Diy Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor

By | May 14, 2023
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Diy Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor – Do you love DIY projects that you can tackle in any season or holiday? Well, this DIY Dollar Tree Distressed Farmhouse Decor is one of those versatile crafts that you can customize and change to fit any decor or holiday!

Not only is this a workable DIY idea, but it’s also affordable and shows how to use cardboard to replace supplies you might not have. I used cardboard to make a sad heart instead of a dollar tree wood heart!

Diy Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor

Diy Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor

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Ways To Turn Dollar Store Finds Into Fancy Looking Farmhouse Decor

The first thing I did to create this cute rustic decor was to cut out a heart from a piece of cardboard.

I used a Dollar Tree heart-shaped ornament as a template for a cardboard heart, but you can do this for free if you don’t have a heart to trace.

You could also use a thick wooden heart from the Dollar Tree instead of a cardboard heart and wooden beads like I did. I’m always looking for creative ways when my followers don’t have the same things I do.

To raise the heart cut out of cardboard when I would attach it to the Dollar Tree sign board, I laid the wooden sticks on a piece of jute twine.

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Once the bead string is long enough to wrap around the edge of the heart cut, tie the two ends of the string together. Put the hearts and bases aside, and grab the Dollar Tree marker board.

The sign board I used had a metal core attached to the front of the board, so I had to remove it first. I just used a putty knife to scratch the star on the front of the board.

Then flip the board over. I used Folkart Java Chalk Paint to paint an even coat of paint on the back of the sign board. Let the brown paint dry before moving on to the next step.

Diy Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor

I used my heat gun to quickly dry the brown paint on the dollar tree sign. If you don’t have one, you can use a hair dryer on a low setting.

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Next, use a light paintbrush to dry Folkart White Chalk Paint onto the board. Other ways (up, down, left, right) and keep a light hand. This will relieve you of stress.

While we’re drawing, let’s go ahead and draw cardboard hearts! I used a clean paintbrush to brush Folkart Java Chalk Paint onto the heart.

Then paint it with a layer of Folkart White Chalk Paint. (The opposite of what I did with the Dollar Tree sign.)

Next, we need to draw the decals. I put the string of beads in a small mixing bowl, poured some brown paint, and rolled the beads in the paint.

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Pull it out and wrap it in a dry cloth. This will remove excess paint and give the decal a colorful finish. We’ll hot glue it under the cardboard core later.

Since we’re already drawing the beads, we’re going to go ahead and paint half of the wood beads brown. Use the same method as you did with the wooden bead string.

Next, I glued a piece of waterproof string around the bottom of the Dollar Tree sign. I left about an inch of space on the bottom of the beach wire, and used the same beach wire to make the fold for this mark.

Diy Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor

I inserted the end of the sea rope through the hole above the tag and heated and glued it in place on the back.

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I then bent the cable back through the hole and hot glued one end of the cable to the back of the board.

Next, I glued 8 small half-wooden beads to the top of the dollar tree sign. I placed 4 small half-timbered beads on each side of the hanger.

Next, I glued 6 large half-wood beads to the bottom of the mark, just above the waterline.

Now it’s time to heat a row of wooden beads to the back of a painted cardboard core. Position it so that you can see the beads hanging off the sides of a cardboard heart.

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Then, burn from the heart on the dollar tree sign. I placed it at the bottom of the card to allow space above the bow heart and green splash.

Once the heart was in place, I burned and glued the stones that scratched the heart. I decided to spell it HOME, but you can spell it however you like. I love using scrabble tiles in my DIY products, and they are really affordable on Amazon!

Next, I used a small paintbrush that still had the chalky java paint on it, and lightly scratched the center of the heart. This helped give it a distressed look to match the dollar tree sign.

Diy Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor

I cut two small pieces of Boxwood plant spray that I got from Walmart for this rustic country decor.

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I glued it in place, face down, on top of a cardboard heart. Once the green is happy, it’s time to make the bow!

For this bow, the ribbon came from Walmart and it was a Christmas ribbon. If you can’t find the exact tape you used, you can use any pattern as a substitute.

I made this bow a little differently than usual. I started by turning the bar 3-4 times. The width this loop of ribbon makes is the width of your ribbon, so make sure it’s not too small or too wide for your DIY.

Next, use scissors to make a small cut above and below the center of the tied ribbon.

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Next, secure the middle with a piece of jute twine. Once it’s secure, remove the tape loops, and you’re ready to go!

Heat with bows over the middle of dark green on a distressed cardboard heart. Next, I glued one of the large half painted wooden beads to the middle of the bow.

Unless you have some scraps to add to this rustic DIY, you’re ready to hang this easy dollar tree anywhere in your home!

Diy Dollar Store Farmhouse Decor

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I had so much fun creating this DIY Dollar Tree Distressed farmhouse decor during Facebook LIVE because I was able to talk to my followers and explain my thought process, techniques, and more!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Dollar Tree Distressed Farmhouse Decor as much as I did and decided to make one for yourself! I’d like to see how it turns out for you!

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