Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mobile Homes

By | May 25, 2023
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Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mobile Homes – When buying a home, we can’t always choose the color of the first home we buy – especially when we buy it blind! Kathy Peschke of Poor Little Girl was able to show how Home Depot’s ProjectColor program transformed her home’s exterior into the color of her dreams!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we appeared on BRAVO Buying It Blind! People always ask about our experience buying a home, unseen sight, and I honestly, it was so much fun. We still absolutely love our home and plan to spend as many years here as possible. Although small (about 1,650 square feet), our first home gave us all the space we needed, plus a yard for a boy. Our neighbors are lovely and there is a lot of development going on in our area, and I can’t wait to see how things change in the next few years.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mobile Homes

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mobile Homes

However, there was one thing about this house that really surprised me. This was the color of the exterior paint. Once we stepped out onto our front yard, I knew this paint color situation had to be fixed. Due to the large tree front and center on the grounds, the house almost disappeared behind it. The day we moved in, I said to Adam, “We need to paint this house!” Finally, after a year, we did!

The 17 Best Exterior House Colors Of 2022

The original beige of our house was very bad and like I said it got lost behind the big tree. It took a whole year, but we finally got to paint the outside of our house with the help of Home Depot. What seemed like a daunting task turned out to be easier than I imagined! let’s start.

Before partnering with The Home Depot on this project, Adam and I spent countless hours researching potential paint colors for our home. As you can imagine, there are actually a million options. Since this was such a big decision (hey, we’re painting the entire house!), we wanted to make sure we picked the best color for us and our home.

We ended up using ProjectColor software offered by Home Depot to finish the exterior paint colors. In the app, you can take a picture of your home and “test” the colors on it to see what the final product will look like. Seriously, so cool! After trying a number of different shades (from blues and grays to blues) we chose Behr Cold Steel (MQ5-20). I loved the way the shade of gray and blue fell on the large green tree, the white trim, and the peach-pink door.

Once the drawing is done, we need to find artists! We did some research online to find the perfect company in our area to help us complete the project. The first day was spent washing the house and getting it ready for painting. Day two was the big day they painted the entire exterior. It only took a few hours and that’s it, the effect was instant!

Regina St, Wareham, Ma 02571

Not to brag, but doesn’t my blue house smell that good?! My curb appeal has improved 100% and my house is much happier. I love how the green leaves on the tree really pop out of the blue, too. Honestly, I’m sad!

But let’s be honest, a home is never “done.” There are already a number of other things on my wish list to do for the exterior of our home. We would definitely like to upgrade the front porch/back deck. Also, we want to get a new front door and add some plants. As we move forward with the growth that occurred in the year, I’m hopeful that all of these additional projects will be completed by next year.

If you’re thinking of painting the exterior (or interior) of your home, start at The Home Depot! Their ProjectColor app really put our minds at ease as we found the perfect color for our home. It’s great to be able to visualize what the final product will look like.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mobile Homes

This post was created in partnership with The Home Depot. The author may receive compensation for this article and related images or videos, possibly in the form of products and/or services. All opinions and experiences expressed are those of the author. Feel overwhelmed with the task of choosing new exterior paint colors? The truth is, there are color palettes out there that will look absolutely beautiful in your home. Just think about your home’s architectural style and then look for ways to add new colors and personal touches that will make you feel happy every time you walk into the driveway.

Picking The Perfect Exterior Paint Colors

This is a series we call the Sweet Sixteen, where we take iconic home patterns and give them new life with the same 16 color schemes from our Exterior Color Palette Card to show you how to update your home and add a touch of personality.

Siding – 46 Acoustic White, Trim – KM4940 Greybeard, Garage Door – KM5788 Tranquil Taupe, Front Door – KM5372 Copper Beach

Siding- KM4940 Greybeard, Trim- 23 Swiss Coffee, Garage Door- 304 Stonegate, Front Door- KM5070 Rare Events

Siding- KM5819 Rotunda White, Trim- 407 Carbon, Garage Door- KM5823 City Tower, Front Door- HLS4293 Indian Red

The Top 5 Exterior House Colors For 2022

And don’t be afraid to use two or even three different colors to draw attention to your best features.

