Best Stylish Office Chairs 2020

By | May 26, 2023
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Best Stylish Office Chairs 2020 – Following on from yesterday’s post on the best desks for a simple home office, today I’m sharing a roundup of the best minimalist office chairs. Why office chairs can be such ugly things – it’s surprisingly hard to find a contemporary design that’s comfortable and functional, but doesn’t compromise on style and looks.

A big and bulky monster of an office chair will only spoil the look of a nice little home office and bring everything else down. But if you work from home every day, it is more important than anything to have a chair that is supportive and ergonomically designed so that you do not develop pain while you work. It is well known that poor posture can lead to headaches, back pain, sleep problems and even low mood and feeling less motivated. A study in Health Psychology found that people who had a slouched posture showed more negative mood and lower self-esteem than those who sat upright.

Best Stylish Office Chairs 2020

Best Stylish Office Chairs 2020

After working from home for over three years, I know that if I work at the dining room table or sofa, there is no doubt that I get uncomfortable tingling afterwards, especially in my hips if they are in a twisted position. I’ve noticed such a difference in my body since I bought an ergonomic office chair from Humanscale in 2018 (PR giveaway – pictured below). With a flexible mesh seat and shape-sensing backrest, plus automatic weight-sensing backrest, it is designed to automatically adjust and adapt to the shape of the seat. My lower back is supported and I naturally sit a little straighter. Even better is that there are no unnecessary gadgets or ugly mechanisms – the design is simple and streamlined; the perfect companion for a minimalist office.

Aircentric 2 Ergonomic Padded Task Chair

Here I found 10 minimalist office chairs that balance form and function. I’ve chosen a range of simple designs (coincidentally, they’re mostly grey!) that are under the £1000 mark.. There’s a mix of sophisticated upholstered chairs, flexible mesh designs and molded plastic shapes. I also highlighted those that come with a 10-12 year warranty.

This is the way with high quality designer items, most office chairs listed here have lead times of 6-7 weeks as they are made to order. It’s true that good things come to those who wait, but if you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home and struggling with a makeshift set-up and an extra dining chair, the high street has plenty more designs. affordable with fast delivery times. .

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Designed by Alberto Meda in 2012, the Phisik chair is based on the idea of ​​creating a continuous chair skin by stretching one textile panel between two side panels. It is made of powder-coated aluminum and comes in deep black or soft gray. 6 weeks delivery

Of The Best Minimalist Office Chairs That Don’t Compromise On Style

Designed by Jesus Gasca, the STUA gas chair is conceived as the embodiment of gas in the form of fluid conduits. Elegant chromed aluminum is combined with the Kvadrat Steelcut Trio fabric in gray.

3. Herman Miller SAIL Office Chairs, Aristo, £670, John Levis [ad – affiliate link] – The award-winning SAIL office chair has a frameless backrest that flexes freely to provide full ergonomic support and freedom of movement, with elastolex foam. and a fabric seat that provides cushioning that conforms to body contours. The innovative 3D intelligent suspension technology allows for greater tension in areas that require more support, such as the lumbar areas. SAIL is made with less material in creative ways, reducing the carbon footprint. Comes with a 12 year parts warranty. 6 weeks delivery

Designed by Konstantin Grcic, the Vitrina Rookie chair has a small and compact design, without armrests that would otherwise take up space. It has a flexible backrest and integrated seat and back adjustments. Choose from four subtle and pastel tones. 8 weeks delivery

Best Stylish Office Chairs 2020

Simple design with soft and smooth curves, made of cold foam seat with integrated lumbar support. It has a tilt and height adjustment mechanism hidden under the seat that allows you to recline easily. The safety wheels have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that holds the chair in place when you stand up and automatically releases when you sit down. Choose from a white or black base, swivel base or secured base and with or without armrests. It comes with a 10-year warranty

Best Home Office Chair

A simple design made from a polypropylene shell seat supported by polished aluminum with four pivoting arms. Includes 2 year warranty

Designed by industrial designer Niels Diffrient, the Diffrient office chair features a mesh backrest designed with a weight-sensitive tilt mechanism. It automatically adjusts to support any reclining position, moving with the seat to provide balanced lumbar support throughout the workday. The three-panel non-stretch mesh eliminates the need for external lumbar support devices or manual controls, offering a flexible feel and minimalist look. Read my blog review here.

8. Ginnie Office Chair, £75, Habitat [advertisement – affiliate link] – Available in four colours, this affordable office chair has a molded plastic seat with a seat pad covered in synthetic leather and a chrome base on rollers. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something that’s easy to clean and remove because it doesn’t have a fabric cover. Delivery in 3-5 days

Designed by Iskos-Berlin, the Muuto Fiber armchair offers a new interpretation of the legendary shell. It is made from an innovative blend of wood fiber and plastic, with an ergonomic seat structure for comfort and a gas lift that allows you to easily raise or lower the seat. 7 weeks delivery

Top 20 Mesh Office Chairs With Stylish & Comfortable Design

10. Herman Miller Setu Multi Purpose Chair, Alpine, £630, John Levis [ad – affiliate link] – Named the best sustainable design solution of the decade by the Industrial Designers Association of America (IDSA), Herman Miller’s Setu chair has a kinematic spine . which bends and bends with the body. Elastomeric fabric conforms to your contours to keep you comfortable and supported. From the kinematic polypropylene backbone to the durable alloy, the chair is finished without the use of toxic coatings. Comes with a 12-year parts warranty If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, Rolling Stone may receive an affiliate commission.

If you spend most of your day sitting in front of a computer screen in your VFH or back in person at the office, you probably have some pretty strong opinions about chairs. Much like portions of clothing or food, ergonomic chairs are hardly one size fits all, and different body types and sitting styles will respond differently to a chair.

But until you find a custom furniture maker who can design a chair to fit the exact shape of your back, the best thing we can do when looking for the best ergonomic chair is to find one that is highly adjustable. This way you can more or less customize your chair the way you want.

Best Stylish Office Chairs 2020

We’ve rounded up some of the best ergonomic office chairs you can buy online right now. Here are the ones we love based on comfort, construction and design.

A Guide To The Best Office Chairs For Back Pain

As far as specific ergonomic adjustments go, this chair does it all, which is why it gets top billing on our list. The backrest is designed to optimize lumbar support, passively keeping it more or less straight throughout the day. To ensure the support you get is just right, other ergonomic modifications include pneumatic seat height adjustment, which regulates the distance between the seat and the floor, and padded, angled armrests that can be raised, lowered and sometimes look good

An important component for any office chair is, of course, how comfortable it is. Since tastes and needs vary in this regard, we like that this chair can be adjusted for recline tension and that it includes a function to lock the seat to the desired recline angle if you need it.

Some office chairs look like they were designed in the eighties (and to be fair, many of them probably were). The ErgoTune Supreme, however, is a sleek and modern chair that is one of the best designed office chairs on the market today. That’s thanks to its “Duraveave Mesh” material that elevates its contemporary look while also providing breathability on hot days (meaning no more sweaty backs).

The ErgoTune is also one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve tested, with a whopping 11 adjustable points that you can adjust to your preferred sitting position. An integrated lumbar support helps adapt to the natural curve of your back for better posture, while the included headrest is essential for long days at your desk.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Modern Office Desk

Everything from the armrest to the backrest is adjustable, and you can also adjust the tilt up to 136 degrees. What it means: This is an ergonomic office chair where you can sit comfortably for long periods of time without straining your body or back pain.

The innovative and popular office chair (Justin Bieber to be precise) is backed by science and actually works. The seat’s “Sit In Motion” technology rotates and rocks with you, designed to rock you gently.

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