Diy Home Entrance Decor

By | May 19, 2023
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Diy Home Entrance Decor – Looking for inexpensive ways to decorate your small porch or little one? Check out these simple and cute front porch decor ideas that you can use to create a cozy porch! With a few inexpensive decor items, you can transform your front door area even on a tight budget!

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week! This week’s Favorite Friday is a little different because I’m participating in a front porch decorating blog with a few other fun blogger friends! Spring weather is starting here and I can’t wait to spend the days outside. It was nice to get our front porch ready for the season so we can use the space all spring and summer. Our front entryway is quite small and can be difficult to style, but with a few small updates, we were able to create a space that we love. After reading my small porch decorating ideas, be sure to check out other bloggers’ porches too!

Diy Home Entrance Decor

Diy Home Entrance Decor

Even on a small veranda, you can create a mini area for socializing. It may only be a small chair or chair, but it makes the place very cozy!

Front Door Decorating Ideas That You Can Diy With No Fuss

This year we found a small bench for the front porch. Last year we installed a rocking chair. You can see our porch from last summer HERE. Although I absolutely loved having a rocking chair on the porch, it was a bit large for a small space. It was a very functional piece of decor, but it didn’t look out of place at all. We used the chair all the time, mostly me, but sometimes I would catch the kids reading there.

Actually, I was all set to put the rocking chair back on the porch, but changed my mind when I realized it needed to be repainted. Then my six year old and I were in the outdoor patio section at Target and we found so many fun outdoor seating options! I brought this little porch home and then asked the kids what they liked best.

Yellow Chair ( similar ) // Small Patio Chair ( currently sold out. This is a fun option ) // Black and White Striped Pillow // Metal Outdoor Table ( similar )

The fabric on the chair is really cool! It is wet and dries very well. It’s actually a very comfortable chair, especially with the cushion!

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When you’re working with a small decorating budget, you’ll want to look everywhere for home decor, including places you’d never think of. The rocking chair I mentioned was actually found at a garage sale! I have been known to grab small pieces of furniture off the side of the road. (I’m not ashamed to admit it!)

This year I made a very unexpected purchase of a fabulous spring porch item. You won’t believe where I got the white tablecloth!

LOW FIVE everywhere! I was at Five Below the other day with the kids and they have so many cute accessories for the home and garden! There’s no reason to spend more money on something that may or may not last more than a year anyway! No matter how much money you spend on outdoor furniture, I’m sure it won’t last as long as you want it to!

Diy Home Entrance Decor

Yellow Chair (similar)// Patio Chair (sold but different option)// Black and White Striped Cushion // Metal Outdoor Table (similar)

Front Door Decoration Ideas For Summer

I love adding pillows and blankets to our porch seating. However, if you have the space, a pillow or blanket may not work. Even though our space is enclosed, the pillow is still exposed to the elements, so I believe I would choose a pillow for outdoor lounging. If the weather is really bad, I try to remember to bring a pillow and blanket.

Multi-layer carpeting is still a big trend. You can add a bit of style and personality with an interesting door. For an even richer look, add a layered rug. Find a larger patterned rug for the base layer, then add a cute and fun smaller rug for the top layer.

We’ve had this black and white rug for a few years and I still love it. This is a similar version of the black and white rug. The carpet holds up very well and does not need to be replaced even after several years. However, carpets do not hold up well and usually need to be replaced every year, especially after a long winter!

I’m so excited to release my new lemon rug that I’ve been talking about since I bought it a few months ago! The door inspired the entryway when I added little pops of yellow! I’ll add more yellow when I get the rest of the summer flowers.

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Lemon rug  (Other option HERE and HERE )// Black and white rug option// Yellow plant pot // Black and white pillow

If it’s in your budget, consider a new light fixture. Good lighting can really give your small porch a “polished look.” You don’t have to spend a ton of money on porch lighting. Home Depot and Lowes have many options.

Whether you have a new front door or an old door that has seen better days, a new wreath can give it a new look! If you plan to use the wreath throughout the season, stick to a neutral wreath with lots of greenery. If you choose multi-flowered flowers, you will need to change them often depending on the season.

Diy Home Entrance Decor

If you’re on a tight budget for decorating your front porch, one of the cheapest decorating ideas is to use flowers and plants to fill the space. Save more money by buying indoor flowers (not in pots) and then planting them in inexpensive containers.

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Plants and flowers also add color and vibrancy to the front porch. You can choose flowers that match any color scheme of your small porch. In my case I combined yellow and white flowers.

Decide what you want from the space and focus on your priorities. Do you want lots of plants and flowers? Need a new wreath or rug?

In my case, our porch was finished after a few additional finishes. I had a blanket and a pillow. I bought a yellow chair from Kirkland. Then I added another plant that was $10 from Whole Foods! (You never know where you’ll find home decor!). Also, the wreath was on sale at Home Depot! (like HERE).

You don’t need to completely renovate your porch every season. Look at what you have to work with, then add new parts.

Top 5 Front Door Decor Ideas

The most important thing is to take the time to fill the space. Over the last few months I’ve been slowly putting a few things together and it’s all coming together. Sometimes when you’re looking to redecorate a room in a short amount of time, you end up buying things you don’t like. Focus on one key piece of decor that you love, then organize the rest of the space around it!

This front door blog hop inspired me to decorate my yard for the season! Also check out these front entryway ideas:

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Diy Home Entrance Decor

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