Best Computer Chairs For Back Pain

By | April 24, 2023
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Nearly 65 million Americans suffer from back pain and approximately 16 million of them suffer from chronic back pain. The likely culprit? Sitting more than eight hours a day at work. But even if your job requires you to be behind a desk all day, there are ways to reduce the stress on your back.

Best Computer Chairs For Back Pain

Best Computer Chairs For Back Pain

One way is to get a standing desk (which we highly recommend), but that can be cumbersome and expensive. An easier way to prevent back pain? Invest in an ergonomic office chair.

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Over the past few years, we’ve seen brands make strides with some of the best office chairs for back pain. If you’ve been sitting in the same chair for years, you might be surprised at how these new chairs can ease back pain.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best office chairs for back pain, including affordable chairs and top picks, as well as some tips for choosing the best office chair for your workspace.

In any conversation about the best office chairs for back pain, two brands almost always emerge: Herman Miller and Steelcase. Both are great, but there are also excellent ergonomic chairs at much more affordable prices.

Herman Miller has been the king of office chairs for many years, and his reign is justified. Brand bestsellers like this Aeron chair boast unmatched ergonomic support thanks to physician-developed designs that take into account everything from biomechanics to vision. For example, the Aeron features independent flex pads for lower spine support, full adjustability, and superior pressure distribution. It’s definitely an expensive chair, but it’s worth it if you work at a desk all week.

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The fancy chairs are worth their price, but you don’t have to spend more than $1,000 to get a great office chair for back pain. This chair from Gabrylla is a great value option (currently $270 on Amazon), with four ergonomic points of support at the head, back, hips and arms, along with additional lumbar support to help reduce and prevent back pain during the work shift. The mesh seat and back also help keep air circulating for more comfort and less sweat.

This Steelcase Gesture is another premium office chair worth its price. The chair gets its name “Gesture” from a feature that allows the seat and back to move in sync when you change positions. Not only will this encourage more movement throughout your workday, but it will also keep your back supported in a wider range of positions. Like many Steelcase chairs, we think Gesture is also one of the best looking office chairs.

Branch’s ergonomic office chair is another great choice if you’re shopping on a budget. Despite the relatively affordable price, the Branch chair offers excellent support for keeping back pain at bay. The chair’s contoured back keeps its promise of supporting an “active posture,” and the lumbar support is firm enough to keep your lower back in just the right position. Furthermore, the brand offers numerous customization options when you order a chair, including the color of the structure and the seat.

Best Computer Chairs For Back Pain

If your lower back still suffers after using a good ergonomic office chair, we suggest you try this Varier kneeling chair. Repositions the pelvis for better spinal alignment, engages the core and relieves pressure on the lower back. It also features curved skids that allow you to sway slightly, helping us stay moving throughout the day. Also, because it’s more minimal, Varier is less expensive than most upscale ergonomic office chairs.

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Finding the best office chair for back pain is no easy task. Below are some of the criteria we used to find the best office chairs for back pain to keep in mind while shopping. Tip: If you’re serious about getting a great office chair for back pain relief, order several and try them all for as long as possible within the return period.

Ergonomics: The key to a great office chair is its ergonomics; how well it encourages your body to stay in a healthy, upright position. Look for spinal support at the top, enough lumbar support to keep your lower back straight, and a seat positioned so your hips stay open. Also, choose chairs that take movement into account and accommodate different positions throughout the day (like Steelcase Gesture).

Adjustability: The adjustment of an office chair is crucial to its ergonomics, as everyone’s body and ideal sitting position are slightly different. The more adjustability, the better, so look for adjustable armrests, headrests, and seats in addition to height and tilt.

Materials: High-quality upholstery, upholstery, and frame materials are another key difference between good and bad office chairs. You’ll usually see mesh, fabric, or faux leather on the seats and backs of office chairs. Mesh is the most popular because it’s cooler, but leather and fabric have a softer feel (and look better, too).

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In our search for the best office chairs for back pain, we tested a range of chairs, read what experts have to say about proper sitting positions, and researched which chairs keep users’ backs healthy over the long term. We also considered your budget, as office chairs can be expensive, and selected options from both expensive and affordable classes of office chairs.

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Best Computer Chairs For Back Pain

​​​​When you are glued to your desk most of the day, having an office chair for back pain (rather to relieve or prevent back pain) is not a luxury, but a necessity. Sitting for long periods of time without proper support can damage your back muscles, reinforce poor posture, and ultimately cause a lot of pain and potential harm. But while so many office chairs promise to be ergonomic and comfortable, how do you really know if a chair is good for supporting your back?

Best Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain In 2023

The right office chair can help make spending an entire day in front of a computer a little less painful, especially if you already have some back pain, whether it’s from an uncomfortable mattress or chair, a a previous injury, fatigue from exercise, or even stress. . Especially if you already have back pain, e.g. With the right materials, upholstery, and ergonomics, an office chair can not only protect your back from overheating, but also support it in all the right places, so you’ll sit with better posture and be less likely to get achy after all. those video calls. Everyone’s body is different, so it’s important to have features (seat height, armrests, etc.) that you can adjust.

One of the main features to consider is the regulation. According to Joel Giffin, PT, DPT, physical therapist and founder of Flex Physical Therapy, height-adjustable chairs are key in keeping pressure off your lower back.

“You have to make sure the seat can be adjusted up and down because you want your feet to be ideally flat on the ground…” says Giffin. “Having your legs dangling puts a lot of direct pressure on your lower back and, believe it or not, even up to your neck, so seat height matters,” adds Giffin.

Also, it’s important to find a chair with adequate lumbar support if you want to prevent back pain. This will help you control your posture and keep you from slouching, something that can lead to back and neck pain in the long run. This means avoiding chairs and backless chairs at the table.

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“You don’t need much [lumbar support], but you probably need more than the average chair [has]. Some chairs say they [have] lumbar support, but [there’s] really almost none. So you want something real If you have a significant problem with your back, such as a herniated disc, you may want more back support lumbar support if your chair doesn’t have one.

Depending on your preference and style, you can get an office chair made of artificial or real leather, mesh, plastic, fabric, and the like. Keep in mind that some fabrics like mesh will be more breathable if that’s important to you. Also, look for a chair made with a solid base, such as aluminum or steel. If you like to move around a bit during the day, smooth wheels are a good addition, otherwise you can decide

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