Dollar General Fall Decor 2020

By | April 17, 2023
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Decorate for fall at an affordable price with these fall decoration ideas from the DIYdollar store. From fall farmhouse decor to rustic fall decor ideas, there are plenty of dollar tree fall decor ideas to choose from.

Dollar General Fall Decor 2020

Dollar General Fall Decor 2020

There are fall decorations for both indoors and outdoors. These fall crafts are easy and inexpensive to make. You’ll find crafts for pumpkins, fall leaves, mason jars, wreaths, candles and more.

Simple Fall Decor Inspiration

Green jute ribbon (Dollar Tree) + small Styrofoam cone + foam pumpkin (Dollar Tree) + sisal twine + brown twine (for the stem)

You can get anything but a candlestick at Dollar Tree. You can find a similar tray at a thrift store for a few bucks

It looks great on stairs, above fireplaces or around door frames. You can add orange lights to it for a more festive look. $1 for 20 orange lights at Dollar Tree. Or you can buy from Amazon here

Printables are an easy and great way to accent your decorations. There are many blogs that offer free printables such as or fall-printables /

Top 10 Diy Dollar Tree Fall Crafts

You can get anything but a wooden letter in Dollar Tree. You can find a wooden letter at Walmart for $1. Fabulous Farmhouse Dollar Store Fall DIY Hacks are here for you to enjoy and get a head start in fall decorating on a budget!

Friends… this was one of your favorite posts last fall… so I decided to make it even better. We’ve improved it and added some new Fall Farmhouse Dollar Store designs for you to enjoy even more! Fall will be here before you know it… so I hope this inspires you!

This is a great collection of DIY Fall Dollar Store Hacks! I have to say, no one will be able to tell that these beauties started at the Dollar Store! There are so many amazing pumpkin makeovers, gorgeous wreaths, fall candles, and more! I assure you that all this will give you that autumn charm that you are always looking for. The bonus is… each project is SUPER budget friendly. Don’t forget to visit other Farmhouse Dollar Store collections for more inspiration. OK… now is the time to grab a cup of your favorite beer or iced tea… find the coziest spot in your home and check out these fun projects! Have fun and create some of these great fall farm shop hacks! For even more Fall fun at the Dollar Store… check here and here

Dollar General Fall Decor 2020

You won’t believe what Denise does with the Dollar Store frame and Dollar Store faux greenery! Come and watch her create beautiful fall wall art that looks fresh and fabulous! So fast… so easy and so cheap. You have to try it… it really is Farmhouse Trendy!

Easy Fall Decor Ideas For All Season Long

Susan bought everything she needed to make these little beauties at the Dollar Store and shares how she put these adorable multi-dimensional pumpkins together in all their former glory. I have a feeling you might want to make a whole patch of them! Come and check!

Come see how a typical Dollar Store pumpkin sign got a state-of-the-art treatment… you won’t believe it’s the same piece after a makeover! From bright orange to distinctive green pumpkins that every farm will love! A great piece for the entire fall season. The process is easy and the results are amazing!

From simple fake pumpkins to fancy high-end pumpkins! You won’t believe your eyes when you see what a little white wax, rubbing and sanding can do to those little orange discs! It’s magical and I don’t want you to miss it!

Believe it or not, but with a bit of gold spray paint and a bit of fake green, you’ve got GLAM Jack-O-Lanterns! Come and see how easy it is!

New* Dollar Tree Fall Decorations 2020

Here’s a truly unique fall pumpkin wreath that would look perfect on your front door…as part of a gallery wall or above a fireplace? Wherever you place it… it will add a lot of autumn charm to the space. Come in and get your Dollar Store list of items and choose one of these beauties for your own home. Enjoy!

How do you like this idea!!!! Can you believe it! Heather looked at the splash guards and instead of thinking about keeping the oven clean… she saw a pumpkin and it’s fabulous!!! You have to see how she combined them to create this cozy fall piece, and she has a Halloween version too! Quick…easy…affordable and great!

Here’s a great fall project made using another signature holiday resource… a plastic Easter egg. When Annisa looked at the Easter egg bags at the Dollar Store…she saw acorns! So if you have any leftovers from last year… take them out and follow this super simple tutorial… fill the basket… cake bowl… decorate and hang… just use your imagination and find the perfect place to decorate these cuties. HAVE FUN!

Dollar General Fall Decor 2020

Get ready for some magic! You’ll see the Dollar Store fake pumpkin transform into these farm pumpkin masterpieces! They will accommodate a place in no time! Come and see how it’s done… trust me… you won’t stop making it… most likely you’ll do the whole patch!

Dollar Tree Fall Crafts Perfect For Decor!

It’s great fun! You can pick up beads and wire at your local dollar store and get started right away! They even take care of the lambs ear leaves! The rest is simple! HAVE FUN! I highly recommend picking up wooden beads whenever you see them in the Dollar Store…it’s a great deal and you can make so many different things out of them!

Yami is here to show us how to make this beautiful fall piece… it can be used as a centerpiece or placed on a shelf… Fireplace and more. It’s made of a fake pumpkin from the Dollar Store…flowers…a jar and a candle! Stop for DIY and see how this beauty comes together in no time!

Here’s a fun collection of DIY fall decorations for $6, all do-it-yourself… I know you’ll love all of them! I especially liked the banners! Come check them all out and then create content straight from the heart!

Here’s one I know you’ll love. Turn the Jar Mason sign into something unique and personal for the fall season! How much do you like the look as a frame! Don’t you think it’s perfect for pumpkin picking photos! Come and get 411!

Purple Hues And Me: Faux Mosaic Glass Pumpkin

This makes it a great centerpiece! You will need 2 wire molds from the Pumpkin Dollar Store to create a sized pumpkin and some other decorations. Once you’ve folded it… you’ll definitely be pulling it out every fall! Such a great country look!

Well, the Dollar Store Pumpkin Wire Form is back and this time with a brand new look!!! Don’t miss it… there’s even a tutorial video you can watch! HAVE FUN!

Michelle shows you how to give a red Dollar vase a whole new look, perfect for fall. It will probably take you about 15 minutes and you will love the joy it brings to your space and face! HAVE FUN!

Dollar General Fall Decor 2020

I agree with Brooke wholeheartedly – she loves the dollar store and all the goodies you can buy… but sometimes we have to be honest… some things are a bit cheap! I love her approach and the approach to some of her projects because they look great and are super easy and quick. She simply modified the sign with a few special touches and in no time it took on a whole new, more rural look! Come and see what she has done and you will be completely inspired. Sometimes things don’t have to be complicated.

Dollar Store Fall Decor Ideas

You’ll never look at Pizza Pan at the Dollar Store the same way again! It will open the world of craft projects to you – really! Come and see how it has been transformed into this wonderful farmhouse door rack. Start stocking up… it’s a great base for so many things! HAVE FUN!

How wonderful! Come and see how you can make one of our Dollar Store items, including the star of the show… Hula Hoop!

Yes… here’s the next version of Splatter Guard! I hope this inspires you to create your own perfect pumpkin!

As soon as you see these black and orange bandanas rolling around in Dollar Stores… grab them because Sara is waiting to show you how to make these amazing autumn pumpkins with bandanas you can use

Fall Decorating Idea Using Hay Bales