Exterior Shutters For Mobile Homes

By | April 22, 2023
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Exterior Shutters For Mobile Homes – It’s time to show you how to build custom wood shutters! I designed easy to build wood shutters for Millie’s home improvement project and now I can’t wait to share the tutorial with you! This is a very simple DIY project.

When I decided I wanted to build shutters for Milie’s Remodel, I thought it would be difficult to do or everyone would be building their own shutters. I was definitely wrong! However, other shutter styles you can build are also very simple. But today I’m going to show you how to build these modern shutters (but if you love the farmhouse look, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can reverse the look of the shutters! Be sure to read to the end to see this quick transformation.)

Exterior Shutters For Mobile Homes

Exterior Shutters For Mobile Homes

Let’s do a quick backup. When I bought the Milli’s Remodel house, the vinyl shutters came with these horrible greens. They did nothing for the curb appeal of this house. I knew they had to be replaced or we’d be stuck in the 90s with those green shutters. Sure, I would have tried to paint it, but I didn’t like the rounded top, and I didn’t like the shutters being too narrow for the windows.

Cedar Shutter Set Custom Rustic Modern Farmhouse Decor

New blinds are slightly wider than vinyl. This is because the shutter needs to be at least half the width of my window. (I don’t think I’ll ever close them.) They should be wide enough to cover the window when closed.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’ve scoured Instagram for some blind design ideas to match the modern style of the house. Luckily I came across these Instagrams with some stylish shutters. I’ll link to their accounts in the description below if you want to follow them.

We removed the vinyl wrap to reveal the original wood deck underneath in pristine condition! Then my painter worked his magic by painting the exterior with a specific paint intended for construction. You can see more of the exterior and learn about the color we used here.

You will see how the house looks bare, it is definitely time to build wooden shutters.

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The best way to see how the shutters are built is to watch the video and then follow the steps below. Here’s a video tutorial you should watch:

To make these shutter frames, I chose to cut the 2x4s in half. I found it easier to get straight 2x2s this way, but if you’d rather not rip holes, go ahead and buy the 2x2s. If you decide to cut a 2×4 in half, make sure you know these safety tips.

Exterior Shutters For Mobile Homes

After splitting the 2x4s in half, you may want to square the edges (remove the rounded edges.) Now it’s time to cut an edge channel for the 2x2s.

Custom Raised Panel Double Wide Exterior Shutters

To cut the rabbit, center your table saw blade on the 2×2. Raise the blade to just over ¾ inch. Then run through the 2×2 table saw. Turn the 2×2 ninety degrees and run it through the table saw again. This will leave you with plenty of channels in your 2×2 corner.

Determine the width of your blinds. Ideally, the finished width of the shutters should be equal to half the width of the entire window. To get the width of the tongue and groove body pieces, subtract the width of the frame (about 3/4″ wide x 2) from half the width of the window. Use this measurement to cut the tongue and groove pieces to size.

The height of the shutter should be the same as the height of your window. Fit the tongue and groove boards together. Then determine how much you need to make your blind. You may need to rip out a table saw or two to get the height you want.

Cut one end of your 2×2 at a 45 degree angle (the short side will be facing the slot).

Forest Hill 55+ Community

Line up the inside edge of your frame piece with an edge of the tongue and groove boards. Mark the opposite side of the frame where the tongue and groove panel ends. Now cut the frame piece to length on the miter saw.

It’s time to test your game! If the frame fits snugly against the tongue and groove board, use the top frame piece as a template to cut it flush with the bottom frame piece.

Time to cut the side frame pieces. Calculate the height of your blinds and cut the sides to size.

Exterior Shutters For Mobile Homes

After cutting the frame and all the body parts, sand them to remove any rough spots. I like to sand once with 180 grit paper, then switch to 220 grit.

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The frame and body parts have two layers of stain. For better coverage, coat once and allow the stain to dry. Then brush the second layer.

Time to put up those blinds. Add a little wood glue to the scored edges, then use a 90-degree corner clamp to hold the pieces square.

Pre-drill the bottom of the shutter frame and drive a wood screw through the bottom and up the sides of the frame. Add a side nail or two to the top and bottom pieces for extra hold. Repeat for all four corners as shown below.

Place the cut tongue and groove boards into the frame. Make sure everything fits properly and make any necessary adjustments.

Mobile Home Skirting Options That Look Amazing

Then flip the shutter over so that the tongue and groove pieces are opposite. Remove the frame and add a bead of glue to the perimeter of the tongue and groove pieces where the frame touches. Then place the frame on the tongue and groove pieces.

Finally, fasten the pieces with two long nails cut on each side of the frame and the body pieces as shown below.

Flip your shutter and admire your wooden shutters. Use wood putty to fill any holes and touch up with a suitable colored stain.

Exterior Shutters For Mobile Homes

I wanted to create modern looking shutters for this house, but the beauty of tongue and groove panels is that it has a beaded strip on the opposite side. When you reverse the shutter, you get a more farmhouse or cottage look.

How Much Do Shutters Cost?

My helper and I hung the shutters using screws from outside the house through the shutter frame and siding.

It doesn’t even look like the same house! And you should see his face, he looks really good. Stay tuned for more updates.

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The most eye-catching feature of this Ocala, Florida mobile home is the flip-flop shutters, but the interior is just as cool. In short, it’s a mobile beach house!

Shutters For Mobile Home Storm Safety • Mobile Home Living

The Birdwells retired from full-time careers in sales and management and dreamed of retiring closer to the beach, but didn’t want another traditional home. They lived in a large historic home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They wanted a much smaller home that would give them the financial freedom to truly enjoy retirement and the artistic freedom to create a fun and whimsical home. This 1981 double-wide delivered both.

Downsizing this affordable double extension for retirement gave the couple the perfect opportunity to let their creativity shine. The whole house was destroyed room by room. When the dust settled, they had a colorful beach mobile that was the envy of the neighborhood.

Alan and Alex replaced all the paneling and ceilings with plaster walls, installed new plumbing and electrical (including lights) and replaced every inch of flooring.

Exterior Shutters For Mobile Homes

Ellen is an artist and craftsman and Alex is a musician, which explains why their home is full of creativity, color and whimsy. However, the house was definitely not like this when they first bought it.

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Gray wood is a staple in a beach house, so naturally Alan and Alex used it in the living room for the floors and accent walls.

The photo on the left shows the house before the colorful beach mobile home transformation. On the right side you can see how the large TV was installed on the living room wall.

The couple installed 6-inch by 24-inch porcelain tiles by Marazzi Montagna in Doppel Gray available at Home Depot.

They also installed a reclaimed wood wall kit from Loes-based GPS Design Innovations. After the wall covering is installed, Allen is dry

Clayton West 2 Bedroom Manufactured Home Respect For $76,046

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