Diy Storm Shutters For Windows

By | April 20, 2023
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Diy Storm Shutters For Windows

Diy Storm Shutters For Windows

No matter which type of storm drain you choose, plan your project before hurricane season and consider hiring a professional. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Diy Hurricane Shutters Project In Less Than 3 Month Until Hurricane Season?

There are many models, but they all require planning ahead to be ready to go when a storm is on the way.

Whatever type you choose, plan your project ahead of hurricane season and consider hiring a professional.

A traditional and inexpensive alternative to standing, plywood is not recommended for storm protection in many landscape construction methods. Although 1/2-inch plywood was considered sufficient, it is now recommended that sheets be at least 5/8-inch to protect against flying projectiles.

Because plywood is heavy and not easy to handle, hanging it can be quite a chore and may require two people.

How To Install Decorative Exterior Shutters » The Money Pit

Cut them to size before hurricane season arrives to cut down on last-minute prep work. Or cut the panels at your local hardware store or home center.

Fasten the plywood every 12 inches using screws, bolts, barrel screws, or special clamps. label each panel for quick and easy installation.

Laminated aluminum or steel panels are light, inexpensive and easy to handle. Individual panels are butted together for added strength.

Diy Storm Shutters For Windows

Plastic storm panels have the strength of steel, but let the light shine through. (Baloncic, Getty Images)

How Much Do Hurricane Shutters Cost? (2023)

Plastic storm panels can be made from polycarbonate plastic (Lexan) or polypropylene plastic. These flat or galvanized panels are installed on a permanently installed track or fixed in place.

Plastic storm panels are 75 percent lighter than plywood and are rated for maximum strength. Since they are made of plastic, they will not break down and will likely last the life of your home.

Plastic storm panels come in clear, plain and clear styles. Polycarbonate plastic is more transparent than polypropylene storm panels are lighter and allow more light into the home.

Although the most expensive form of protection, unlike plywood or steel, they allow light to enter your home during a storm.

Exterior Window Shutter Styles

Fabric storm panels can be quickly raised and lowered by one person. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Fabric storm panels, also known as wind reduction screens, are considered an effective alternative to traditional plywood or shutters. They consist of a strong, lightweight fabric coated with a geosynthetic PVC or Kevlar material. This reinforced material covers windows and doors, providing protection from flying projectiles and wind-driven rain.

You may find it hard to believe that a blanket can provide adequate protection against hurricane debris blowing at over 100 miles per hour, but there are blankets that meet or exceed Florida and Texas building codes and standards. For storm as defined by ASTM International. security.

Diy Storm Shutters For Windows

They are attached around windows and doors using straps and screws or straps and wires. While keeping out wind, rain and flying debris, the mesh fabric allows light and other air to penetrate.

The Ultimate Homeowners Guide To Window Shutters

While most fabric storm panels are installed by a dealer, homeowners can purchase the material and install it themselves for $5 per square foot of PVC fabric.

These panels are easy to install, but must be ordered to size, so lead time is required. If you plan to sell your house, you probably won’t use it for the next house because every part fits perfectly with your windows.

However, having pre-installed, aesthetically pleasing fabric panels that are easy to add and remove can be a selling point.

If you don’t want to put up and take down shutters for every storm, there are endless options for storm shutters.

Shutters Or No Shutters On Your House

Bahama or Colonial shutters not only provide protection during severe storms, but can also help protect your home from extreme heat and humidity. Plus, they look great and can add that allure that most of us want.

Another style to consider is accordion hurricane shutters. They stand next to windows or doors that open when not in use, and open in an accordion fashion to provide cover and protection during storms.

Steel shutters are another example of storm style shutters. They can be lowered from the top of the window or slid from side to side to protect the window and your home. Granted, they may not be the most attractive, but if your town or neighborhood is on the coast or just inland, these types of irons go far beyond what they look like in terms of protection and safety.

Diy Storm Shutters For Windows

Installing shutters is a great DIY project and requires basic tools and construction knowledge. Just remember some safety rules when installing a ladder that requires a ladder. adding active shutters to the exterior of your home is a great way to increase stair protection. It also works great as a DIY. In this article I will show you exactly how I built and installed them in the house we are renovating.

Hurricane Shutters: Which Option Is Best For Your Home?

Shutters were not always intended only for decoration. They served many purposes, such as protecting windows during storms, keeping the house warm in the winter, and creating privacy. So for the shutter to work as designed, it must be hinged and sized to cover the window when closed.

False shutters are usually made of plastic, the wrong size, and often placed in the wrong place. But builders and homeowners have been installing shutters like this for a long time, and people are getting used to the look. This is why homes with active shutters stand out.

All types of shutters are available. The style you choose really depends on the look you want. We decided to create a simple and clean straight board look.

As mentioned above, shutters must cover the entire window to work properly. Before you begin, you need to decide whether a single or double sash will work best for the window you are building. In most cases, you will need to make two shutters for one window. But sometimes, if you have a small window, a single shutter is the way to go.

Window Shutter Installation: Why Diy Isn’t Always The Best Option

For this window I decided to go with both. I measured the width and height of the window opening, brick by brick. I then divided the width in half since one shutter only needs to cover half of the window. To give myself a little wiggle room, I subtracted 1/4 inch from the width and height. This gave me the overall dimensions of my flaps.

Once I knew the measurements, I was able to calculate how many boards I needed. Since we wanted multiple boards per flap, I ended up using 1x4s and 1x2s to reduce the edges and add more thickness to the flaps. I ended up with 6 1×4 of each flap.

First, I cut the 1x4s to length. I subtracted 3 inches to account for the 1×2 cut. I then had to use a table saw to rip each 1×4 so they would add the correct width.

Diy Storm Shutters For Windows

Once I cut all 6 1x4s, placed them on the sides and made sure they were square. Then I used a clip to hold them in place.

The Dangers Of Leaving Your Hurricane Shutters Or Screens On All Year Long

I measured the overall width and cut two pieces of 1×4 to that length to serve as the stems. I used wood glue on the back of each and nailed one 6″ from each end. I used a 1 1/4″ nail.

I then placed a wide 1×4 on the side that ran along the outside edge of each tile. I marked where they met at each end and cut the board over the marks. Then I poured wood glue and nailed it there.

To make the individual boards stand out more, I decided to use a router to cut grooves at each joint on the front of the flap. I attached a scrap board to the lid as a guide for the router.

Finished cutting the groove, I measured the width and length of the lid. Using these measurements, I cut a piece of 1×2 on each side at every 45 degree angle.

How To Hang Exterior Shutters

We decided early on that we wanted a bright white shutter against the white brick. Agreed on Agreeable Gray by Sherwin