Best Desk And Chair For Home Office

By | May 8, 2023
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Whether you work from home or commute to the office – or both – you should be sitting in one of the best office chairs. We spend so much time at work (maybe too much), so we might as well have some fun while we’re there.

Best Desk And Chair For Home Office

Best Desk And Chair For Home Office

But the best office chairs are about more than comfort. By providing the right support, encouraging good posture and adapting to your body, they can help prevent strain and injury.

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According to the Norwegian Working Environment Authority (opens in new tab), “A good chair provides the necessary support for the back, legs, buttocks and arms, while reducing exposure to awkward positions, contact stress and vigorous exertion.”

To come up with our list of the best office chairs, we spent hundreds of hours sitting in all the chairs on this page to see how they hold up to the rigors of office life. In addition to their comfort, we also rate chairs based on their design, adjustability and value to see which one would be best for you.

Of course, a good chair is only one part of a safe and productive home office. To that end, you’ll also want to check out our guides to the best standing desks and the best desk lamps to ensure your work environment is comfortable and well-lit.

Although it’s slimmer than most other office chairs, there’s nothing overly flashy about the Branch ergonomic chair, and that could be a good thing. When I first settled into this $300 office chair, I pretty much forgot about it when I sat in it while working from home. But isn’t that the point of any good office chair?

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The ergonomic Branch chair has seven adjustment points (armrest height and width, as well as how far forward you want it, seat height, backrest angle, lumbar support and seat position in relation to the backrest). It’s not as much as you’ll find on more expensive models, like the Herman Miller Aeron, but it’s more than enough for a $300 chair like the Branch. Equally important: all these adjustment points were easily changed. There’s nothing worse than struggling to get the chair just right.

My only real criticism of the Branch chair—if you can call it that—is that its padded seat wasn’t as comfortable as the mesh seats on more expensive chairs, and it’s not as breathable. But overall, this chair provides excellent value.

One of the reasons I liked the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair is that it stood out in a sea of ​​black and gray office chairs with its cool blue and white color scheme (it also comes in gray, yellow, red, orange, white, and yes, black ).

Best Desk And Chair For Home Office

The price of this chair varies depending on the color you choose, as well as the style—you can choose from a mid-back, high-back, and drafting chair—but it ranges from about $120 to $210, making it a very affordable model if you’re on a budget. .

Breathable Mesh [pure Black] Conference Desk Chair Home Office Computer Pc Seat

However, like most cheap office chairs, the Flash Furniture model isn’t very adjustable – you can raise and lower the seat and adjust the recline tension, but that’s about it. However, I found it quite comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. And when I was ready to go home for the day, the arms of the chair folded so I could easily place it under my desk. If you’re looking for an inexpensive office chair that looks good, this is definitely a model you should consider.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair may be a symbol of dotcom profits, but there’s a good reason for that: it’s damn comfortable. I could adjust everything on this high-end chair, including esoteric things like the tension of the eight fabric zones (including the important lumbar support) and the tilt and angle of the armrests. It also supports working in two profiles: one for leaning forward and the other for lying and leaning.

The mesh bottom and back of the Aeron also allowed for plenty of airflow, which was welcome on hot days when my air conditioner wasn’t working as well as it should. However, this came with a slight trade-off as I didn’t think the Aeron was as supportive as the Steelcase Leap, which has a firmer fabric on the bottom and back.

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Perhaps it’s no surprise that all of this comes at a price, since the Aeron starts at more than $1,000. My advice is to look for office furniture sales when companies clear out their buildings of unwanted items. You’re stuck with the Aeron for around $400 or less.

If you struggle with back pain, you want a chair that adapts to you. While many chairs can be adjusted to your needs, the Steelcase Leap takes an alternative approach: it changes as you use it. The back bends, the lumbar support changes and the entire chair tilts as you adjust your position; you set them with three controls that allow you to adjust the way you configure the chair for your spine, lumbar and posture. This makes this chair a good choice for people with chronic back or back problems, as adjusting these controls can make the chair much more comfortable.

Although the Leap has a more traditional office chair look than the Herman Miller Aeron, I preferred the Leap’s backrest, which was a bit firmer. The Leap also comes in many more colors than the Aeron, so you can really personalize your home office.

Best Desk And Chair For Home Office

The Steelcase Leap isn’t cheap though; at around $1,000, it’s one of the more expensive chairs we’ve looked at. It can be a good investment if you use it often and want something that can adapt to your mood. As with the Herman Miller Aeron, it’s a good idea to look for office furniture sales to see if you can get it at a discount.

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The Hon Exposure is like the Honda Civic office chairs: it’s reliable, it’s affordable, it gets the job done, but it’s not the flashiest seat. It costs around $200 and comes in three versions: mesh back with fabric seat, full leather model and mesh back with leather seat. Unfortunately, the only color option is black; if you’re looking for a little more pizzazz in the same price range, check out the Flash Furniture chair, which comes in a variety of colors.

I found the Hon Exposure comfortable and liked that it has a decent number of adjustments – the arms and chair height can be changed, and the lumbar support can be moved in and out to provide more or less support for the lower back. However, it was a bit firmer than the Branch Ergonomic Chair, which also had a bit more style and more adjustment points. To be fair, the Branch chair also costs about $90 more.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with the Hon Exposure, but there are even more exciting models out there.

When I sat down in the X-Chair X2 and turned on the optional heating and massage pad, it took me back to the days of walking around the mall and relaxing in the massage chairs at Brookstone.

Black Breathable Mesh Conference Desk Chair Home Office Computer Seat W/headrest

Nostalgia aside, the X2 Chair is a very slim and very comfortable office chair. Both the back and bottom of the seat are mesh, which provides plenty of breathability, and the chair has plenty of adjustment points so you can get it just right. The only downside is that it took me a long time to get it all.

I also liked the looks of the X2; it’s not as flashy as one of the best gaming chairs, but it’s not as subdued as one of the thousands of generic office chairs you can find on Amazon. It’s also robustly built: part of the frame and stand are made of metal that has a shiny chrome finish

At around $900, the X2 isn’t cheap; that’s about the same as you’d pay for a Herman Miller Aeron. But it’s a chair you’re sure to be comfortable in – especially if you buy a massage cushion.

Best Desk And Chair For Home Office

If you don’t want to spend the entire stimulus check on a chair, but still want a comfortable seat in the back, the Furmax can be a good option. It has a thick, padded seat and mesh backrest with lumbar support, so your back doesn’t sweat, but still gets the firmness it needs. According to online buyers, the seat height can be adjusted from 19 inches to about 24 inches.

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The Furmax rests on five wheels so you can roll it around your home office. You can adjust