Cheap Exterior Shutters For Windows

By | May 10, 2023
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Shutters are an important feature of the house. The purpose of this website is to enable readers to create the right home architecture that will be aesthetically pleasing. I cannot stress enough the importance of good exterior window treatments.

Cheap Exterior Shutters For Windows

Cheap Exterior Shutters For Windows

Think of windows as the eyes of the house and windows as the eyebrows (even from the side) to understand the impact. If the shutters are the wrong type or installed incorrectly, they can spoil the look of your entire home.

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Yes, the money you spend to restore your front door or paint it in the original Victorian colors will be wasted if your shutters are hung (installed) incorrectly.

Most people think of exterior shutters as a decorative feature without thinking twice. The decorative windows are installed and the mission accomplished. What a terrible mistake!

Here’s what you should be looking for, and once you see the difference, you’ll choose it every time. There are a few things you need to know about exterior shutters to make your home look great.

In historical louvered shutters (historically called blind), the louvers are either fixed louvers or openable louvers. Each type represents a different period in history and offers a slightly different look.

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Louvered windows remain appropriate for buildings constructed before the Civil War. Movable louvered shutters quickly became popular, although louvered shutters remained in builders’ catalogs until the early 1900s.

Louver shutters have significant aesthetic benefits. Grids create shadow lines that add texture and interest. Shadow lines are most important in a home because they create character that brings the building to life.

Buy fixed louvered shutters with flat closed louvers (10 degrees) as sold at home improvement stores, which gives an artificial flat look due to lack of reflection.

Cheap Exterior Shutters For Windows

Historically functional louvered shutters with the louvers fully closed will not feature false flat plastic louvers. Unfortunately, this is the type of shutter you see in every home today, regardless of the architecture of the time.

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Some shutter companies make quality wooden shutters with louvers that look like plastic shutters. Be careful! While shutters can be made with quality wood, the design is poor and you will be wasting money.

Do not have flat louvers with fixed shutters. Shutters are for ventilation, so which way would there be closed louvers that cannot be adjusted?

There is minimal texture to the flat molded louvers in the permanently closed position for a flat, bland look.

Movable louvered shutters were first used around 1830-1840. Functional louvered windows can be adjusted by Tilt Rod to regulate airflow and light. Shutters with operable louvers and tilting rods create shadow patterns that provide the best depth, contrast and character.

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If your goal is a decorative window, it should look functional. A “fake” plastic shutter from a home improvement store has shutters that stay in a tightly closed position compared to what they would normally be if properly operated. The amount of open space doesn’t have to be as high as 50% like fixed louvered shutters (as described above), but it doesn’t have to be flat to look realistic .

If your home was built after the Civil War, there should be angled rods in the panes. This is an important feature that is always overlooked and greatly affects its appearance. In this case, the dummy tilt rod must be attached to the fixed flaps to appear usable. Failure to achieve this view will sacrifice the view of the house.

When historic shutters are in the closed position, the louvers should be angled down and away from the house to drain water from the window it covers.

Cheap Exterior Shutters For Windows

When the shutters are in the open position, the louvers will slope downward toward the house. The water will be poured behind the shutters in the house; but, don’t worry, there will be a gap in line from the hinge to cover runoff and drying loss.

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If the shutters are closed, the louvers direct rainwater out and away from the window. Although this may be wrong, it is useful because it prevents critters: bats, bees, etc. to nest there because it provides that hiding place from the elements.

This is the right way to install decorative or functional shutters. If you prefer the opposite – the wrong way, I promise not to yell at you so fear not! The most important thing about louvers is the shadow line you get from uneven louvers.

Another mistake that is almost always made is the improper height and width of the shutter. The width of each sash should be half the INSIDE height of the window sash. If both panes are closed, they should sit inside and fill the window covering, covering the entire window in height and width. Even if you never close the shutters, this is especially important when the decorative shutters are in the open position.

The trick to sizing the shutter is to make sure the window fills properly when closed. The window should be located on the blind and not on the window frame. The blind stop is also where the storm window is installed. (New England homes may have a different design which will be discussed later.)

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When you look at the window, your mind interprets it as a shape. If there are two panes (right and left), which are the correct size, they represent two halves of the shape (window opening). Your mind recognizes this and interprets this same balance as interesting. Sadly, most people ignore this and are probably too busy thinking about seeing I Love Lucy again, instead of taking the time to respond to their natural instincts.

The window is too narrow to fill the window when closed and too long – note that the bottom of the shutter protrudes from the window sill.

This window is the perfect size for two types of windows. Don’t be fooled by the unsightly faux brick asphalt surfacing, which began in 1931.

Cheap Exterior Shutters For Windows

Common sense would tell you that the shutter should also match the shape of the window. Many times you will see beautiful arched windows with rectangular shutters. Your mind works overtime to interpret these two different shapes and why they come together. A lot can be learned from children’s games that require properly shaped blocks to fit into the correct holes. As you can see, many owners never have success with this game.

Traditional Wooden Shutters

In the two images above, not only are the windows wrong, but they are wrong, too long for the windows, and improperly installed. Just because you’re paying someone with years of experience to install shutters doesn’t mean they’re going to do it right. This injustice has reached epidemic proportions.

Probably the most common error is the incorrect installation of a shutter. It makes a good house look cheap, ugly and bland. Unfortunately, almost all shutters are installed this way and society has evolved to accept this view. There are two parts to this error.

The first part of the error is that the shutters are fitted directly to the facade/siding of the house, it appears to be projected from the side of the window as if the window does not want to be part of the shutter. Visually, it should look like the sash is installed directly above the window sash, next to the window opening. Not doing so looks ridiculous and drastically changes the look of the whole house. You confuse your subconscious mind as it tries to interpret patterns and make associations. Does this rectangular shape do all of this on its own?

Another common mistake is installing shutters in the house. Here you will lose the shadow lines that make the house uncomfortable and unpleasant. When shutters are installed directly in front of the house, there is no space for ventilation between the shutter and the house. This causes heat buildup from the sun which can damage the sides and paint on the back of the shutter. A properly installed shutter should appear to be hinged, protruding from the house.

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There are a few technical details involved in the correct installation of shutters depending on the window and the type of hinge used. However, the shutter should still look the same as in the GOOD Shutters example on this page. When opening, the shutter must be placed on the window covering all or part of the window frame and protruding over the edge of the window.

Architecture, features do not need to work properly; However, it should still look functional. Please understand, I think it’s good to have the story, the shutters work, but the goal here is visible. That said, you may not need or want the shutters to open and close, but they should appear that way. This is explained in more detail in the next section.