Best Paint For Exterior Walls

By | April 16, 2023
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Best Paint For Exterior Walls – Exterior painting significantly affects the overall style of the home. With the right paint color, you can improve the look and appeal of your home. Whether you’re repainting your front door or your entire house, it can be difficult to know which color to choose. Don’t worry – we’re here to help!

We have handpicked the best exterior colors for different surfaces. These colors will help protect against the sun, mold, mildew and other natural factors. Their durability will keep your house looking great for years to come. If you need help with an exterior painting project, consider hiring an exterior painter. Ready to get started? Let’s start painting.

Best Paint For Exterior Walls

Best Paint For Exterior Walls

The surface you are working with will determine the type of paint you should use. For example, vinyl siding, masonry, and stucco require different types of coatings. Depending on the construction of your house, you may need several different types of paint. Below are our top picks for various outdoor surfaces based on functionality, durability and aesthetics.

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Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec EXT Satin (448): Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec EXT Satin paint adheres strongly to vinyl siding. It also flexes well with the expansion and contraction of siding, which often occurs in wet areas.

BEHR Premium Plus Exterior semi-gloss enamel: This BEHR exterior semi-gloss enamel paint does not require a primer, which significantly reduces painting time. It’s also a more affordable option, especially if you’re painting wood siding, which will need to be replaced or repaired more often than vinyl siding.

KILZ Paint for Masonry, Stucco and Brick Panels: Stucco homes are typically found in hot, dry climates with lots of sun. This means you will need an acrylic latex paint that is flexible and won’t degrade under UV light. KILZ flat paint for walls, stucco and bricks is ideal for stucco due to its fast drying and gloss-free finish.

KILZ basement and masonry waterproofing: The paint must be water and mold resistant to protect the brick, especially in high humidity environments. KILZ Basement & Masonry Waterproofer is ideal for brick homes thanks to its water resistance of up to 12 PSI. This means the paint can withstand 12 pounds per square inch of water pressure from hoses or pressure washers.

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INSL-X Waterborne Pool Paint – Semi-Gloss: For pools, you must use a very specific type of paint. The two main types are water-based paints and rubber-based paints. We chose INSL-X water-based semi-gloss pool coating for its versatility and longevity.

KILZ Low Gloss Porch & Deck Latex Floor Paint: KILZ Low Gloss Enamel is suitable for porches & decks due to its mildew resistance and quick drying ability. Another advantage is that you can apply this color to previously painted or impregnated surfaces.

BEHR Ultra Stain-Block Paint & Primer: BEHR Ultra Stain-Block Paint & Primer works well because it comes in many colors and three different shades. It is also very durable and dirt-resistant, which is well suited for front doors.

Best Paint For Exterior Walls

The exterior of your home is the first thing you notice when you come home, and you should be proud of it. It’s important to choose an exterior paint that not only looks good, but is weather resistant, protects your home from mold and mildew, and is low maintenance. Consider the following factors when choosing an exterior color.

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A gallon of lower quality flat paint usually costs around $15, while premium paints can cost between $30 and $40. However, the highest quality paints can cost up to $100 per gallon.

Cheaper exterior paints are also usually of lower quality. Compared to more expensive and better quality paints, they often peel faster and allow moisture to pass through. This could make it more likely that water will damage the material underneath the paint.

If you have the time and energy, DIY painting might be for you. DIY painting is best for smaller projects like repairs, painting the front door, or updating a modest wooden porch. Consider hiring a local professional exterior painter if you’re removing old lead-based paint, applying specialty paint, or doing a large-scale project like painting your entire house.

Oil paint usually takes six to eight hours to dry and is ready for application within 24 hours. Latex paint is dry to the touch after about an hour and can often be reapplied after four hours.

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A good rule of thumb is to apply oil paint when the outside temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You should apply latex paint at temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regardless of the type of coating, the humidity should be relatively low, between 40% and 50%. For optimal results, avoid painting when the humidity is 85% or higher and when it is raining or snowing outside.

How long before you need to reapply another coat of paint depends on the surface and surroundings. The drier and less humid the environment, the longer the paint will adhere and retain its color. The darker the color, the more sunlight and heat it absorbs, causing it to wear faster.

Best Paint For Exterior Walls

The exterior color must be compatible with the surface and material to be painted. For example, paint designed to cover vinyl siding will not adhere to or protect another surface such as brick or wood. Here are the best colors for different types of outdoor surfaces.

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Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec EXT Satin (448) is our top choice for painting vinyl siding. Its satin finish is resistant to sunlight and flexes when the tile expands and contracts. In addition, all paint colors are in the light to medium range, so they do not absorb heat and do not cause deformations. It is also a premium paint that is mildew resistant and low VOC.

When choosing a wood stain, you want something that will protect the wood from rot, mold and water. For this, use BEHR Premium Plus Exterior Semi-gloss enamel or something similar. The semi-gloss sheen of the paint creates a solid and durable surface. In addition, this formula is resistant to mold, moisture, cracking and discoloration.

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When painting stucco, you want a color that will last – stucco’s cement finish is prone to staining and will fade over time. KILZ wall, stucco and brick paint is our best choice of stucco paint.

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It is an acrylic latex paint that is self-absorbing and perfectly hides imperfections. This paint also has excellent adhesion and water repellency while allowing the stucco to breathe. It is also resistant to alkalis up to pH 12.0.

For exterior brick coating, our top choice is KILZ Basement & Masonry Waterproofer. When painting brick, especially in wetter areas, you want to prevent water ingress. KILZ Basement & Masonry Waterproofer paint creates a strong, long-lasting barrier on brick that helps prevent water seepage.

Its alkali-resistant coating provides a long-lasting, durable finish. For a smooth and shiny surface, we recommend applying two coats.

Best Paint For Exterior Walls

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Painting a pool is a tough job, so you’ll want to choose a color that will last. We recommend using INSL-X water-based pool paint: semi-gloss. This color is available in many colors including royal blue, aquamarine, ocean blue, white and black.

The popular INSL-X water-based paint is suitable for salt, freshwater and chlorinated pools. This paint can be applied over most properly prepared existing pool paints, including rubber based paints. Unlike other pool paints, it can be applied to wet or damp surfaces and dries very quickly.

There are many options for porches and patios. We believe that the best paint for porches and patios is KILZ Low Gloss Enamel Latex Floor Paint for Porches and Patios. This paint is affordable at $30-$40 per gallon depending on the dealer. It is easy to apply to concrete and wooden structures and is almost drip-proof. This color is available in several shades of white and gray.

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The color and color of your front door is important – after all, it is the guest’s first impression of your home. Our top choice for front door paint is BEHR Ultra Stain-Blocking Paint & Primer. This paint has excellent durability and is resistant to dirt and water. This paint can be applied to wood and metal doors and in cold climates down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This paint leaves a clean and even surface for many years.

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Best Paint For Exterior Walls

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