in your bedroom.

It is important to create the right feng shui in your bedroom as it can improve many aspects of your life such as romance, your health and your overall mood.

Of course, there are bedroom feng shui rules to keep in mind as they prevent the accumulation of negative energy in your bedroom.

Tips To Feng Shui Your Bedroom, So You Can Get Better Sleep And Luck

Your bed should have a wooden or wooden headboard. It is a powerful yet gentle way to create positive energy.

A headboard provides the support, support and protection you need as your body works to restore your energy.

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, create your own headboard using a few wooden planks. Just attach it to the wall behind your bed.

Best Bed Position Feng Shui

Just like your forehead needs support, you also need a supportive mattress. A comfortable mattress is essential for a restful sleep.

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It is best to avoid a used mattress as it may have negative energy from its previous owner, which is not good for feng shui.

Now, it is important to note that floor beds are not good for feng shui. This way you can prevent positive energy from circulating under and around your bed while you sleep.

When applying feng shui to your bedroom, it is important to keep in mind the feng shui direction and location of the bed.

You want the bed as far away from the door as possible. Additionally, it should not be directly in line with the door, nor should it be in line with other doors in the bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips: Dos And Don’ts

This way, you don’t have to worry about anything outside your bedroom, but you feel in control because you still have a view of the door.

Separate your home office from your bedroom. This way, you can be more productive and focus on work without any distractions.

When you place your bed for feng shui, you also want to protect it from distractions like your television and other electronic devices.

Best Bed Position Feng Shui

If that’s not possible, you can always invest in a TV cabinet with doors or a Chinese screen to keep these items out of sight and mind.

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom (25 Rules With 17 Layout Diagram Examples)

You may want to put away your mobile device for the night. So you can focus on relaxation instead of work or electronics.

While this may conflict with other bedroom feng shui rules, such as not placing the bed next to a desk, you’ll want to keep your Kuwa number in mind when looking for a bed location. For example, if you determine that your crow number is eight, you will want to place your bed in the western part of the room.

Once you’ve determined the right areas to place your feng shui bed, you’ll want to narrow it down to the best place for your energy.

It is diagonal from the door with a solid wall behind the front. You create an earthy energy with bedside tables on both sides and rugs under the bed.

Best Practices For A Bed Under A Window In Feng Shui

To balance the energy in your bedroom, place a large piece of furniture, such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers, against the wall near the foot of the bed.

For the second best feng shui bedroom arrangement, the door faces the bed, but you’ll want to sleep as far away from the door as possible.

There are still similarities to the first arrangement as it contains earth energy on both sides of the bed and under the bed as well as a large piece of furniture balancing the energy on the wall at the foot of the bed.

Best Bed Position Feng Shui

Now, the third feng shui bedroom arrangement is to place the bed on the adjacent wall or the same wall as the door, with as much space as possible between the door and the bed.

How To Sleep Well With Feng Shui

You also want to balance the earth energy with a bedside table on each side of the bed and a rug under the bed.

There is enough space between the bed and the door to place a second bedside table, but you can choose a smaller bedside table if needed.

It may seem cool or the best way to get some fresh air, but you need to keep energy in mind when applying feng shui to your space. Many people believe it can cause sadness or bad energy.

It’s best to find another place for your bed, or at least use a high headboard and a window covering that will block the window at night.

The Best Feng Shui Bed Placement

Allow the energy from your bedroom to flow in and the energy from your bed to flow out. Again, you want your bed as far away from the door as possible.

If it is not possible to move the bed, place a piece of furniture between the bed and the door that promotes good energy. An example is an upholstered chair with a comfortable blanket or pillow.

It’s like a combination of the other two worst feng shui configurations. This places your bed in the line of energy that can enter and disrupt your resting place.

Best Bed Position Feng Shui

You want your bed in a solid and safe place because it keeps your energy safe and creates a balanced and harmonious environment.

How To Arrange A Bedroom Layout

By keeping the above arrangement and bedroom feng shui rules in mind, you will create an environment that is beneficial to various aspects of your life. Arranging a bedroom is more than just placing pieces of furniture where they fit. You need to plan the layout to find the right place for the bed in your room. If you remember our feng shui guide, you know that the placement of your bed can have a big effect on the energy you invite into your bedroom.

However, the importance of your setup doesn’t end with energy. The arrangement of furniture can also affect the style and mood of your room. It’s important to take the time to place the right furniture, starting with your bed.

To get you started with your bedroom setup, here are some examples of the best ways to position your bed in your bedroom.

If you’re like most people, you might want to place your bed in the middle of the longest wall in your bedroom. Your bed is most likely the focal point of the room.

Double Bed Position In The Bedroom

As well as brightening up the space in your cozy retreat, it also creates a sense of balance as there is enough space for a bedside table on each side of the bed. You can also add some style with a decorative headboard or wall art above the bed.

It is not unusual to place the bed in the center if a fixed feature such as a window or door limits your options. If your bed has a decorative headboard, you may want to place it against the wall opposite the door. Your headboard is thus visible from the door.

The best part is that you can try this off-center bed placement regardless of the size of your bedroom as long as the wall is long enough for your bed.

Best Bed Position Feng Shui

You may have been told that the position of the bed in the bedroom under the window is not the best way. However, this may be the only option given the solid elements. Fortunately, there are ways to place a bed under a window.

Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

For example, you can choose a low headboard and curtains that hang high and wide. You can therefore draw the curtains as needed, but otherwise you do not obstruct the view outside.

Another option is to place the bed against the wall, as this creates more space to move around the room. This is an especially great idea if you are investing in a sofa bed or sofa bed for a small bedroom.

The lounger can be placed against the wall