Siding- KM5822 San Francisco Fog, Trim- 46 Acoustic White and KM5821 Sandpiper Cove, Garage Door- KM5822 San Francisco Fog, Front Door- KM5280 Fire Coral

Siding- 178 Plymouth Grey, Trim- 46 Acoustic White, Garage Door- 46 Acoustic White, Front Door- 306 Sky Knight

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mobile Homes

Siding- KM5823 City Tower, Trim- 49 Antique White, Garage Door- KM5826 Volcanic Rock, Front Door- Pumpkin Pie HLS4306

Country Fair Homes

Siding – 304 Stonegate, Trim – 14 Frost, Garage Door – KM4952 Pompeii Ruins, Front Door – 407 Carbon Black

Siding- KM5789 Shadow Cliff and KM5788 Tranquil Taupe, Trim- 14 Frost, Garage Door- KM5789 Shadow Cliff, Front Door- KM5280 Fire Coral

Siding- KM4910 Platinum Granite, Trim- KM5822 San Francisco Fog and 23 Swiss Coffee, Garage Door- KM5822 San Francisco Fog, Front Door- KM5070 Rare Events

Siding- 49 Antique White, Trim- 417 Oxford Brown, Garage Door- 232 Tuscany, Front Door- 306 Sky Sky

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Siding- KM5789 Shadow Cliff, Trim- 216 Malibu Beige, Garage Door & Front Door- KM5372 Copper Pitch

Siding – KM4952 Pompeii Ruins, Trim – 407 Carbon and KM4940 Greybeard, Garage Door – KM4943 Subway, Front Door – 407 Carbon

Siding- 36 Navajo White and KM5826 Volcanic Rock, Trim- 23 Swiss Coffee, Garage Door- KM5826 Volcanic Rock, Front Door- 159 Sequoia Redwood

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mobile Homes

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color blocking to add interest and depth to ordinary homes, and don’t think all trim has to be the same color. Here are three decorative colors to make sure this home looks beautiful and welcomes the front door beautifully.

Exterior Color Inspiration

All of these colors are available here. Pick one of these schemes as is or mix and match for that totally personal touch.

We’ve selected sixteen exterior color schemes that will suit almost any home style. Read on to discover which palette is right for you.

Our Sweet 16 series returns with popular front door colors and home color scheme ideas for maximum appeal. An attractive mobile home and good curb appeal is a no-brainer for many people. But this is not true! By choosing the right paint color for your exterior, you can create a mobile home that is both welcoming and beautiful.

Today we are talking about all things exterior paint colors. If you are ready to paint, you probably have a lot of questions. How do I choose the perfect paint color? What if I don’t like it later? I’m selling – What colors are most attractive to buyers? We will answer all this and more in today’s article.

Trending Exterior House Colors For 2023

Are you painting because you are tired of the boring, familiar colors of your home? Or are you ready to put your mobile home on the market? These are important questions because they dictate which options are best for you.

For example, if you intend to make the house attractive to buyers, you will need to choose a classic color. Something everyone thinks is beautiful. Remember that light shades are always best in this case. The most common colors are pure white, off-white, and gray. Want something a little less standard? Then go with light shades of cypress green, navy blue, or taupe.

But you might as well do it yourself. Perhaps you plan to enjoy your mobile home for many years to come, and its current color just isn’t to your taste.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mobile Homes

In this case, your options are literally endless. Some people will tell you, “Don’t paint your house a dark color! It makes it look smaller.” Should you listen to them? maybe. But, besides that, it is a mobile home. Of course it’s small! So if you want to paint your house an exotic black or blue, we won’t

Exterior House Colors: 7 Shades That Scare Buyers Away

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