Best Paint For Plywood Furniture

By | May 20, 2023
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Best Paint For Plywood Furniture – We have a great painting list for you! Now you just need to choose a paint color.

Once you prime the laminate with a primer that adheres well, you can honestly paint it with almost any paint.

Best Paint For Plywood Furniture

Best Paint For Plywood Furniture

I personally wouldn’t use regular latex (wall paint) because it’s not very durable and doesn’t stick very well, even with primer.

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I know there are so many different types of paint and so many brands for each of those types of paint.

I have tried so many different paints and here is what I think is the best paint for laminate furniture.

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I was able to paint directly on smooth laminate furniture and after 48 hours the paint was scratch free!

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Sanded Laminate Furniture With Scratches vs. Sanded Laminate Furniture Without Sanding Paint and Scratches Tradition (This piece was rubbed along the edges with a wet rag when wet.)

It can be brushed, brushed and rolled or sprayed on. I prefer to spray it (dilute it with 15% water for a perfect spray finish.)

Their color selection is a bit limited though, but I was very happy with the colors they have.

Best Paint For Plywood Furniture

Dries to a matte but long-wearing finish that doesn’t need a top coat (I love applying it though because matte smudges so easily!)

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Can be brushed (Staalmeester paint brushes are best with fusion mineral paint), rolled or sprayed (diluted with 10% water).

You can paint it any color you like, it comes in many gloss options (always increase the gloss with this paint though) and when cured it works like an oil paint. It’s an alkyd paint and I don’t understand all the chemistry but it acts like a water based paint when wet and then the residue evaporates when dry producing a very long lasting oil like finish.

It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed (I like to thin at 15%) and has AMAZING self leveling technology so that even when you apply it with a brush, the brush strokes even out.

I tried several different popular spray paints and Behr was one of the best. But head over to the furniture spray paint post to see which one you think is the best choice.

Best Ways To Paint Laminate Furniture

Spray paint is oil based, but you don’t have to worry about cleaning it unless you get it on something you shouldn’t.

(Check out this test I did to see the best spray paint for wood furniture and how it adheres to finished wood furniture without sanding or priming.)

I love common texture milk paint! This is acrylic paint (don’t ask me why they call it milk paint).

Best Paint For Plywood Furniture

The self leveling technology in it is amazing! You can apply it with a brush and the brush strokes disappear.

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The disadvantage is that it requires a top coat (water based polyurethane or wax) when used on high traffic surfaces. And their color choices could definitely be updated.

Most of the time not. The Heirloom Traditions All in One paint is the only paint I would trust to paint directly on laminate.

If you use anything else, you will need to sand and/or prime first. (More on sanding and/or priming below).

I’d like to say it is, but I’ve never seen chalk paint stick so well.

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At the very least, you need to sand with 220 grit or use a great primer that will stick to the laminate while giving the paint something to hold on to.

If it does, there’s a good chance it will scratch even after it’s healed 30 days later.

If it barely scratches after 24 hours and you scratch it really hard, it probably won’t scratch at all after 30 days.

Best Paint For Plywood Furniture

You can test your paint this way to see if it will stick without sanding or priming first.

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You can! You either need to use a paint that bonds directly to the laminate (mentioned earlier in this post) or you need to use a primer that bonds to the laminate without sanding first.

Check out this test of the best laminate furniture bases to see how well they stick without sanding before priming and painting.

BIN shellac primer is the best all-round primer for laminate and wood furniture. It’s based on shellac, so it’s smelly, but the shellac helps the primer stick to the laminate furniture (it has the best adhesion of all primers!)

It dries quickly and when you sand it, it sands to a fine powder instead of sanding up like oil bases do.

How To Paint Baseboards

Clear shellac is best known as a top coat for wood. But this is a basic foundation based on BIN shellac.

The only issue is that it’s transparent instead of white and I’m not as good at sticking to some things as BIN is. But I know it sticks very well to laminate and wood. (However, it has a hard time sticking to plastic.)

But I like to spray it on my laminate and wood furniture from the spray can. It’s so easy to spray on and feels smooth when it dries.

Best Paint For Plywood Furniture

They do say to wipe off the sand before use. I wouldn’t be surprised if it sticks to laminate without sanding.

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I like the aqua lock black foundation (also available in white). I used it on laminate but sanded it first. And it sticks well.

Laminate is a plastic-like material. It can look like wood (wood color and fake wood) or it can just be a solid color.

The best way to tell if something is laminated is to look at it where you can see light reflecting off of it. You will be able to see that it looks glossy or shiny (more so than the wood).

Most of the time, the laminate is completely smooth with no wood grain texture that you feel. Sometimes they put markings in the laminate to mimic wood grain, but it doesn’t look or feel natural.

The Best Paint For Furniture: A Complete Guide, From Simple To Daring

Wood veneer is a thin sheet of wood. So it has very similar properties to real wood. It has a wood grain texture that you can feel and it is usually not shiny or glossy. It usually has a matte or satin finish.

It feels like wood. But if you look from below or from the side, you often see a thin line, usually 1/16″ thick from the outer or top edge. This is wood veneer that has been glued to something else (usually wood, particle board), or mdf. Are you wondering? in is one type of spray paint better than another for painting wood? Me too. So I took 6 popular spray paints and 2 popular primers to compare.

I did a simple scratch test to see which paint stuck the best, but I was also able to see which sprayed the best and which had the best coverage. Here’s what we’ve found to be the best spray paint for wood furniture.

Best Paint For Plywood Furniture

One of these days I want to spray paint some furniture, but I need to know what the best spray paint is before I do it. lol

How To Get A High Gloss Finish On Wood Furniture

I may also earn on other eligible purchases from other companies or receive a free product to review and use. All opinions are my own.

Ok to set up the test I cleaned up an old beat up coffee table that I got for free.

So many people want to skip the prep and go straight to the paint. Here’s how I tested it.

I ended up getting a lot of overspray on the unfilled part so I quickly wiped it back on.

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Budget Color Place, Krylon Color Maxx, Rustoleum 2x, Behr, Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel and Krylon Fusion.

They were all shiny and black. Except for 2x which I couldn’t find in local stores in black. So I settled for dark green instead. lol

(I also did a test to see the best chalk spray paint and how it adheres to laminate and wood furniture without sanding or priming.)

Best Paint For Plywood Furniture

Before injecting each one, we taped each part and shook the cans really well for a few minutes each.

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Color Place and Krylon Fusion didn’t seem to have as good coverage compared to the others.

The rest of the spray paints looked pretty much the same – neither too good nor too bad at this point.

This time I paid more attention to how they sprayed and I have to say I really liked the way the Krylon Color Maxx sprayed.

Krylon Fusion, Color Place and Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel didn’t seem to spray as well and evenly as the others, but still got the job done.

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Can you tell the glow is a little different on all of them? All boxes are marked as glossy. But Behr, Rustoleum 2x and Krylon Color Maxx are shinier than the others.

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