Easy Wood Craft Projects To Sell

By | May 9, 2023
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Easy Wood Craft Projects To Sell – Is your scrap wood pile failing? Here are 25 awesome scrap wood projects that will put every scrap of wood to good use!

My scrap wood collection seems to grow exponentially with every woodworking project I do! I’m always looking for ways to use these final cuts instead of sending them to landfill.

Easy Wood Craft Projects To Sell

Easy Wood Craft Projects To Sell

Many of these are perfect projects for beginner carpenters! They usually only require a few cuts, so you can use a miter box and handsaw if you’re not comfortable with power tools. Plus, they’re free, so you can practice your skills without spending any money!

Easy Woodworking Gift Ideas They Will Love!

These little wooden projects would also make great handmade gifts! Create a garden or a series of mini lanterns to brighten up everyone’s holiday while you chop your woodpile!

This DIY wooden wall art is easy to make from scrap plywood! The design mimics the tile pattern in my pattern to tie it all together!

This DIY candle lantern is made from leftovers from my fireplace renovation. It’s easy to customize to match your home d├ęcor and complements the pillar candle perfectly.

This simple project is made with just one chalkboard and is perfect for organizing your favorite magazines or cookbooks.

Diy Pallet Projects (unique & Budget Friendly!)

This beautiful hanging plant holder is a simple DIY project you can complete in minutes! It’s a great way to display air plants on the wall and use up that beautiful scrap wood you can’t bear to throw away!

Turn plywood scraps into coasters! Use the woodburning tool, stencils and watercolor pencils to give each a custom look. You can find more DIY mountain ideas here!

I find it particularly difficult to remove the beautiful pieces of wood from the hardwood scraps. I turned a small piece of walnut into this DIY dice tray with scrap stained leaves.

Easy Wood Craft Projects To Sell

Climbing holds are expensive and you need a LOT! Learn how to make wooden climbing frames from scrap plywood for just a few dollars!

Most Profitable Cricut Projects To Sell For A Side Hustle

Why spend money on Halloween decorations when you can make your own from scrap wood? This fun spider sign was made from a small piece of plywood, and these tombstones were end cuts from 2×12 boards.

Valentine’s Day isn’t a big holiday to decorate, but the bright colors of these wooden conversation hearts make those dreary February days a little happier.

This ergonomic wooden footrest made from large pieces of wood allows you to work comfortably at your desk.

Keep all your electronics charged with this handy little pallet wood station. It can sit on a table, or hang on the wall to free up even more space!

Fun Spring Craft Ideas

Keep those papers and office supplies in one place with this desk organizer made from scrap wood.

This small planter is perfect for succulents, or just leave it empty as a place for paper clips or change.

How cute are they? Add a personalized message to your favorite photos on wooden blocks.

Easy Wood Craft Projects To Sell

It’s perfect for keeping track of your keys and small items you need before heading out.

Diy Crafts To Make And Sell

Combine a wooden dowel with scrap wood to create a 3-tier tray you can decorate for every season.

This simple and modern phone charger can be made in an afternoon with a small piece of wood.

You can make these easy hanging shelves in under an hour with short boards!

This coffee table takes entertaining to a whole new level. Cutting the boards at an angle allows you to use smaller offcuts in the corners!

Great Ideas For Diy Halloween Wood Crafts

I love the little bird door stopper! It would be a really fun project to do with those short pieces that you can’t throw away.

Plants seem to be a popular scrap wood project! Make this set of hexagon shaped vases to sit on a table or hang on the wall.

Stay organized with this rural bulletin board. Wire mesh makes it easy to clip messages or shopping lists that won’t get lost.

Easy Wood Craft Projects To Sell

Which of these amazing scrapbook projects was your favorite? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Want to donate some small carpentry projects? Or maybe you want to sell small woodworking projects at craft fairs? Here are some ideas!

Pallet Projects That Sell: 10 Upcycled Ideas

The holiday gifting season is fast approaching! Nothing shows your friends and family that you care more than a handmade gift.

Whether you want to create these wooden gift ideas for your family, sell them at craft shows or on Etsy, I’ve got you covered! All of these projects are small enough to ship at an economical price, so you don’t spend more money building the wood than shipping the item!

If you’re a carpenter, you probably have a pile of scrap wood from your lumber yard that could be put to good use. I’m always on the lookout for small woodworking projects that use bits that clutter up my small workshop storage. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Declutter but keep what you need accessible with this easy to make desk shelf. This is a great woodworking project if you have plywood or 1×6 plank end cuts lying around the shop. Pair it with the DIY monitor stand pictured below for the ultimate workspace.

Unique Diy Crafts To Make And Sell

A laptop stand or monitor stand is great for organizing your desk and puts the screen at eye level to help improve your posture. Keep supplies like pencils organized on the side and store your keyboard in the space below.

Candles make a home cozy, but a bare pillar candle can be too simple on its own. I took leftovers from my fireplace renovation and turned them into a DIY candle lantern that fits perfectly with a flameless pillar candle! This little carpentry project is a great project for beginners and makes a great gift!

I almost threw these scraps of pre-primed wood in the trash! But even small pieces of 1×2 can be made into this cute journal!

Easy Wood Craft Projects To Sell

This little wooden project is perfect for storing magazines or your favorite cookbooks in the kitchen. All you need is a box and a drill for this simple DIY project!

Dollar Tree Crafts To Make On The Cheap

This little wooden project was made from flamed maple scraps I had left over from my DIY nightstand. There wasn’t enough wood for another big project, but it was perfect for displaying these air plant stands.

Tired of losing the dice on family game night? Stop them from escaping with this easy wood project.

This DIY dice tray has a large rolling surface as well as a smaller section to store all your dice! I made mine from scrap nuts from the cutting board project, but you can use any type of wood.

Keep all those little pieces in one place with this DIY Lego tray with removable organizer! Sort the pieces on one side and build on the other, then use the handles to carry it all! You can customize this Lego tray to fit any type of organizer, or remove it completely for a larger work surface!

The Most Profitable Crafts To Sell (in 2023)

If you like to cook in the summer, but are tired of juggling all those dishes and condiments, then this little project is for you!

It doubles the width of your balcony or patio railing and gives you the space you need to prepare or serve food. When you don’t have room for a grill, this is the perfect solution.

Tired of tripping over skis and poles? You can make this easy DIY ski rack with just one board and a long peg! It stores behind a door, so you can take advantage of that unused space and store your skis safely.

Easy Wood Craft Projects To Sell

Liven up your cupboard and keep your favorite spices close at hand with this test tube spice rack. This little wooden project is made from walnut, but you only need a two-foot-long piece to complete this fun DIY project.

Grab $2 Wood Fence Pickets Now And Make These Easy Christmas Diys (that You Can Also Sell!)

Create a drop zone by the front door with this DIY entryway mirror with hooks! Hang your locks, leave your change and check your hair in the right place!

During the cleaning of the workshop, I removed these small remnants of the renovation of my chimney. The backsplash was used to frame the fireplace tile, and it’s also perfect for framing a mirror!

You don’t have to cut a bunch of strips to make this DIY cutting board! This little carpentry project uses thick walnut and marble tiles to create a perfect platter for displaying fruit and cheese at your next party!

It’s the perfect solution for building fun on the go! This DIY Lego bin has basic storage for plates and clear perspex sides so kids can easily see the piece they’re looking for!

Where To Sell Woodworking Projects

This little wooden project will give your kids a fun way to proudly display their martial arts belts as they progress through the ranks. Made of plywood and 1x2s,

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