Diy For Living Room Decor

By | April 12, 2023
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Diy For Living Room Decor – We bought our house about a year ago and I love the layout, but I haven’t really done any decorating. Just unpacked our old decor but didn’t want to take out too much since my tastes have changed so I started looking for rustic living room decor ideas for what I wanted to do. There are so many that I love that I decided to share them all here in case anyone else is looking for them. I will be sure to update you before and after I finish my house. I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions and hacks too, so be sure to share them in the comments so we can all learn.

I love the rustic look of the living room and will probably adopt that style throughout the rest of my house. Blue containers/pots with old windows, wood accents, frames, etc. and at the same time. So much to think about, do and buy. I will also be looking at consignment shops, yard sales, etc. so I can save some money while we’re doing this. I’m so excited about this new project and how amazing I know my living room, entryway! I’ve already started collecting jars in different colors and styles and can’t wait to incorporate them.

Diy For Living Room Decor

Diy For Living Room Decor

It will take me a while to find all the pieces I need and integrate them the way I intend, but I know it will be worth it and it will look great for years to come. Have you recently done your decorating or are you doing your own? What is your style/taste? What design tips do you have?

Simple Strips Of Molding Made This Diy Living Room Wall Decor Come To Life

I’ll be sharing our DIYs, before/after and more in the coming months, so be sure to stay tuned! In the meantime, be sure to check out this wood photo board we made.

These are great! I love the wood along with the coat hooks. It is rustic yet elegant. My husband brings home antler tablecloths all the time, so I love using them as coat hooks for an extra rustic feel. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for these great ideas. I learned a lot and enjoyed reading them. And it is so informative about decorative items. Thank you for sharing. Are you looking for ways to decorate a large wall space? Get inspired by these amazing wall decoration ideas that are sure to inspire your creativity and give you lots of DIY ideas for your home.

It might be a large white wall above your furniture, a room with high ceilings or a long hallway, or an accent wall, but decorating these spaces can often be difficult.

Apartment Decorating Ideas To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

In this post, you will find some of the best ways to decorate with a large wall decor.

I’d love to help you fill a large wall with these easy, DIY design ideas that are a great way to add visual interest to your home.

Over the years of decorating my own space, making many mistakes and learning from them, I have learned the rule of go big or go home.

Diy For Living Room Decor

I would go into the store and buy all the tentacles because they were cheap. I could happily buy it and add it to my decorative stash. yes

Diy Wall Mounted Shelving Systems Roundup

But what did that mean for my home? That meant I had a closet full of tiny trinkets. Or a wall with tiny circles on the wall. Let me show you an example.

From my! The scales are so small. Instead of investing in a large piece of art, I chose small frames that were completely scattered because they were cheap.

Fortunately, I eventually realized that the frames were not right for this large wall above the bed. I made a large headboard and placed a large piece of art above the bed to fill the space better.

Since my early days decorating my home, I’ve learned a lesson or two about proportion and scale. And, yes, the size

Diy Ideas For The Living Room

A large statement piece will make the biggest impact and look your best when decorating your home. This is the “Go Big or Go Home” rule. Simple, right?

I will also say that great wall decor doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be extremely free, like the large abstract art I made myself. Check it out here. So check out these great ideas from some amazing women and start decorating!

​​​​​​I found some ideas for you from my blog and other people’s blogs so that you can be inspired to create beautiful DIY wall decoration ideas in your home.

Diy For Living Room Decor

The most popular way to decorate a large wall is to create a gallery wall. I have done several gallery walls in my house and am currently working on another gallery.

Inspiring Living Room Decorating Ideas

You can assemble any frames in your home as well as buy them from thrift stores for your eclectic look. Remember that you have enough frames or other wall decor to fill the space and make a big impact together.

Blank canvas and scrap wood are not only easy to find, but also cheap. And a little creativity can go a long way in boosting your walls.

I created the DIY canvas wall art above with a photo, canvas, Mod Podge, wood from my scrap pile, and paint. It’s a nice reminder that having beautiful home decor doesn’t have to be expensive.

Did you know that you can blow up printable art at places like Staples and Office Depot for very cheap and create beautiful large-scale wall art? It is the perfect solution for any empty space.

Living Room Decor — 731 Woodworks

I took two photo prints that I bought and downloaded and attached them around foam board to create this beach scene wall art. A great, cheap way to make an impact.

Last spring I printed one of my free spring printables for my stage decor and framed it with a giant frame from Hobby Lobby.

When I wanted to fill this wall space in my kitchen, I grabbed two tables from the hardware store and some shelf brackets to make these easy, DIY shelves for under $40.

Diy For Living Room Decor

A mirror will not only fill a large wall, but also reflect light and make the room appear larger.

Diy Black Gold Gallery Wall

In my dining room I added this gorgeous French inspired brass mirror that reflects light from space. Large lamps on each side also help complete the space.

Making your own chalkboard with a DIY frame is a great way to fill the empty walls of a common area. It can be changed for different seasons or used to communicate important information to the family.

Make a serving board gallery wall with pizza peel or flour boards. This decorating idea combines a storage solution and a practical kitchen design in one. Use different sizes and shapes for a more interesting focal wall.

I love that I can reach up and take the table off the wall when I’m ready to bring lunch, dinner, or snack style to the table.

Our Cozy Fall Living Room With Simple Mantel Decor

This painted checkered wall idea is a great way to add interest to an entire wall without adding a bunch of decor. The wall can still be used for any medium, but it is beautifully designed.

The wall behind my desk is the one wall most people see when they come into my house. So I decided to spice it up with this checkered wall treatment. It is a beautiful background for my large wall calendar, pencil board, and printer stand.

Adding DIY Picture Frame Molding is a great way to fill a large empty wall space on a budget with just a few simple tools. You can even do this without a power saw if you want to use a miter saw.

Diy For Living Room Decor

Raise it two-thirds of the way up the wall and paint the same colors as your trim for maximum impact.

Stunning Ways To Decorate Your Living Room For Christmas

Adding a board and tile is another wall treatment idea that adds a lot of architectural interest to your space.

Use beautiful, functional pieces to make the large wall space work to your advantage. I transformed this wall space in my kitchen into a family organizing center with hooks and cubbies to store our things. Everything doesn’t have to be fancy, except!

I did the same thing in the long hall of our old house where we entered from the garage. It is possible to use many useful pieces to make it so beautiful.

I’m a big fan of taking a cheap piece of plywood or other wood and turning it into great pieces of art.

Best Small Apartment Living Room Decor And Design Ideas For 2022

I used a piece of plywood and some scraps of a fake ship to create this reversible Christmas sign for my living room above my fireplace. On one side is this stenciled sign of a Fresh Farm Christmas Tree.

And on the other sign I stenciled the words “Oh Holy Night” which I will leave

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