Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

By | April 21, 2023
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Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room – Round up 20 of the best DIY wall decor ideas and tutorials and tips to make the look easy to pull off and keep the designer down.

Staring at a blank screen with writer’s block and that bloody marker taunting you as you try to pour words onto a page in your brain?

Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

But instead of a white screen, it’s a big white wall. What’s worse is that there are so many white walls in a house that it’s easy to give up.

Creative And Unique Diy Wall Art Ideas

But what’s the fun in that? (I mean, I like the idea of ​​the minimalist style, but I need it

“What’s one thing you struggle about decorating?” When I ask that question. The Decorating Made Simple series always gets the same response, “I need help decorating my walls!”

So just for fun, I’ve rounded up 20 GREAT DIY wall decorations to get your creative juices flowing so you can fill those empty walls with loads of personality.

Yes, they are still in. And no, they don’t have to look like a random messy mish-mash piled on top of your sheet rock. There are so many possibilities for different settings for your frames.

Easy Diy Wall Art — Cottage Style

I like to stick to black and white photos to keep it simple. Or hang groups of art that have a similar color scheme. If you like to be versatile, change your color palette to a wider range for visual interest.

And if you want a few great hacks, this is my trick to making it perfect every time. And this is my trick to nail it anytime without any “upsy” nail holes.

Here are some gallery wall decorating ideas to help set the scene. The rule of thumb is to keep your frames 2-6 inches apart so they look like a deliberate grouping.

Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Create a gallery wall out of multiple mirrors or hang a large mirror to make a big statement in the room.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Make it more emotional by choosing a map of where you live, city/state you grew up in, country of your heritage, etc. Etsy has many, or you can find free ones by searching Google for public domain images.

I love using hats as wall decor to add texture and warmth to a space. Track down the savings and you can snag it for free.

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No art is needed when you have a beautiful wallpaper to steal the spotlight. Some of my favorite wallpaper patterns are here and here.

Pretty Diy Wall Decor Ideas

When you have modeling with an abundance of character, it’s beautiful in itself. Optional wall decoration. Find tutorials for different wall models here.

I love the way floating wall shelves look like they are placed and allow for a lot of texture. Check out our shelving tips here.

Sometimes you just need one focal piece that’s easy to make a statement. Bonus: It helps make a small space look bigger. Or you can make great art yourself using this trick and poster/engineering print.

Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

If you want to save a few dollars but still get the effect of wallpaper, this project is very easy and cheap to do.

Cheap And Easy Diy Wall Decor Ideas • The Budget Decorator

Dig around your yard for flowers, leaves, and feathers that you can squeeze into a floating frame. It’s a completely free and fun little project.

It may not seem like much, but hooks are considered wall decorations. Their function is useful. 😉

Type your favorite song lyrics, quotes or lines of text, print them on engineering paper and make a statement on blank walls.

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Easy Diy Wall Décor For Your Living Room

Another great blank wall hanging to add texture and a few bucks from thrift store finds.

If you have handwritten treasures from relatives or ancestors, preserve them using this UV film method and make them a memory you will always remember.

But if that’s not a good starting point for some interior design wall decor ideas, I don’t know what is. 😉

Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

The general “rule” is to hang pictures at eye level, 60 inches to 63 inches above the floor to the center of the picture. Use that measurement as a starting point to adjust as needed for your ceiling height or if the painting needs to be hung above a piece of furniture.

Modern Wall Art Diys

When two or more pieces of art are hung together in a group, it’s best to space them 3 inches to 6 inches apart. She has held positions at Time Magazine, AOL and JPMorgan Chase. She is also a home decor and DIY enthusiast who spends her free time decorating (and decorating) her home.

Sure, the minimalist look is in, but too many blank white walls can make your home feel unfinished and sterile. But filling walls can be an expensive task, especially if you have a lot of empty space to cover. Instead, consider DIY wall decorations that are not only visually appealing, but also affordable and easy.

Here are some of our favorite chic wall art ideas that are so good, no one will know you put them together.

Want a wallpaper look without the high cost? This beautiful bedroom features a freehand (yes, really) painted wall to create an inky geometric pattern that adds a lot of depth to the space. The result looks like wallpaper but is very budget friendly.

Diy Wall Art Ideas For Your Space In 2023

If you want a more simple idea, this room has a half-painted scalloped wall that you can create even if you’re not an artist.

Choose contrasting colors for a dramatic effect (beau and hunter green or soft pink and navy, for example) and subtle colors in the same color family to create a hint of texture on your walls.

Most interior designers will tell you that bouquets are one of the best ways to spruce up your home before guests arrive. Take that idea to the next level by using plants as wall art. This beautiful feature ensures that filling the empty wall with several flowers or plants not only brightens up the space, but also makes it look beautiful and unexpected.

Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

If this gallery wall made you stop in your tracks, you’re not alone. We can’t get enough of the hanging bowls, shelves and plants. This is a great idea for anyone looking to add texture and depth to an accent wall without covering it with art or posters.

Easy Diy Room Decor Ideas For Your House

This idea is advanced, but painting on your walls isn’t just for kids’ rooms. This colorful wall may take a little more skill than a simple checkered pattern, but it’s worth the money.

Here’s another gallery wall that’s hard to ignore. Not only do we love the bold, funky colors of this, but the patterns on the tape are enough to transform any room.

Wallpapering a room has its pros and cons, but when you look at a space like this, it’s hard to deny the effect. Although wallpaper costs a little more than some simple DIY, putting up a large wall in an office, bedroom or dining area is a great way to change the look without worrying about your own artistic skills.

We all love a great gallery wall, but if you want to change things up, consider a travel-inspired wall like this one. We love the idea of ​​hanging art prints or maps inspired by trips you’ve taken (or trips you can’t wait to take) as a fun daily reminder of those great memories.

Crazydeal Family Collage Picture Frames 3d Diy Wall Decals Decor Art Stickers Pictures Decorations For Living Room Bedroom Kids Dinning Modern Room

A perfect blend of function and beauty, the living room pegboard is beautiful enough to act as a work of art on its own but also serves as storage at the same time. If you haven’t tried pegboard in your home, consider taking the time to pick up this versatile item on your next shopping trip.

Consider this a pro-mode DIY. This wall hanging is the perfect inspiration to teach ourselves how to macrame and create beautiful wall hangings. If this amazing design is a little too much for new macrame fans, try hanging different colors of birch or wood to create the same look with less effort.

Are you a browser? Do you play a musical instrument? Use your hobby as wall art. Put away your surfboards or put your guitar on the wall. Not only are they easy to reach when you need them, but they also wear clothes

Diy Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

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