Best Stain For Log Home

By | May 1, 2023
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Best Stain For Log Home – The beauty of hardwood floors can last for many years if properly cared for. However, if a wooden house is not maintained, it will deteriorate in a few years. One of the most important aspects of maintaining a wooden room is the treatment of the exterior wood with a glaze. But how often should you paint your house or home? Today WNC Blast/Wash & Staining is here to answer that question for you.

As a general rule, you need to paint your wooden house every 3 to 7 years, depending on the elements. Related factors include exposure to rain, sunlight, hail, wind, weather, etc.

Best Stain For Log Home

Best Stain For Log Home

That is, we recommend every three to seven years; and after the first stain of your new home, you should stain it as soon as possible. When your logs are clean, they are fresh and absorb the first stains well. Therefore, after the logs are old for about two years, you should add a layer or two of stain.

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Another thing that affects how often you should paint your house depends on the type of stain you are using. For example, water-based stains don’t last as long as oil-based stains. Water-based stains have a shorter lifespan, lasting about three to five years, while oil-based stains usually last about five to seven years. Remember that quality stains are usually oil-based, and reputable contractors will have your local dealer apply professional stains.

The weather and conditions in your home have a significant impact on how long your stain will last. The amount of light that reaches your wood will also affect the color of your stain because UV rays break down and “bleach” the color of the wood. It’s not uncommon for one side of your house to be a lighter color than the other after it gets a little older.

If you live in a windy area, the soil that is picked up by the wind can blow up the top of the tree and give it a different look. In fact, WNC Blast/Wash & Staining uses a type of sandblasting media to remove the surface of the wood in preparation for staining. If something can remove a layer of stain from this process, you can bet that the strong wind with grit and sand can cause damage over time.

Rain, snow and ice also damage your wood because of moisture. Logs naturally absorb moisture, and if your home is in an area with high rainfall, they can cause mold and mildew to grow, which will cause damage. This is why the stain is important, because it helps seal in moisture and protect your skin.

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One simple test you can do on your own to determine if it’s time to destroy your wooden house is to take a water hose and spray the wood. If the water spills over the log and rolls off, you’re in good shape, but if the water soaks, you need to destroy the log.

Your log cabin is your main home and the place where you spend most of your time. Isn’t it worth it to protect your investment and extend its life? WNC Blast/Wash & Staining is here to help keep your residence pristine for years to come. If you need a reputable contractor to paint your log exterior – look no further than us. We use professional Silkens products and treat your home as if it were our own. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Best Stain For Log Home

Services include: exterior and interior painting, log home maintenance, interior and exterior painting, punching, roof restoration, floor restoration, pressure washing and sandblasting.

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We have a team of professionals who offer professional painting services, floor painting and sealing, exterior painting and pressure washing. Wooden houses have many great features that make them attractive to owners and future owners. Most of the time, the look and design of the wooden frame is on top, it captures the spirit of the border and lives in the wild west. Sometimes a custom home, sometimes a custom home from a builder, but definitely a custom home for the owners. This look is completed with the final design choice – color stain and log seal.

From time to time, our team is asked “Which color should I choose?” Although it is up to you as the homeowner, our colors are second to none and we can offer recommendations. Then the owners have the following question: “Which paint color for wooden houses is suitable for this?” There are so many different types that it will be difficult for us to respond to the owners.

The first decision to make is to choose between an interesting key to the spot or a combination of spots on the log. Our photos show different types of glazes and sealants, and in this humble view, they all look great on wooden houses.

How a home looks at the end of the day is usually a matter of personal preference. The Perma-Chink Systems photo gallery offers beautiful visuals of the possible combinations, both distinct and mixed. Our staff is more than happy to help you find the perfect match, and we offer free color samples to make sure you love the color. Thank you for visiting our page on home wood stain. Here you will read articles related to wood stains, wood cleaners and bleaches, wood preservatives and more! We are dedicated to finding, testing, and offering value products to our customers, and this is the place to learn about finding that. We will strive to provide valuable content on log homes, home finishes, and home design products with wood and cedar and methods, and strive to be your go-to resource when you need the best log home products. ! Thanks again for visiting!

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Okay, I understand this is a hard to believe truth about log staining, you want your log home stain to last so you don’t have to do anything! Accept the fact that no log stain is permanent and you can make a wiser decision about which way to go with your log home roof. You should decide your log stain based not only on how it looks fresh on your log or natural wood (which is important), but also how the log stain looks after 3 years of real world weathering. . (3 years is the recommended replacement/maintenance period for most spots on the market).

We’ve recently come across a few “test yards” in various locations around the country, and we’re on a mission to find these and let buyers know through our blog. Here we highlight an experiment by a company that provides timber and timber products to the public. They decided to make a test panel, it seems that the company has not been involved. You never know who is running these tests, it could be for their own benefit and they can cheat if they want to, so we will look at any “stain test area” we find and see from which region it comes and to ensure that it is not from the manufacturer or any agent of the manufacturer. Every field we get this year we will post pictures of the results without PR and let our customers decide for themselves based on the pictures.

This appears to be a testing ground in the state of OHIO, remember that each situation will have different results, but this gives you a good idea of ​​how the stain wears over time. You will see that the color of the skin has darkened more than 3 years, and the liquid that used the water coat system is not good (these are difficult to remove with medium oil cleaning / wood and usually need to be removed. corncobs or peanut shells by sandblasting!) and stain penetration are different after 3 years.

Best Stain For Log Home

Some of the products we sell on our site, which we don’t, you’ll see why, and the ones we sell are constantly being researched to provide our customers with the best products available. A surprising result for us is how poorly some of the “big name” brands performed, which is disappointing. After 3 years we are happy with the results of Lovitt’s Natural Gold, it is still bright with little tarnish, no dullness or dullness – and it is easy to clean and reapply.

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