Best Office Chairs For Back Pain At Home

By | May 3, 2023
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Best Office Chairs For Back Pain At Home – Herman Miller and Humanscale office chairs are some of the best you can buy—read on for a full list of our favorites.

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Best Office Chairs For Back Pain At Home

Best Office Chairs For Back Pain At Home

Now that most of us work from home, an ergonomic office chair is the most important part of your office setup. (However, if you’re looking for other home office essentials like a laptop, keyboard or WiFi extender, we’ve got a buyer’s guide too).

Best Office Chairs Of 2023 For Home, Work And All Budgets

But what is an ergonomic office chair? “The one that applies to you,” says Lee Jones, ergonomics consultant at specialist retailer Wellworking. “In an ideal world we’d all have a chair designed specifically for us, but that’s unrealistic and we need chairs that can be tailored to our personal needs, especially as we tend to sit for long periods at home or in the office. “

In practice, this means that it offers back or lumbar support and is easily adjustable. At a minimum, ergonomic office chairs—sometimes called “posture chairs” or “orthopedic chairs”—have seat height adjustment, panel depth adjustment, back support adjustment (tilt, tension, height, etc.), and movement (allows you to turn while sitting. , without effort).

“You have to adjust everything at first, but once you’ve got the chair right for you and the desk you’re working at, you’ll want to check the height regularly,” says Jones. “The most common problem with bad posture is incorrect sitting height.”

Ergonomic office chair features help you achieve the perfect sitting position: knees slightly lower than hips, feet flat on the floor, and about 1-4 inches of space between your knees and the edge of the seat (optimum leg support and blood flow). beautiful place).

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs, According To Experts

Like office workers, many gamers are looking for a specialized chair that supports them for long hours in front of the computer. Gaming chairs are usually soft and designed for a more relaxed posture with support for the head and lower back. We’ve also included our recommendation for the best gaming chair below.

The Herman Miller Aeron is “the world’s most iconic ergonomic chair with a timeless design,” says Jones. The brand is Rolls-Royce office chairs and the Aeron was created in collaboration with industrial designer Don Chadwick to transform it into an ergonomic masterpiece through the ‘science of sitting’. It has eight precision-engineered zones on the back and fully adjustable height, tilt and arm width and height for a fully customized seat.

In addition, it is made with an innovative material called 8Z Pellicle mesh on the back, which allows air and body heat to pass through for better temperature regulation. Available in three sizes, it’s definitely an investment purchase – but a worthwhile one, with a 12-year warranty.

Best Office Chairs For Back Pain At Home

Jones’ second recommendation was also by Herman Miller. It offers “ergonomics on a budget”, he says – and even if you argue that it’s still a bit expensive, it’s a slightly more user-friendly option from the flagship brand. “It’s built with cost-effective materials to offer the Herman Miller brand and 12-year warranty at an affordable price,” he says. “When it comes to adjustment, the Verus has lumbar support, adjustable armrests, seat depth adjustment and recline. It’s a chair that can be adjusted to individual needs without having to choose a size.”

Best Office Chairs & Home Office Chairs

If you are looking for a budget ergonomic chair, this is your best choice. It’s very similar to the Steelcase Leap, which is rarely available outside the US, but at a fraction of the cost. It has all the bells and whistles for its fit, with five ergonomic adjustment points and a sponge-shaped W-shaped seat to reduce pressure on the hips and thighs.

Humanscale Diffrient is the gold standard in office chairs. Industrial designer Niels Differant created it with the hope of creating an office chair that automatically adjusts to each user. The mesh backrest is equipped with a folding mechanism that adjusts to the weight of each user and has seat height, depth and backrest height adjustments. It has a sturdy metal base and allows you to slide across the room without leaving marks on your floor.

The lightweight RH Logic 400 is not only highly adjustable to maximize comfort, but is built with the company’s unique 2-Point Principle (2PP) to reduce lower back pain. Essentially, this means that the chair is designed with the principles of “short posture and active sitting” to strengthen your muscles and support your back, even when you move a little throughout the day. It has an extra high back for added support.

A decent ergonomic office chair can be had for less than £150, although more expensive brands such as Herman Miller are known. Case in point: This popular Hbada office chair features an adjustable headrest and lumbar support, breathable mesh, and silent molding designed to protect your hard floors. It doesn’t have as many adjustment points as more expensive models, but it’s a good choice at a very good price.

Ergonomic Tips For Synchronizing Your Work Station And Office Chair

Gaming chairs from this Devon-based company consistently outperform their best competitors in reviews, and the Titan is no exception. It’s large, comfortable and feature-packed,  like a high-end car seat, with high back support, wide seat support, extra supportive foam seat and integrated adjustable lumbar support. If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our site, Rolling Stone will receive an affiliate commission.

Nearly 65 million Americans suffer from back pain, and about 16 million of those suffer from chronic back pain. A possible culprit? Sitting at work for more than eight hours a day. But even if your job requires you to sit at a desk all day, there are ways to reduce the stress on your back.

One way is to get a standing desk (which we recommend), but this can be time-consuming and expensive. An easy way to prevent back pain? Invest in an ergonomic office chair.

Best Office Chairs For Back Pain At Home

In recent years, we’ve seen brands create some of the best office chairs for back pain. If you’ve been sitting in the same chair for years, you’ll be surprised how these new chairs relieve back pain.

Sit Smart! These Are The Best Chairs For Back Pain Relief

We’ve rounded up some of the best office chairs for back pain—including budget chairs and high-end picks—as well as some tips for choosing the best office chair for your workplace.

In any conversation about the best office chairs for back pain, two brands almost always come up: Herman Miller and Steelcase. Both are great, but there are also great ergonomic chairs at more affordable prices.

Herman Miller has long been the king of office chairs, and his reign is well-deserved. The brand’s bestsellers, like this Aeron chair, boast unparalleled ergonomic support thanks to a medically engineered design that takes into account everything from biomechanics to vision. For example, the Aeron has independent flexible cushions for your lower spine, wide adjustability and a high level of pressure distribution. Sure, it’s an expensive chair, but it’s worth it if you work at a desk all week.

Nice chairs are worth their price, but you don’t have to spend over $1,000 to get a great office chair for back pain. This Gabrylly chair is a great budget choice (currently $270 on Amazon), featuring four ergonomic support positions for the head, back, waist, and arms, along with additional lumbar support to reduce and prevent back pain during your shift. Its mesh seat and back help keep air circulating for more comfort and less sweat.

A Guide To The Best Office Chairs For Back Pain

This Steelcase Gesture is another premium office chair that is worth the price. The chair gets its name, “Gesture”, from the feature that allows the seat and backrest to move in sync when changing position. Not only does this encourage more movement during the work day, it also supports your back in a wide range of positions. Like most steel door chairs, we think the Gesture is one of the better looking office chairs.

The ergonomic office chair from Branch is another great option if you’re shopping on a budget. Despite the relatively affordable price, the branch chair offers excellent support to prevent back pain. The chair’s contoured backrest lives up to its promise to promote “active posture,” and the lumbar support is firm to keep your lower back in place. Additionally, the brand offers plenty of customization options when you order their chair, including frame and seat color.

If your back is still hurting after using a good ergonomic office chair, I recommend you try this Varier kneeling chair. It rotates your pelvis for better back alignment

Best Office Chairs For Back Pain At Home

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