D.i.y Home Decor Ideas

By | May 18, 2023
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D.i.y Home Decor Ideas – It doesn’t matter if you live in a compact apartment, a dorm, or a large mansion—everyone has one sad but hated blank wall that begs to be decorated. Sometimes, finding a solution to do this can seem very difficult. Blank walls, big or small, are like blank canvases and can be decorated in different ways. Using DIY home decor crafts can instantly elevate the style factor of any room. And now that we’re safely indoors, it’s time to make that empty wall look amazing again!

Below are a few DIY ideas from Anjari Ganguly of ThatYellowTrunk to give any empty wall a quick makeover and add life to the room.

D.i.y Home Decor Ideas

D.i.y Home Decor Ideas

An architect by profession, I have always believed in Einstein’s saying, “Creation is intelligence and fun”, so for me, doing ‘design’ is like a fun puzzle that I try until it is solved to my liking.

Home Decor Ideas

My decor style is contemporary with extensive use of colors, patterns and indoor greenery. I believe in repurposing and repurposing home decor. I like to use eco-friendly materials like terracotta and bamboo in my decorations. Also, I believe that small budgets and small efforts can create smart corners in your home.

I like to make a lot of bikes and am constantly trying to make decorative parts using old finds from flea markets. My love for everything led me to start my Instagram page “That Yellow Stem by Anjari” and create content around home decor. Today “That Yellow Trunk” has a community of 60k+ and has been featured in many leading publications.

If there’s one thing that makes us all nostalgic, it’s old photos. So why not create a memory wall? Hanging lots of framed artwork in different sizes and colors is an easy way to decorate a wall. People are always drawn to a well-designed gallery wall because each frame shows something interesting. A gallery wall can hold framed family photos, posters, or something precious like gift wrapping paper. Regardless of the design, make sure to keep the gallery at eye level. There is no rule on how big or small a gallery wall should be. If you have a large/tall wall, just fill it with framed artwork and voila! You have one of the most interesting walls in the world of decoration.

Tip – Always use reusable frames in different sizes. This allows you to change the artwork regularly

Diy Home Decor Ideas Interior Designers Love

Want to give wings to your creative side? Do not hesitate to experiment and create a mural with sharpie pens or basic acrylic paints available at any convenience store. Wall art adds a lot of personality to a room and is a very calming activity. And when it comes to handmade decorating ideas for the home, nothing is easier than a beautiful wall painting.

Advice – Are you afraid of breaking down the wall? Start your creative journey with a small wall space away from your main living space

Another easy DIY home decor craft option on a bare wall is to add some shelves. Open shelving to display books, plants or colorful curries was a timeless trend. Placing a table under the shelves makes the whole wall fit perfectly.

D.i.y Home Decor Ideas

Decor trends always come back! The concept of two-tone wall painting is one trend that has become very popular again. If you’re looking for craft ideas for home decor, put on your paint gloves and paint that blank wall! The trick is to choose two colors with different levels of contrast. Or just choose a bright color for the bottom half and leave the rest of the wall white.

Diy Home Decor Ideas

This is our personal favorite! When it comes to DIY home decor crafts, the amazing gallery wall is the clear winner! Bring all the hidden corners of your home that can be placed on the wall. It can be coasters, flat baskets, decorative frames, postcards, textiles, etc. Make a visually pleasing arrangement of all the dissimilar items and hang them on the wall. Make a feature of your room as well as a perfect Instagram selfie spot!

Tip – Another easy way to create quirky wall art is to use an embroidery hoop to drape colorful fabrics. Simple and beautiful!

Who says you have to be an artist to paint a canvas?! Painting a canvas and displaying your art in your living space is a very fulfilling activity, just like gardening. Give yourself some space to hang what you’re working on. The best way to start your journey to making your own artwork is to find inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and experiment with inexpensive acrylic paints.

Tip – Start creating art on canvas boards. Canvas boards are much cheaper than canvases stretched on wooden frames

Tropical Diy Home Decor Ideas To Bring Island Style Vibe

Since you can’t go out for the time being, why not bring it outside of your home? Plants are one of the most affordable ways to create interest in a space. They add a touch of nature to any space while purifying the air around you. Also, plants are among the easiest DIY home decor craft ideas. Choose houseplants of different heights and place them in clusters in front of a blank wall. Colorful plants and plant stands will brighten up the space.

Tip – Add a light source that focuses on the cluster of plants. The shadow of falling leaves on a blank wall adds drama to the space

Decorating a blank wall doesn’t have to be expensive or incredibly complicated! The above DIY home decor craft ideas are so easy that even the most unimaginative can try them! Stay home, stay safe and keep decorating your room! We’ve all been indoors lately, and after a year plus of staring at the same four walls, you might feel like it’s time for a little decorating. Don’t worry, there’s no need to tear down walls, buy all new furniture and break the bank either. You can shake things up by simply doing a little DIY decorating. But don’t worry if you’re not feeling too crafty; Many of these ideas only require a trip to the antique store or flea market. Store them in different sized and colored baskets or roll pans, arrange them artfully on the living room or kitchen wall and voila, a whole new look! Maybe you’re ready to heat the hot glue away from the computer? Got you covered there too. Here are some ideas to get you into your smoke. Trying to make sponge-painted nature pictures that can be hung above your bed. Looking for a smaller project? Try your hand at creating stuffed coasters—we promise they’ll be great on the picnic table at your next barbecue. These handmade projects are guaranteed to add a lot of charm and flair to your new and improved spruced-up home. Post a picture of your project in the comments section below. We love to see what you make! Happy crafting!

D.i.y Home Decor Ideas

A collection of sauces is a pride when placed on a painted board in the kitchen. Style them with an ombre pattern for an extra unique look.

Diy Fall Decor We’re Dreaming About

To do: To assemble, cut a piece of plywood to the desired size and color. Place spoons in a light to dark pattern on the wood and use a pencil to mark a spot on either side of each spoon.

Just below the plate. Remove the spoons and drill holes on the markings. Working with one spoon at a time, thread fine-gauge wire over the handle and through the holes; Twist the wire together to secure the ends behind the wood. Repeat until done, then hang.

A blank wall in your home office is about to become more beautiful with the addition of a wicker bookshelf.

The Bookshelf (Brightmaison’s Floating Bookshelf; amazon.com). Use a foam brush to spread glue on the back of the shelf opening (we used Allen’s Original Tacky Adhesive). Attach the can, hold it in place

Diy Home Decor Ideas, Inspired By Spring Fashion — Little Miss Party

Gus loves hanging out with colorful quilt squares. Simply hang it on the wall for easy installation.

To make: Oversized painted plywood sticks give any space a graphic punch. First, cut the plywood to the desired size

(Ours is four feet square). Draw a quilt block (here, Twin Star-style) on the wood with a pencil, use a ruler or painter’s tape for straight lines, then paint with acrylic paint. 1/2-inch trimmed nail pieces

D.i.y Home Decor Ideas

Update a laundry room with a craft straight from the 70s: string art. Do you want to go in other rooms too? Try writing “play” in the children’s room or “rest” in the bedroom. To make: Start by cutting out letters from paper. Using the letters as a guide, mark the nail holes with a pencil on the wall. Hammer copper nails on the wall and cover the nails with different colored thicknesses

Diy Room Decor Ideas That Are Basically Magic

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