Best Feng Shui Position For Office Desk

By | April 8, 2023
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Best Feng Shui Position For Office Desk – Does your office environment seem to be draining your productivity? If so, you may want to use the principles of feng shui to help improve your workspace.

Feng shui is about finding comfort in your own space. In addition to the physical comfort that comes from following the right ergonomics, comfort can mean maintaining a clear mind and maintaining an organized lifestyle. Applying these feng shui ideas to your office will create a stress-free work environment. This will not only lead to a happier life but also make you more productive in the office.

Best Feng Shui Position For Office Desk

Best Feng Shui Position For Office Desk

Following these feng shui office principles in your desk organization, space, room layout and even wall color can change the way you work in the office.

How To Create An Home Office With Feng Shui

One of the main principles of feng shui is to find happiness. One of the easiest steps to achieve this is by organizing and decluttering the office. The idea is that getting rid of clutter can help bring in a vital energy that promotes clarity and focus. A total of 50% of your desk should be cleared. When you arrive at your workplace, you want to arrive at a clean desk and leave with a clean desk at the end of the day. Taking the extra time to plan things properly and efficiently will help you avoid doing it again in a few months.

Another feng shui office idea is to have a structured schedule that divides your work properly. For example, do your paperwork once a day. Do not try to multitask, because it will disturb your working memory. When scheduling, always try to complete the most difficult tasks first. Both of these are the main productivity methods.

At first, you may not think that the position of your desk makes a difference. But according to Feng Shui, your chair should always face the door. This is recognized as having the authority or position to command. It refers to the ability to see opportunities when they come in your work.

In shared offices, you want to avoid sitting in the back or the front. If you have to sit facing another person, try using a block as a bench, or a computer screen (as long as it’s big enough).

How To Feng Shui Office Desk: A Full Guide

A Bagua map is recommended to start setting up your desk. The Bagua Map is an ancient tool used in Feng Shui designed to bring out the overall Chi energy. When applied to a range, each part corresponds to different interests such as your profession, art, family, etc. Some also have colors and characteristics associated with them. The best place to use your bag map for office feng shui is on your desk or work area. The chart below will give you an idea of ​​how to break down your table using a Bagua map.

After mapping out those areas, ask yourself which areas of your life and/or business are most important to you or may need more attention. If there’s a specific area you want to focus on in your life, try placing items that promote that area on your bag map. For example, if you want to highlight your family, add their photos or place a plant in the “Family and Community” section.

But remember the rule of clutter/organization above – it’s important to keep 50% of your desk clear. If the map is used on your desktop, it will look like this.

Best Feng Shui Position For Office Desk

When setting up your office, you want to make sure you avoid sharp edges at all costs. Use tables or chairs with curved edges. You also want to choose furniture that speaks of prosperity and success. This creates a good working environment for the employees as well as any visiting customers or clients.

Does Feng Shui Really Work? I Tried It To Find Out.

When separating your desks, try to leave plenty of space in the hallway so that the power moves slowly through the room and isn’t forced into the hallway quickly. You should also consider where the light will be lit, because it is not only difficult to work with, but also bad for feng shui.

Feng shui is about keeping the balance of the elements. The main elements are wood, earth, metal, fire and water. Every piece of your office, from the desk you sit on to the picture on the wall, represents an element. You don’t really want a feature.

When choosing colors for your office, you can go with the basic guidelines above or choose a general, simple color. Yellow, sand, pale gold or green work well. If you want to grind or strengthen, you can choose brown or other earth tones. For large offices and open floor plans, it is important to have subtle colors. When trying to introduce a bright color in a large work room, it can be very disturbing and more stressful.

The artwork you choose should always inspire you. Remember, you want to support healthy and positive energy. So, include some of your favorite sayings or slogans.

Good Feng Shui Office Design

When doing a project like this, try not to get overwhelmed. Stress-free is the name of the game. Try not to do too much at once. If you have a large office, take small pieces as your own desk. Encourage your colleagues to get involved and spread positive energy!

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Reuben is the founder and CEO. As an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Reuben brings a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry, backed by a 20-year history of systematically creating efficiencies in everything he does… Working around the clock can wear anyone out. Even if you work from home, you want to boost your motivation and develop passion. Therefore, you should consider how the workplace is set up and consider the Feng Shui methods of your desk. There are many options, and we will discuss them in detail.

Best Feng Shui Position For Office Desk

The first step to Feng Shui is to know what you want on your desk. At least you need a laptop. However, you may choose to use a computer tower and monitor. Others may want a second monitor, an ergonomic keyboard, and a separate mouse. All this takes up space, but it can all be done in the flow of your desk.

Home Office Feng Shui Tips: What To Do Or Avoid The Bad Luck

You should also consider which table and chair you want, as this can affect the flow of the space. Go to your Feng Shui desk, find out what looks good and suits your needs.

Tables come in all shapes and sizes. Before thinking about Feng Shui desk orientation and placement, you need to know what desk shape is best for you and your home office. The goal here is to highlight the optimal or neutral access zone. When the upper arm stays to the side, this is the position you will sweep with your hand. In fact, you won’t reach far enough to grab something off the table.

There are many options, but most people like the rectangular shape the best. You can’t go wrong with SmartDesk Core. This is a standing desk, which means you can stand and work. It makes you productive, but gives you a feng shui desk.

With the push of a button, you can raise the desk to its height. A quiet motor ensures you can be on the phone while moving. In fact, it’s designed so you don’t have to worry just because you want to get up and work.

Feng Shui Office Design Tips To Improve Your Work Life

No matter where designers sit, they can choose a curved table that gives the illusion of balance. If your space allows, you can also consider an L-shaped table. This feng shui arrangement of tables will center you and ensure balance.

Many people want to Feng Shun their work desk to give it the right vibe. Therefore, the color you choose is important.

A white table is the best choice. Many people believe that feng shui is the basis of all aspects. The color is neutral and can stand perfectly with any existing background. The whiteness of the table symbolizes purity, order and stability. There are many white table options to consider. With some, you can even choose the color of the frame to decorate the floor.

Best Feng Shui Position For Office Desk

Although we will mainly focus on how to make a feng shun desk, you should also consider the chair. You don’t necessarily see the shadow of the chair when you work, but when you enter the office for the first time. Plus, if you move it out of the way while you’re standing up, you can see it.

Feng Shui Your Desk For Success

So, consider a gray office chair. Gray represents the element of iron, and many people feel calm and peaceful. The energy of will is small.

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