Best Furniture Covers For Cats

By | May 21, 2023
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Best Furniture Covers For Cats – Cats, dogs and people love our pet-friendly sofa fabric. Whether it’s a scratch-resistant sofa cover, an easy-to-clean surface or a snug corner to snuggle up to, we have the best pet-friendly options.

If you want to find a rug that your cats will love but won’t destroy, look no further than Claw-Proof Velvet. This soft, luxurious material is so delicately woven that it repels even the most eager nails and teeth. And don’t worry about everyday pet distractions. Simply brush away excess hair or throw the entire cover in the washing machine and put it back on for a new look.

Best Furniture Covers For Cats

Best Furniture Covers For Cats

Buttery soft and vibrantly colored, Classic Velvet is a bestseller for its beautiful look. And best of all, this beauty doesn’t fade. Hair and crumbs wipe away immediately, and the rich color stays strong for up to 100 washes. Keeping your low-maintenance velvet covers looking and feeling brand new couldn’t be easier.

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It’s hard to resist the timeless look of leather. The good news – you don’t have to. Our vegan leather and leather sofa covers are animal’s best friends with their smooth touch and tangle-free surface. Plus, any dirt from pets can be instantly wiped off the long-lasting surface.

Our current delivery time for standard orders is approximately 2 weeks; Select “Express Order” for delivery within 10 days (if available). Made to measure sofa covers take more time as production can only proceed after the measurements are completed.

We need to take the time to focus and pay attention to each piece – the end result should be something we are happy with.

We ship worldwide to the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa** via FedEx/DHL/TNT or equivalent priority shipping service.

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Is your protective cover too tight or too loose? Did you drop a button? Or the zipper is broken. Well, that doesn’t suit us.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your cover, you can choose to have it repaired or replaced within 30 days of its arrival at your home.

We are a small team that takes pride in our craftsmanship and truly cares about our customers’ satisfaction.

Best Furniture Covers For Cats

In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love your cover for years to come that we’ve upgraded our warranty from 2 years to 3 years from 2018 – we trust you’ll live in good faith. A white circle with a black border around an upward-pointing chevron. It says “Click here to return to top of page”.

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Article Sofas Review: First Impressions + Cat Proofing Tips

My cat Osito is a sofa destroyer. They love nothing more than a good scratch in the corner of the couch. Over the years, those claws have torn apart two separate couches. So when I bought an expensive new sofa, I had serious concerns about how it would perform under Osito’s reign.

The sofa scratcher saved the corner of my new sofa from tearing like its predecessors. Not only did this protect the couch from ocito, but it also gave an alternative surface in the middle of the room that cats are naturally attracted to.

The manufacturer sent me a sofa scratcher to test in their guide to the best cat furniture protectors. This amazing product is a sofa protector and scratching post. 24″ high with two 5.5″ wide slatted surfaces forming a 90 degree angle. A clear polycarbonate base attached to the bottom of the post slides under the sofa leg to secure the scratcher and flush with the corner of the sofa. The back of the sofa scratcher is covered with felt to protect the upholstery underneath.

Best Furniture Covers For Cats

When attached under the legs of the couch, the 6-pound sofa scratcher is strong enough to not budge when my 12-pound cat and her claws give it their all. Upon arrival, only basic assembly was required – adding three screws to secure the base to the post – which took less than five minutes to complete.

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The sofa scratcher is available in seven colors to match your sofa. If the corners of the sofa are rounded instead of square, there is a semi-circular sofa scratcher for a better fit. Unfortunately, if your cat is looking for a place to scratch on a sofa cushion or the top of an arm, a sofa scratcher won’t help much.

The sofa scratcher saved my sofa. Since installing a furniture protector last fall, Osito’s nails haven’t touched the upholstery, with one exception: They can still reach the corner of the couch, a scratcher about 2 inches away. But although he can penetrate that small part when he strikes the nails, he cannot dig his nails in and tear the whole arm free. For those cats who can check in the open air, a small piece of sticky paws scratching tape will deter them from the behavior.

The sofa scratcher held up well. Although it has some loose thread fibers in areas where Osito likes to scratch more, it doesn’t look shabby after a year of use. It is effective in keeping scratches away from sofa upholstery, when we first get it.

I wish I had found a sofa scratcher years ago when Osito started shredding the first of the two sofas. I would have saved a lot of money, not to mention the pain of helplessly watching my furniture slowly rot away.

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Since the sofa scratcher is a sofa protector and scratching post, I don’t need Osito conditioning his claws and leaving his scent on key furniture in the living room – cats are naturally attracted to it. By scratching themselves. Instead, I can let it do its job, knowing that my sofa will be no worse for wear.

Shoshi Parks is a contributor to Reviews where she tests and writes about products for dogs and cats. Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) with several decades of experience. He owns Modern Hound Dog Training in the Bay Area, California and is a former instructor at the San Francisco SPCA. Shoshi holds a doctorate in anthropology and writes about travel, history and food in various publications. Her work on pets and other topics has appeared in Rover, NPR, Smithsonian, Atlas Obscura, Afar, K9 of Maine and elsewhere.

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Best Furniture Covers For Cats

Pet owners know that companionship is one of the benefits of owning a pet. But when their company leaves yours and guests are not impressed with your home furnishings, a pet-friendly sofa cover is a quick fix. This will quickly cover up Fido’s mess and prevent future accidents. When you brag to your guests that you have the best dog, you want your furniture to reflect that. With a furniture protector, of course.

Icover Xlarge Sofa Slipcover, One Piece High Stretchy Couch Cover, Mac

1. Easy to Use Sofa Cover Reversible Sofa Cover Waterproof Sofa Cover Furniture Protector with Elastic Straps for Pets, Kids, Dogs, Cats (Sofa, Gray / Light Grey)

This high quality microfiber quilted cover has elastic straps and is waterproof just in case you panic.

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