Diy Home Mandir Design

By | March 31, 2023
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Diy Home Mandir Design – Thank you so much for all the love and appreciation from my readers. Many people have been kind enough to share pictures of their homes because of the sights seen here.

HERE IS THE LINK TO ALL THE AMAZING RECREATIONS – FACEBOOK ALBUM – READERS GALLERY: Puja Mandir. See how some people literally disappeared from the world. The same is updated in the blog here.

Diy Home Mandir Design

Diy Home Mandir Design

If you have photos you’d like to share, DM me directly on my Facebook page or email I want to share it with other readers. This will be an inspiration to many.

Mandir Designs For Home

For most Indians, a pooja mandir (altar) is a very devotional corner of the house. It can be a corner of a kitchen table, a shelf in a bookcase, or a special piece of furniture we call a pooja mandir where we put our favorite idols. Most of these deities have been passed down from generation to generation, and each one is revered and revered. Idolatry goes back a long way to Indian culture. I think most of the world finds this idea foreign and maybe even disagrees, but to us it’s the corner of the house that brings together all the good vibes of the house.

Mandir Pooja is a place to gather, worship, adore, pray, hope, dream, meditate, meditate, sing, learn, teach, appreciate. Each deity is not just a statue, but a moral virtue to which the devotee aspires. At the center of this mandir is the diya (lamp), which symbolizes the happiness of the family – the victory of good over evil and the light that overcomes all darkness within and without.

People who live in apartments/tiny houses buy a small piece of furniture (looks like upholstery). These pooja mandir furniture are available in various sizes and designs. It usually resembles an actual temple with a garbha gruha (inner sanctum) where the main deity resides, and a haram roof that extends several stories high.

It is possible to live in the US and find a mandir here, but very expensive (around $500-$1000) as well as buying and importing the product in India. Over the years, I have used several cabinets in my bookcase as mandir. My house needs better. A smart place without a lot of space. I have to work in a corner of the kitchen which needs to double as storage and I have to make sure the terracotta and incense sticks are high up out of the reach of my kids. I like DIY, but not in an extreme way. Most of mine are decorative DIYs with easy ways to store purchased items to suit my needs.

Simple Pooja Mandir Designs For Walls In Common Areas At Home

Including lockers, my budget is about $200. I spent about $150 and am happy to stay within budget. To break down the costs, scroll to the end of the post.

IKEA has saved me several times and it didn’t fail this time. During my many visits to the store, I found a special bookcase that met my requirements. The nice thing about this bookshelf is that it fulfills two of my needs – a closed lower shelf for storage and an upper shelf for open display at my jawline. I removed an adjustable shelf because I needed one of my shelves to be tall enough for the larger figurines. This forms the basic mandir structure we need.

I painted these handmade mirrors (rangolis/kolams) inside the bookcase with cloth pens. A cloth pencil, you ask? Yes, I tried several markers and even paintbrushes. I found that the fabric markers were dark enough to show the image of a coat well. It’s wipeable when wet, and once dry it’s hard enough that it won’t scratch off with a wet, soft eraser, but if I use a rubber eraser, it comes off. This gives me the freedom to correct mistakes as I go forward.

Diy Home Mandir Design

(Kolam/rangoli are traditionally used to decorate the entrance of a house kolams go here.)

Wooden Home Temple Mandir Pooja Ghar Mandapam For Worship

When creating this scene, also estimate where you want the base icon to be placed. Make key points as needed.

It’s in really good shape except for the roof. It seems too broad for my liking. Guess what I used to do”

“/tower? I bought an upside-down floating shelf and glued it to the top of the shelf with double sided tape.

To mimic the tops you see in traditional temples, I decorated the top with some wooden beads I found at Michaels. In the picture below you can see how they fit together into a standard shape. To keep the beads from falling out, I used an eye needle I got at Michaels to try out some jewelry making projects (I really use whatever I have at home)

Kerala Style Pooja Ghar /pooja Temple /pooja Mandir With

A few accessories like lights, bells and fancy bells and you’re done. I opted for a battery powered LED light I got from Lowes because I just didn’t want to poke/hide the wires.

I was lucky enough to find reels and beads that were the same color as my marfash. I prefer to buy furniture in a classic color such as brown/white to match easily with accessories, although you can always paint/stain to get your desired hue.

Some frequently asked questions are listed below. If you have any other suggestions or other questions please let me know and I can update it here. It will be of great help to those who want to give an idea

Diy Home Mandir Design

The IKEA models that were often used for DIY in the past seem to be unavailable now. Another great shelf that IKEA currently offers is the BRUSALI

Folding Temple In Teak Wood

2. What do I see at the top of the Reader Gallery screen?

Many readers use endings to polish the surface. The finish is knotted and is often used on curtains or beds. Available at craft stores and other home improvement stores. They come in many shapes and sizes. You can paint it in the color of your choice.

Here is a link similar to what I use. It’s from Allen Roth and can be found at Lowes.

* I learned about this beautiful, traditional wood and brass style floating shelf from Studio Decor in Michaels, Canada from several readers. Posting the same link, although it seems to be out of stock now.

Pooja Mandir Designs Fashion

I used brass which I got from India. You can find a similar bell (but in a bag) at Michaels. MICHEALS has metal ones, but they are very expensive. Below are some options for locally available plastic, gold plated and metal bells. You can also find some great options on AMAZON and ETSY.

I used fabric pencils from DECOFabric. There are other brands available such as Uchida. You can also try using a permanent marker. I think you can wipe them with rubbing alcohol.

What works best for you may depend on the finish of the wood. So, go ahead and try something. Before trying the main cabinet, be sure to test a small hidden section first.

Diy Home Mandir Design

I bought some different hooks (diamonds in this case) at the hardware store and screwed them to the top shelf. Since IKEA wood is particle board, a little pressure will do. You just need to use good pressure to hold the lever in place first, then use the tool to tighten it. To attach the bell to the hook, I used gold plated wire that I found in Michaels’ jewelry making section. You can work the wire with wire cutters you can find at any craft/jewelry store or hardware store. (sometimes just scissors and fingers work too πŸ™‚ )

Home Temple/ Mandap/ Wooden Temple / Pooja Temple

I took pictures of the entire shelf after it was assembled. I hope you did this to get a better idea of ​​the location, maybe except for the door.

8. We have no experience drawing kolams/rangoli. Any tips on how to do good/clean photography?

In fact, I punched horizontal holes in the newspaper (using a sharp pencil to basically create a grid), held the paper up against the shelf and drew the dots. In fact, depending on your rangoli design, once you mark the center, it’s easy to draw the rest. One tip, just start building your design in the middle.

My kolam designs are mostly from books/online. This style is called kolam/rangoli

Handicraft Store Hindu Religious Colorful Wood Temple With Om Symbol And Conch Shell Design For Pooja And Hindu Religious Purpose, For Pooja Room At Home And Office Temple

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