Diy Projects With Egg Cartons

By | April 27, 2023
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Diy Projects With Egg Cartons – Make some clever egg carton crafts with your kids this summer to repurpose recyclables into containers, crafts, and toys.

Don’t throw away empty egg cartons (or if you’re in the UK)! Recycled materials are a great source of crafts for kids.

Diy Projects With Egg Cartons

Diy Projects With Egg Cartons

Egg carton crafts are great because they use what you already have on hand. A simple cardboard container can be used for all kinds of creative projects.

Easy Egg Carton Crafts For Kids

What else can you do with egg cartons? Grab scissors and other arts and crafts supplies and turn them into one of these creative kids crafts.

The Art Cut blog has a fun tutorial for turning egg cartons into jellyfish puppies. This would be a fun activity for a beach or ocean summer camp theme. After the kids make them, they can watch the puppet show!

Process art is a fun activity for all ages and is especially important for young children because it focuses on the experience of making art rather than the finished product. Salty Mama shares a great way to recycle egg cartons and more.

Bright eyes really make this paper ladybug craft perfect. Visit Creative Green Living to see how you can do this with your kids.

Diy Egg Carton Ducks (that Float!) And A Spring Sensory Bin

Making a flower crown is a classic lazy summer activity. Hello Wonderful is made from egg carton scraps, which means it might last a little longer than the flowers in your yard.

This cute teething activity from Parenting Chaos is such a clever way to encourage brushing. Try it with a homemade slime recipe.

Egg carton cups frame these fun spy glass eyes from Amanda Craft. Use with your child to encourage imaginative play or as a detective activity.

Diy Projects With Egg Cartons

These flower fairies from Cucicucicoo are so cute. They would make great art to add to an indoor fairy garden, or treasure as a stand-alone ornament to hang anywhere.

Egg Carton Craft Ideas For Kids

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy ice cream cones like these from The Playroom, made using long cone sections instead of egg cups.

Create flower bouquets in a rainbow of colors with Mombrite. This fun art idea can be hung on the fridge, framed for display, or given as a gift to a family member.

Paint some classic Toad Mushrooms from Arcee Craftsy Moore. They can be used in fantasy games such as fairy tales, gardening or even Super Mario Bros.

Turn the egg cup into a tail, caterpillar or frog, a fun craft for boys and girls. This garden animal is a summer activity.

Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft

The egg carton is overflowing! Make some toy boats with Messy Momma Crafts. Float the finished boat in the bathroom, backyard or nearby park pool.

Our kids turned egg cups into dinosaurs with pipe cleaner functions. Encourage your children to be creative and make different shapes and sizes.

Brilliant Little Ideas used a wooden handle to make a catapult, then released catapult creatures made from egg carton pieces.

Diy Projects With Egg Cartons

Even if you skip the egg carton altogether, you can dress it up to make this treasure chest in plate 28. Kids love to find little treasures, so this craft gives them a place to store their collection.

Egg Carton Flower Crafts

Egg cartoon crafts are a great boredom buster that you can pull out whenever your kids need something fun and easy. Turn them into handmade containers, cute animals, or fun ideas for exploring new ideas.

Plan your summer with the DIY Summer Camp Planner! Our step-by-step guide will help you organize a day, a week or an entire summer of fun activities for your kids.

Carrie is the creator of Backyard Summer Camp, as well as her family lifestyle blog, One Mama’s Daily Drama. She lives with her family in Texas, where she spent her children’s childhood summers planning fun activities to entertain them.

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Easy Egg Carton Craft Ideas For Kids

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Diy Projects With Egg Cartons

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How To Make Simple Egg Carton Ocean Animals

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The girls came up with the idea to make a little under the sea scene in old egg cartons with some shells and pebbles we collected on our last trip to the beach.

The Original Egg Carton Mermaid Doll — Art Camp

They painted the inside of their egg carton, taking care to cover all the empty space until it was covered. Then they spread lots of glitter glue over the top to make everything sparkle!

While the paint was drying, they drew and cut out some small fish from the colored card and foam sheets, and I cut the seaweed out of the green foam.

They then started assembling their scenes, fish in the back, seaweed in the front and shiny lozenge gems to add more zing to the whole thing!

Diy Projects With Egg Cartons

They collected some shells and stones on the beach. Mrs. 5 decided she wanted some of her fish to hang from the top of the ceiling so it looked like they were floating, so we attached them with tape and sewing thread so they could spin and spin.

Egg Carton Crafts Kids Will Love!

We display them open in the closet, although the girls also like to keep them closed as a surprise when guests arrive, ready to surprise them when they open them!

We have many more beach and seaside crafts and play activities for you to choose from!

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