Best Sofa Fabric For Pets

By | April 24, 2023
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Best Sofa Fabric For Pets – Living room Best upholstery fabric if you have cats (plus my search for a new sofa)

I bought a gray sofa in our living room back in 2019 and I bought it from a local store that buys and sells random pieces of furniture they get due to store closures, sales, etc. The great thing is that everything they sell pretty cheap and you can buy it and take it home right away. So for people like me who love instant gratification, this is perfect. The downside is that a lot of what they sell is cheap, meaning cheaply made.

Best Sofa Fabric For Pets

Best Sofa Fabric For Pets

And now, after two years and a few months, my once beautiful sofa now looks pretty decent. It’s okay if you don’t look at it. But, standing in the same room, it is painfully visible that the pillows are slanted towards the middle (probably because the entire frame), the fabric around the bottom is wrinkled, because it was simply not stretched before the brace was in place. And the deformed back cushions simply will not stand up straight. They are getting older and older and they want to stay that way.

Pet Friendly Sofa Fabrics

I knew the sofa was cheap when I bought it. For the price I paid for it, I knew I wouldn’t get a quality piece of furniture. But I wasn’t sure about the gray color and I wasn’t sure how the size would work. This is an 85″ sofa in a rather small room. So I decided to try. I remember asking the saleswoman about the quality (I especially wanted to know if it was Ashley, as I had vowed to bring Ashley’s furniture into my house), and her promotional offer was: “Well, and so on … It’s so cheap that even if it lasts only a few years, you will still get your money back.”

How’s that for a sales line? 😀 But it worked for me. Bought and delivered the same day. And she was right. For the price I paid for it and the time I’ve had so far, let’s just say I spent a lot more money on Sonic’s iced tea than I did on this couch every year. But it’s time for me to look for something better and with a fabric that my cat Felicity won’t tear, because she did a real number on this sofa.

(Sorry my dog. I think he felt too stressed this morning. 😀 I couldn’t get him out of the way, so here he is.)

And she did the same with her hands. I keep cutting these threads. In fact, I cut everything on this couch just two weeks ago. So she does it in just two weeks.

Just Paw Fect: Finding The Best Pet Friendly Sofa For Your Home

And yes, I keep her nails trimmed and down. I don’t know how she does it. I can literally cum and trim her nails and it won’t be two minutes before she blows the couch.

So I need to find a new sofa that is not only better made, but also covered in a fabric that won’t ruin them as easily.

Velvet. This is velvet. There are other options as well, such as ultra suede and leather (not fabric, I understand). It’s just that I’ve never been a fan of ultrasuede (I don’t like to print my butt when I get up). The leather is good, but it doesn’t suit my interior. So for me, velvet is king. In my personal, humble opinion, velvet is best for cat owners because it’s not as showy as ultra suede and I find it more versatile (decorative) than leather. And it comes in a variety of colors and you can cover just about any style of furniture with it and it will look good.

Best Sofa Fabric For Pets

I already have a few velvet-covered items at home. The chairs in the living room are velvet.

Sofa Fabric Types

Right after I received this one, I saw Felicity try to scratch it one day. Her claws didn’t catch on anything, and she lost interest almost immediately. Since then, I have not seen her try to cling to them.

This is Felicity’s favorite place to sleep in during the day, but I’ve never seen her try to scratch the fabric.

So while I trim and file her nails regularly (I like to do this once a week, but sometimes I’m busy and go for two weeks), she just can’t get her claws into the velvet fabric, and then she loses interest and goes to her mailbox. box. But right now this sofa in the living room is too comfortable for her, and she can certainly destroy this fabric, no matter how recently I trimmed and finished off her nails. So I started looking for a replacement.

I love the clean look of this sofa and I also love that it has a leg(s?) in the middle so it can support more weight. It has always bothered me that long sofas without support can start to sag in the middle. The fabric is a little darker than I had hoped, but for $1,455 with free shipping, this is a good option.

The Most Comfortable Sofas At West Elm (editor Tested & Rated)

This one also has the same clean look but with a little traditional twist, from the chiseled legs (also with legs that support the center) to the nailhead trim accents. This one is also quite dark, and while I was hoping for something lighter, this sofa doesn’t seem any darker than my current sofa. It’s $1022.50 with free shipping.

It has a more decidedly mid-century modern style. I never considered myself a fan of mid-century modern, but I really like this sofa. But I wish the color was lighter. This one costs $1299 with free shipping.

This is another dark gray option from AllModern. I’m not sure I like it when my hands are so high. I feel that this may seem too limited. I like the hand that is comfortable to put my hand on. But at $930 with free shipping, it’s definitely a good option.

Best Sofa Fabric For Pets

The next two are my absolute favorites. They are also the most expensive. Ugh. I love that they are both light gray and the dainty golden legs on them are my favourites. But he also has these high arms, which is why he comes second in my book. I love that the Define’s soft furnishings can be personalized. You can choose the fabric, length, filling, etc. But at $1908.25 with a flat rate of $189 shipping, this is one of the most expensive options I’ve found.

Best Pet Friendly Sofas And Sectionals

And finally, my absolute favourite. I love, love, love this sofa! I like how streamlined the design is. I like that it sits right on the floor so Felicity can’t get under it and rip the fabric cover off (which she did on our current sofa, so I just took it off). I love that it doesn’t have legs that compete with all the other leggy furniture I have in my room (and the next room). It’s so clean, cut and perfect in every way. But it is also the most expensive. Ugh. This one costs $2,248.25 (for the 88-inch model with reclining seat cushion) plus a $189 flat-rate shipping fee. But it’s so perfect in every way that I can convince myself to splurge instead of going for the cheaper option. I’m not sure yet, but it sure is tempting!!

So I narrowed down my options to these six. This is the easy part. Making the final decision is the hardest part!!

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