Best Home Office Furniture Uk

By | March 31, 2023
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We’ve reviewed what’s on our list of best office desks to make sure we have the best list for you. As of October, the Hippo Professional desk is still at the top of the list.

Best Home Office Furniture Uk

Best Home Office Furniture Uk

While sit/stand desks may not yet be the norm in office spaces, we’re seeing a steady increase in popularity in all workplaces. Over the next few months, we’ll see a few more standing desk options on this list.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that with the Black Friday sales starting soon, now would be a good time to decide which tables interest you the most and keep an eye out for any potential sales.

The best office desks help you work comfortably and safely in the office or at home. Office desks prioritize pragmatism over aesthetics, so many stick to conservative color schemes designed to blend seamlessly into the office environment.

We’ve rounded up the best office desks we have to offer, all of which pair beautifully with an ergonomic office chair or even a fancy gaming chair. We haven’t tried them ourselves, but the Pro certainly deserves a review. You may also want to check out our best desk buying guide.

However, we have studied the tables in detail by comparing the relative features, available features, construction materials, feedback from various online forums and customer reviews.

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We also look at factors such as support, warranties and overall value proposition. So you can be sure that our top picks are the best.

So there are a lot of options out there, and while it’s tempting to save money on a budget basement, it’s better to spend it on an office desk designed with your comfort in mind.

Why can you believe? We spend hours testing every product or service we review. Learn more about our test.

Best Home Office Furniture Uk

The Office Hippo professional desk is the best of our selection. It’s very well built and durable, and offers a good range of sizes at a good price tag.

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The desk is easy to assemble—we own ours and did the job without fuss—and it’s very durable, with a worktop that’s about an inch thick.

As mentioned above, you can get it in different sizes, including the largest model at 180 cm wide, and it’s comfortable for two people to work side-by-side, with plenty of room for multiple monitors and printers, or a multi-function device. available. in the middle of. Smaller models of 80 cm or 120 cm are ideal for a single table, or for someone who wants a second, large table to accommodate many things. Office Hippo is also 80 cm deep.

It should be noted that there are excellent holes for cable management on both sides of the table. We’ve had this table (which comes in a variety of woods and colors) for years. We were very pleased with it, so given the asking price that doesn’t hurt the wallet too much, we can recommend it as very good value for money.

You can get it in the US and the UK. Still, those who can’t find an Office Hippo (or a cost-effective way to ship it) should check out the Bush Office Desk, a very similar-sized and another solid product from Walmart (opening in a new aisle) upstate. style, complete with cable management holes.

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If you need an L-shaped desk to fit into a corner (or anywhere else), this model on Amazon is a great value — especially with a $20 off coupon at the time of writing.

The frame is made of steel, and the desk itself is made of MDF. Added leveling pegs are added to the adjustable feet for extra stability on uneven floors. It’s durable, check out the reviews online, and this office desk is easy to assemble.

Casaottima also comes with a small shelf for a monitor or perhaps speakers that can be attached to the left or right side of the desk.

Best Home Office Furniture Uk

According to customers, the main problem with this product is the occasional complaint about the lack of a screw or other element. However, customer service resolves such issues quickly. Overall, this L-shaped table is great value for money.

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Buyers in the UK won’t be able to get this model, but they can get it shipped from the US at a premium. A better alternative for UK consumers is the Vasagle L-shaped table (opens in new tab), an equally sturdy and well-loved table with adjustable legs in the same price range. The Vasagle model also offers two under-table shelves instead of a small monitor shelf.

The standing desk is motorized to raise or lower the desk to different heights, allowing you to differentiate between sitting and standing during a healthy workday.

If you’re looking for a table top option, we couldn’t find a better deal than the Uplift V2. This office desk is good quality and sturdy and stable, unlike some standing desks that can wobble a bit when raised to the highest level.

Its motorized action is smooth and quiet, there are plenty of options for desktop size, and you get cable control chops. All of this is backed by the confidence-inspiring seven-year warranty that Uplift V2 also makes possible. for great customization with a variety of accessories.

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The Uplift table is available in a standard model and a commercial version (with more stability, using a cross bar). Uplift can be shipped to people in the UK, but it’s a smart idea to just buy the frame and get your desktop locally (otherwise shipping can be quite expensive).

Whichever model you buy, this table isn’t cheap compared to some of the other products we’ve listed on this page – but given the engineering and the motors, that’s not surprising.

Find out more about fixed tables, their potential benefits and other good alternatives (those in the UK will especially want to consider) in our full list of the best betting tables you can win (opens in a new tab)

Best Home Office Furniture Uk

Furinno makes a lot of tables and this is a nice proposition for those who don’t want to part with a lot of money. Of course, you can’t expect high-quality build quality in the cheap basement of the desk market. Still, you’re getting a pretty solid product here, and it’s relatively easy to put together.

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You also get a very compact computer desk – a good option for those looking to save space – and you can put your computer on the shelf on the right and remove the slide for your keyboard and mouse. There is also a bonus drawer.

Now, when looking at Furinno’s MSRP, most online retailers are offering it at a significant discount compared to this MSRP, making it a great buy for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money at all. their office desk.

Those looking for a sturdy desk with good storage options should consider visiting IKEA for their needs.

The IKEA Linnmon table can be freestanding or equipped with Alex drawers underneath: one or two units. Of course, if you want maximum storage, you can opt for a pair of drawer units at either end of the desk.

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Three large and two small drawers give you six plus four large and small drawers – a total of 10. That’s plenty of room for your pieces, papers and folders or anything else you need. The table itself is incredibly wide, measuring 150cm long and 75cm deep (note that a smaller 120cm x 60cm option is available).

You get a good offer and quality for the asking price. We’ve seen a few comments online that the table top can wobble a bit, but that’s probably due to carelessness and there seem to be many happy Linnmon owners with no such complaints.

It’s a flexible corner table, the longer part of which can be positioned to the left or right depending on your needs (which is what the “apple” reference in the name means). Either way, it provides significant work space and is a smart, solidly built piece of furniture. At the time of writing, UK customers are purchasing the Piranha Oak (opens in new page) and Dark Walnut Effect (opens in new page), as well as the Graphite Black (opens in new page) and White Wood (opens) corner table. on a new page). They see it. opens in a new tab).

Best Home Office Furniture Uk

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