Custom Storm Windows For Old Homes

By | May 11, 2023
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Custom Storm Windows For Old Homes – Hello everyone, today we are going to talk about storm windows. Wood or aluminum…we seem to either love ’em or hate ’em! But there are better solutions! ! ! Read more to learn about the best timber storm window options!

Storm windows are a very important feature of older homes. In addition to adding charm (did I mention “corrugated” glass?) and curb appeal, they also protect your historic wood windows from the harsh elements and help conserve energy. So what happened to them?

Custom Storm Windows For Old Homes

Custom Storm Windows For Old Homes

Ever wonder why those ugly 1960s aluminum storm windows are less common in older homes these days than the historic wooden styles?

Storm Window Alternative For Historic Homes

*NOTE – Make sure the bottom rail is turned at an angle so water doesn’t collect on the top edge!

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Making Storm Windows

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Custom Storm Windows For Old Homes

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Aluminum Storm Windows

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Custom Storm Windows For Old Homes

We use cookies for a variety of purposes, including analytics and personalized marketing. By continuing to use the service, you agree to our use of cookies. – Cookie Policy Iconic Windows, Inc. installs custom aluminum storm windows throughout the Delaware Valley and Greater Philadelphia area. If your older home or building has only single-pane windows and there is no current storm, there is no greater investment than installing new storm windows. We offer several different suppliers and design options.

Storm Windows How To Measure

Storm windows are a must for any older home. The second layer of glass they provide is critical to making windows as efficient as possible. Aluminum storm windows are an excellent choice for many homeowners. They never rot, work great, and are affordable.

The most common choice is the standard three-pane storm window. The unit attaches to the exterior of your existing windows. It has three tracks: one for the top glass panel, one for the bottom glass cover and a screen. The activity of this storm is very good. It has easy access to fresh air. Both the glass and screen can be removed from the inside for cleaning. Unique shapes and custom colors are not usually an option with this style.

This is an aluminum storm window with a low-profile frame that minimizes the impact on your home’s exterior. The most popular manufacturers of this type are Allied Window Company and Invisible Storm. These are beautiful storms that get the approval of just about every historic district. They can be customized in shape and color.

This is often a great option for homes that want an uninterrupted display of the beauty of their existing windows (restored by us) to the world. This style is most common in commercial buildings, but it is also popular in homes. Both Allied Windows and Indow Windows are popular choices for this style.

Best Storm Window Companies

Usually we can complete most projects within a few days. Lead times for storm windows vary by time of year and manufacturer. We started out purely as a window restoration company. However, it quickly became clear that a proper discussion of the value of window repair was impossible without inevitably leading to a discussion of storm windows. Single-pane true light-splitting windows, while beautiful, are also poorly insulated. A second layer of glass is essential. This is where storm windows come in.

When paired with your existing single pane windows, storm windows will give you the same insulating glass unit (IGU) benefits as modern new windows. The difference is that storm window options can last longer than modern windows and do so with due respect to your home’s historic character. The best part is you get to keep the windows!

Our wood storm windows are the ultimate in maintaining the beauty of your historic home. Here are some advantages of choosing wood storm windows.

Custom Storm Windows For Old Homes

The process of adding wooden storm windows to your home is fairly painless, but somewhat complicated. For us, a typical timber storm window project is managed from start to finish by Iconic Windows. We usually start with very rough dimensions provided by the homeowner, contractor or architect. This enables us to process initial quotes as quickly as possible. Next, we come out and measure each window. This allows us to understand the details and avoid compatibility issues.

Replacing Windows In Old Or Historic Homes: A Guide

Once we have the dimensions of each window, we can move on to building the windows. All of our storm windows are constructed with genuine mortise and tenon joinery. They are held together with sticks. If windows can be built like this and used for over 100 years, we think that’s enough for us to do it. Our default wood choices are Spanish Cedar or Sapele Mahogany. We chose them for their excellent resistance to rot and insect infestation. When the rough frame is all assembled, we return to your home for installation. Fixing the storm for this location allowed us to best fit each unique window opening. It ensures proper shop painting on all surfaces and avoids unexpected problems.

Storm returned to our shop for all finishing and painting. At this point we prepare all glazing and drapes to be glazed in aluminum inserts or storm. Once everything is ready, we’ll load it all up and return to your home for final installation. This is the most rewarding part of the process.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve counted 3 trips to your home: measuring, fitting, and installing. For projects within our service area, this is the best way to ensure optimum completion. However, we don’t need to be your storm installer. We are able to manufacture and ship our storms nationwide to the specifications provided.

This design is our most popular. It comes in standard wood, as you’d expect from a wooden storm window, but it incorporates two removable glass inserts and a screen insert. Inserts are wrapped in aluminum and cut into place from the inner surface of the storm. This allows you to safely transport entries around your home; no more ladders! The great value of this design is that it allows you to easily switch between screen and glass. It makes cleaning easier as you can remove all the inserts and clean them in a safe place.

Install A Replacement Window In A Brick House

This is a subset of our standard storm

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