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By | April 27, 2023
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Diy Home Decor App – It may come as no surprise to you that most of my iPhone accessories are related to my love of home decor, interior design, and DIY. I don’t have gaming apps on my phone, but I have the best apps to quickly sketch designs, get paint color suggestions, and make sure my creations are accurate. Finish. Of all the room decorating ideas, I’m sharing my top 10 picks! (

You guys know I don’t have a great record keeping plants alive. I threw in the towel for some of my plants and posed like this in the family room I ended up buying:

Diy Home Decor App

Diy Home Decor App

Source: TV console (similar) | Chandelier (satin bronze) | White cushion cover (similar) | Gray pillowcase | Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Rug | Artwork (detail from | Acrylic coffee table (similar) | Coffee Table Tray (28″ Square) | Wicker Chair

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For the plants I’ve managed to survive, I attribute them to being tough suckers (snakes and pit plants are pretty much unkillable!) and the fact that I use a device that reminds me to water them. I have used Koubachi before but now I use Planta and I like it even more. When you download the app for the first time, it asks you for your skill level, from unconfident to expert (I rate myself a beginner, which is “every time I keep a cactus alive”), and your commitment Level (for me, low – I’m talking about simple plants) From there you can start adding your plants, including the type of plants, their position, the amount of light they get, and again taking pictures if you want.

My free version sends you alerts when plants need watering, and you can upgrade to the premium version if you have additional features like plant selector and fertilizer alerts. It’s a simple tool, but very helpful for black fingers like me.

When it comes to hanging multiple pieces of art I use my regular level or laser level (you can see my laser level in action) but when I want to make sure a photo is upright I pull out my phone And launch the iHandy Level application. This app is my favorite of all free apps because there are no ads on the screen and it is very accurate. You can also upgrade for a few dollars to a model that includes additional features like surface levels and plumb lines.

If you’ve ever been to a thrift store or flea market and found what you thought might be the perfect piece of furniture, but weren’t sure if it was the right size for your space, then this tool might be for you! With the Photo Measures Light app, you can take pictures of any area of ​​your home and add measurements to it so when you find that perfect ‘find’ you’ll know it’s a good fit. With the free Photo Measures Lite app, you can only save two photos at a time, so I create images with the measurements overlaid on the app, then take screenshots to save them to my phone. Ability to delete these photos from the device and save them. Add new ones. You can also purchase the app if you want to be able to save more than two photos or to be able to sync with your iPad. Note that this app doesn’t take the measurements for you (I honestly don’t believe any other app does this) but it does make it easy to stamp them on your photos. 20 Pcs License Plate Decor Assorted Garage Decor License Plates Stickers Retro Vintage Us States Number Tags Automotive Vintage Decor Retro Home Decor For Man Cave Garage Diy Bar Home, 6

Although I use Pinterest almost every day, I installed the Pinterest app on my phone about a few years ago (I’m a full-time laptop girl!). But when I’m out and about, it’s really nice to have a mobile version (it’s a great way to kill time while standing in line, etc.). Definitely one of my favorite home decor apps! If you don’t follow me on Pinterest, you can find me.

I’ve been using PicMonkey for years as a quick and easy editing tool, but recently they came out with a mobile version that you can get. I use it a lot for collages and collages, as shown below, from my post on how to decorate a bookshelf. You can use “stickers” to create a white background frame and add text on it! It’s an easy way to add text and stickers to photos you take while shopping – you can add prices, sizes and more.

This is also the tool I use to create design idea boards – you can find all the details on how I do it here.

Diy Home Decor App

I love to-do lists. Seriously, I can’t do anything without them, and I always have more than one list at any given time. While I love a good pen and paper list, I’ve started making lists electronically more often, and of the apps I’ve tried, the Microsoft To-Do app is my favorite. . Not only can you create different lists, but you can also set priorities and due dates so you’ll be reminded and never miss a thing. You can also invite other users to share (like your own food list so everyone in the family can add it to their phones). I love that it has little checkboxes and that nice beep sound when you check something, it gives me the same sense of accomplishment as crossing it off a pen and paper checklist. 🙂

The Home Depot

Besides to-do lists, I like to plan things. Design inspiration hits me sometimes, and I love being able to pick up my phone and make a quick sketch. The Paper app has many different drawing tools (I love a good pen!), and you can choose your favorite color to draw. Once you have some sketches in your tool, you can start organizing them into these adorable sketchbooks so you can easily find them when you want to return to them. While it’s not just a home decor app, I’ve found it to be very useful for planning decorating projects!

While I haven’t used any of these paint color apps to pick the right color to paint with, I’ve used it to keep me on the right track with . Most of the big name paint brands have their own apps, and they work the same way—you upload a photo or take one with your phone camera, and the corresponding colors are suggested for you. The three I use are a Sherwin-Williams product called ColorSnap, a Benjamin Moore product called Color Portfolio, and a Behr product called Color Smart.

The Houzz app is one of the best home improvement apps out there. It has over 25 million indoor and outdoor images for you to browse and offers “products to view in your room”. It also has a professional directory that you can use to find local professionals in your area for remodeling, interior design and construction projects. You can also create Ideabooks, which allow you to collect and organize the images you find in the app that inspire you.

If you love Instagram as much as I do, you probably know that many bloggers (myself included) use RewardStyle to link items in the images we share, making it easy to buy items in the images you share. See what you like. RewardStyle recently launched the tool to make product linking even easier. Once you download the app, when you “Like” on Instagram or take a photo linked to a RewardStyle product, that photo and all linked products will go directly to the app where you can view it immediately or revisit it later they. when you have a lot of time. You can search and follow your favorite Instagram users to see every photo and product of them, including posts you may have missed! The app is awesome and has great reviews! You can click to download the app and check it out (make sure to like and follow me)!

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Those are my top ten favorite home decor apps, what about yours? I got some of these through recommendations from friends and I’m always looking for more breeders so I’d love to share them with you! Although every time we want to do something new, we like to bring together a team of designers. , power and money

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