Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor

By | April 30, 2023
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Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor – The farmhouse look is here and I think it’s the look that’s here to stay! I will help inspire you to decorate your own living room and achieve the perfect farmhouse look. there are

All this white mixed with some natural colors is beautiful. Liz Marie always does amazing work, I wish I had that special touch.

Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor

Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor

Pops of green really add to the farmhouse feel. A farmhouse living room is all about natural colors.

Modern Farmhouse Design And Decor Ideas

Now this is cute. This fireplace is very creative. If it weren’t for the cold PNW and I didn’t need a fire I would definitely do it.

The upside is amazing! Natural colors help keep the look of the farmhouse living room special. If you want to have a farmhouse look in your living room, then get a slipcover for your sofa or chair.

It is very simple, but very wonderful. I love the colors of these curtains and flowers.

This is a coastal country farmhouse. That cowhide pillow!! I have a cowhide rug and oh boy do I love it. Pillows are always one of my favorite things to add to a space. As some of you know I am a pillow addict and have pillows almost everywhere in my house.

My Neutral Shabby Chic Farmhouse

I love all the elements of this living room. They all work great together. That mirror really pops!

Now for my living room. I’m always changing places and I’m not kidding you when I mean always! You can find some of these one-of-a-kind pieces in my Etsy shop. A sticky chalk painted table was a lot of fun to make, if you’re super crafty take a look at this one.

Now that’s a shabby chic farmhouse living room! I am always so impressed with what Janet can do.

Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor

It is beautiful! (heart eyes) Throw that wool, yes.. I want one! Antique pieces can always add some drama to your space, as well as add a farmhouse vibe to your living room.

Cozy Farmhouse Style Basement

If you’d like to check out even more, follow me on Pinterest so you’ll always know what’s new. The good news: You don’t have to live out in the country to make your farmhouse dreams come true. Instead, all you need is a few cans of white paint, enough canvas to cover your walls, and all the reclaimed wood accents you can find. Take a look at this farmhouse decor to get the inspiration you need to transform your space into something Chip and Joanna Gaines would approve of. These ideas cover every room in your home – including the bathroom, entryway and kitchen – so you can decide whether you want to make a complete change or take one small space at a time.

Fortunately, many of these farmhouse decor ideas walk a fine line between modern and rustic, so you don’t have to part with your favorite antiques or trendy store-bought finds to complete these Pinterest-worthy looks. . It’s just up to you how (or if) you use them.

Give your guests a hint of what’s to come with a warm and inviting entryway filled with farmhouse-inspired accents, including shiplap, white furniture, and galvanized planters.

Large wooden beams make the all-white room cozy enough for late-night lounging. Tie in baskets and mantel decor in the same wood type and finish.

Boho Farmhouse Living Room Source Guide

Shop Grandma’s Attic for vintage mirrors, silver plates and lightweight serving trays. Then hang them on a blank wall to create the illusion that your small space is bigger and brighter than it really is.

A room full of windows makes decorating difficult. While this will give guests a full view of nature, it leaves little room for hanging mirrors, shelves or artwork—unless you hang them from the ceiling with iron pulleys and strong rope.

Open shelves look beautiful when they are not cluttered with everyday clutter. Since some of the pieces aren’t the best look, add a sliding barn door so you can cover the mess.

Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor

Chip and Joanna Gaines Skip the Shiplap: Brighten up your kitchen with white paint, tile, and a whitewashed wood island. If you have open shelves, fill them with your beautiful china and most used servers for instant decoration.

Gorgeous Farmhouse Living Rooms

Reclaimed wood panels on the walls for an easy statement piece. Warm up the space by decorating the bed with light colors, patterned pillows, and cozy throws.

A blank canvas is the perfect opportunity to test your DIY skills. If you have a blank wall, nail battery-operated lanterns in evenly spaced rows to light up any room.

Create clean lines by nailing shiplap to walls and ceilings. Place a black metal chandelier for good contrast.

Add an unexpected pop of color by painting half – yes, only half! A vibrant color for paintings, chairs, shelves, or table legs. This is one of the easiest ways to update an attic that has seen better days.

Modern Farmhouse Style: Everything You Need To Know About Modern Farmhouse Decor

Turn old barn doors, floorboards and scrap lumber into floating shelves. And if you find large pieces of wood, use them to make custom benches, tables and chairs.

Who says farmhouses have to stick to one color palette? Paint the kitchen cabinets green to instantly refresh your space with color.

Bring in a variety of textures and materials to balance your home’s rustic appeal. Pair a simple metal table with an antique wooden chair for a country-chic look.

Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor

What goes in the pantry, stays in the pantry, especially when you close it with these folding French doors. Personalize it with stick-on decals.

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room Décor Ideas For The Home

If your space is small, open it up with light colored clothes, curtains and furniture. Cover the linens with a wicker basket, coffee table and basket with a jute rug.

The pine and walnut work together to add bold contrast to the starkly defined space. To achieve this look, go for a dark wood floor and a light wood vanity.

Mix and match pillows, throws and rugs in perfect patterns and colors. But if you really want to make a statement, hang a brass chandelier in the middle of the curved ceiling.

Even a farmhouse can be the color of peace. Simply pair the crown molding with pale and stick floral wallpaper in a pop of color.

A Look Inside Our Farmhouse Blog

Since your family is the heart of the home, give everyone a place at the table by turning a blank wall into a breakfast nook, complete with a chalkboard for schedules, grocery lists, love notes, and doodles.

A gold pendant light is a sophisticated way to add sparkle to an otherwise rustic space, like this shiplap-covered bedroom.

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Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor

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How To Get The Modern Farmhouse Living Room Look

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These farmhouse decorating ideas will help inspire you to decorate your living room. They will help you find the right balance between polished interior design and something more comfortable and natural.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Ship walls are perfect for a farmhouse wall-to-ceiling treatment. Originally, the style was born out of necessity and convenience, and had its place in the construction of houses for generations.

Today, shiplap is an easy way to give your home a rustic look. You can reuse wood and make it authentic and eco-friendly. For a more rustic farmhouse style, choose wood planks that have some imperfections.

To keep your shiplap fresh, paint it white. It will brighten up your living room. If the white color is too dull, consider giving your wood a white wash treatment. This gives you the benefit of white while still showing the beauty of the wood grain.

Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor

You can create the impression of a rustic farmhouse with exposed beams. Look for salvaged or reclaimed wood beams from old homes and barns. This helps give your family room an authentic farmhouse rustic style. Or you can use false beams, which will go up quickly but provide no real support for your roof.

Spring Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

If you’re aiming for a less rustic look, leave out the remaining beams and build a box out of long wooden planks. Then stain and polish the beam. It will give them a polished and elegant look.

The most authentic farmhouse design will embrace the sheer rustic nature of this decor

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