Diy Country Home Decor Ideas

By | March 31, 2023
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Diy Country Home Decor Ideas – A rustic quilt is a great way to display and store beautiful quilts. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make your own for just $20!

Hello to all. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about the new and improved gallery wall in our family room! As I mentioned in the open statement, my first attempt at a gallery wall seemed very rare to me. After some brainstorming and experimentation, I decided to leave most of the bones of the original gallery and add a few key pieces. And one of the accent pieces I added is the rustic ladder shelf you see to the right of the couch.

Diy Country Home Decor Ideas

Diy Country Home Decor Ideas

I’ve wanted a kickstand for a long time, but these bad boys cost more than I’m willing to pay. The cost of original wooden stairs has skyrocketed – I can’t afford to pay $250 for something I can easily make. I made mine for less than $20, not including the cost of the paint and stain, which I had on hand.

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I think you’ll find that this is a very easy DIY project that you can do in an afternoon (depending on how dry the paint and stain are). Here are the materials you will need to make a 6″ long by 18″ wide 4 step ladder. Of course, you can adjust the amount of wood you need depending on the size of the stairs you want to make.

2 – 1x2x8 boards – I used cedar instead of a pine board. Cedar planks are rough on one side, which contributes to a rustic look.

I cut the 1x2x8 boards into 72 inch long pieces (these will be the sides) and the 1x4x8 boards into 18 inch long pieces (which will be the stairs). There are six 1x4x8 pieces in the photo below, but I only used four of them on the ladder.

Lay the 1″x 2″x8″ boards side by side, 16″ apart, making sure the top and bottom of the boards match. If you are using cedar planks, turn the rough side up before assembling. Locate each slot and attach the slot to each side panel with wood screws. When installing stairs, allow their side panels to overlap by 1 in each dimension. This gives you an 18 inch wide tread. Make sure it’s straight from one end to the other, or you’ll be climbing stairs.

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All assembled and ready to finish. You can see that I did not distribute my points evenly. Nevermind – these are agricultural ladders, remember?

To finish the stairs, I used black latex paint (leftover from painting the foyer railing), Rust-Oleum Weathered Gray Wood stain, and Minwax Wood Finish in Special Walnut (leftover from refinishing our floors).

Apply black paint strategically using the dry brush technique. To dry the brush, dip the tip of the brush in the paint…

Diy Country Home Decor Ideas

… and then wipe off most of the paint with a cloth. Start with less than you think you need because you can always add more.

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What do I mean by strategic planning? Well, I knew I wanted my DIY staircase to look old and vintage—like it’s been sitting in someone’s shed for years accumulating dirt and grime. I wondered where such an old staircase would look the filthiest and dirtiest. I removed the top of each rung, attached it to the sides and the edge of each board. So I started using the dry black brush a little bit on the surface of each plate. Then I pressed it a little harder and rubbed it around the edge of each board.

After dry brushing, I added some paint to the brush and rubbed some of the black spots onto the boards with my finger. Think about the dark spots you see on old and vintage boards (I think?). Finally, I started to apply black paint to the attached areas on the sides of each slot. Remember, I want the ladder to look like it’s been piled up for a long time.

Let the black paint dry and then apply the gray tone using the same dry brush technique. After the gray stain is dry, apply wood stain. Apply paint and stain to each surface—the front, sides, and back of the stairs. Sorry, no pictures for these steps! It’s all over.

After a few days off the stairs in my workshop (aka garage) to deodorize, it was ready to go into the house to be dressed!

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I filled it with texture and warmth, aka throws and a scarf or two! Plus, I wrapped a pair of DIY filter straps to add an instant personality. This little hook was just a nice addition to the basket.

Many of you have asked how I made a wooden ladder, so I hope this tutorial will help you. As always, let me know if you have any questions! These amazing French inspired home decor ideas and DIYS will inspire you to create the perfect space or accessory for your home.

We had such a great response to one of our last posts, How to Add French Farmhouse Touches to Your Farmhouse Decor… We thought you’d enjoy French Farmhouse Style Ideas and Days. Lots of inspiration…tips…ideas and reminders await you. I guarantee you will find inspiration and ideas for your home. I certainly hope you enjoy this collection of French Farmhouse inspired home decor ideas and DIYs. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink and maybe snack on a delicious croissant with jam!

Diy Country Home Decor Ideas

Sweet little touches like these pots of French lavender will take your space to the back roads of the French countryside. It’s so sweet and Amber shows you how you can make it in 5 minutes. It’s not pretty or easy at all.

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Josh and Amanda show you how to create a classic pleated ottoman that will give your space tons and tons of Farmhouse French charm. You can customize the DIY to work with your size item. A perfect ottoman, but you can style it as if you were using it as a coffee table. For those of you who know how to sew… Jealous… This is so cool!

Dianna shows you how to turn any galvanized piece…any glass bowl or container into a gorgeous French accessory! He gives you stickers to print and then shares his magic on how to add that faux rust look. Then you can add it to your favorite and it becomes a beautiful French accessory (by the way…you only need 3 ingredients!)

Oh… Kami shows you how to add a magical touch to your rooms with these light garlands or candle rings. Just add a favorite holder and a candle and oooolala … instant beauty! So simple… budget friendly! Love Love Love!

Diana is back with another 5-minute DIY to turn seltzer bottles into French delights! How did you like the look! Add fresh flowers and you’ll be in French paradise!

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Nothing says French country house quite like a lavender wreath, and Stephanie shows you how to put it together perfectly. Add it to a flap door…a gallery wall…a vignette…a front door and many other places that need a little French touch!

I love this cute little DIY from Liz Marie! You can use it with any open cabinet shelves. Make a small neutral curtain and secure it with tension rod for an instant French country look. (Spoiler alert… these curtains are made from IKEA pillows). So easy and elegant! Come for Crafts and more inspiration!

Do you love entertaining in your French farmhouse? Well, Diana has the perfect DIY for you. She shows you how to make an amazing farmhouse serving tray. Create it in any color you want…give it a paint treatment and more, then add a touch of French with this free printable transfer. I think you might need one of those!

Diy Country Home Decor Ideas

Well, my friends…believe it or not…what you see before you is a completely converted paint pot. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the title and really had to do a double take. Cindy from Country Road 407 is a guest on The Crown Goat and she shows you how to take messy paint cans and turn them into these adorable containers.

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