Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Pinterest

By | April 19, 2023
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Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Pinterest – So excited to be back this week with another Top 15 episode! This time it’s all about the modern farmhouse kitchen, and for good reason. I’m currently working on a modern farmhouse with my great friend, designer Tracy Allison, and we’re brainstorming ideas for the kitchen. I’ve been taking inspiration from Pinterest so I wanted to share my 15 favorite modern farmhouse kitchens with you. They are all very different, but there are common elements that define this fashion trend. I love this style so much…tell me which one you like!

I love this beautiful white kitchen with reclaimed wood, open shelving and brass door hardware. It’s the perfect blend of modern and rustic and exudes farmhouse craftsmanship.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Pinterest

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Pinterest

This image appeared on my Pinterest page as an ad for lighting, but I was drawn to the color of the cabinet. I love the mix of black and white on the upper and lower cabinets. It’s a modern innovation for a farmhouse kitchen. Mixed with gold accents, it’s perfect for a modern farmhouse!

The 15 Most Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Kitchens On Pinterest

Between the stone walls and marble countertops, this kitchen has a warm, rustic appeal. The addition of wooden beams and modern lighting create the perfect blend of classic farmhouse and modern design elements.

The simplicity of this kitchen, mixed with unfinished oak and clean white tiles with raw wooden beams, has all the feel of a modern farmhouse. Glass cabinets with all white dishes are the perfect way to keep the look clean while still being warm and intimate.

Modern farmhouse style can be done in any size space. This kitchen has all my favorite elements…vessels on the walls, open shelving, modern door hardware and beautiful range hoods. Paired with gleaming white cabinets and stunning antique glass doors, this is a winner in my book!

Sometimes all it takes to create a modern look is a new cabinet look. The open shelving in this kitchen gives it a fresh modern look that’s uncomplicated but makes a big impact.

Farmhouse Kitchens That Add Rustic Charm To Modern Amenities

What I love about this modern farmhouse kitchen is that it only has a few elements: farmhouse. Luxury woodwork, open shelving, wainscoting and wood paneling on the center island. Nothing fancy here, just a light, crisp look with a farmhouse twist.

When I came across this kitchen on Pinterest, I carefully looked at all the details that would make it look warm yet modern at the same time. I love the color of the perimeter cabinets and the dark wood paneling. The cement floors add a sleek modern feel and the lowered wooden beams bring out my favorite farmhouse feel. This kitchen has all my favorite design elements without sacrificing warmth or style.

I think it takes a sense of style to paint kitchen cabinets pure black. This kitchen has a bold, beautiful farmhouse feel, but is bright and modern. Brass hardware and light fixtures add much-needed warmth and are the perfect complement to this elegant kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Pinterest

Unlike previous kitchens, this modern soft and delicate farmhouse kitchen is still stunning, but with a soft and subtle approach. I especially like the soft gray on the oversized door hinges, hardware and perimeter cabinets on the center island. Simple pendant lights above the center island complete the look.

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas And Designs For 2022

The triple gold pendant on this center island would be reason enough to share this beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen, but add the cement tile backsplash and I’m sold! I love how subtle the background color is, but it adds interest without being overwhelming. This kitchen hits all the right notes for me.

Can we talk about this glass wall cabinet?! I absolutely love this character! It is very modern and warm at the same time. Did you notice the black frame and hood? Hey! I can’t say enough about all the modern farmhouse touches in this kitchen!

Have you ever seen such a mix of colors and elements in a kitchen? Not me. There’s something really cool about a dark color with brass accents, and when you add natural oak cabinet fronts and two different stone surfaces… WOW! Just beautiful!

I love the trend of using different metal accents in modern kitchens. From bright chrome to aged brass, your choice of metal can make or break a look, and this kitchen does! The four (yes four!) brass lights on the center island definitely set the scene! By the way, did you notice the bevel on the back of the colorful panel? Yes! That’s correct!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Ideas

I’ve shared this kitchen before, but if modern farmhouse is right, it’s right. An oversized pendant light makes a bold statement, yet somehow still hangs from the beam, Genius! Dreaming of living in a renovated farmhouse but not ready to renovate? Luckily, you don’t have to live somewhere or buy an old farmhouse to get this look, and your kitchen is a great place to start. And you don’t need a gut renovation to emulate the charm of a farmhouse kitchen. Simple wood tones or timeless vintage pieces like dining tables and chairs can create a rustic chic feel. Sticking to a neutral, earthy color palette and natural materials will give your kitchen a timeless yet perfectly timeless design. But don’t take it from us. Explore these 15 beautiful luxury kitchen ideas from our favorite designers to get ideas on how to create your own.

This Minnesota home, renovated by Anna McDonald, is the perfect balance between rustic and Scandinavian. A soft, traditional kitchen with dark surfaces, light floors and walls and tons of natural light. The key to making it luxurious? A stunning vintage wooden stool and custom island that cleverly showcase the same details.

Turn your guest house, or if you’re lucky, your barn into a stylish home. This 100-year-old barn in the Hudson River Valley was renovated with the help of ELLE DECOR A-List design team Heide Hendricks and Rafe Churchill. The dining area features timeless pieces, including a beautiful vintage kitchen table and chairs painted in Farrow & Ball’s Dead Salmon.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Pinterest

Vanessa Branson has reimagined this property on the remote Scottish island of Eilean Shona as a visitor’s dream destination. The cozy kitchen is the perfect luxurious space with a luxurious table and chairs. The blue color has a touch of color and the white background color gives it a classic tone.

Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas For Fall

For restaurateur Rosa Bonura, it was only fitting that the kitchen be the star of her 18th-century Connecticut home. The kitchen, remodeled by New York interior designer Ryan Lawson, features cabinets with Shaker-style veneers and Devil’s wall shelves designed by Mathieu Mategot. The rustic feel is finished with the use of natural materials throughout.

Sometimes a luxury island is all you need to create a new look for the country. For this Southern California home by Shamshiri Studio, a John Williams custom-designed kitchen island is accompanied by BDDW chairs. The island’s warm, earthy tones work perfectly with Farrow & Ball’s leaf-green Dyrehaven paint.

The Sherrill Farm in East Hampton, New York was built in the 1700s and rebuilt in 1858. Originally operated as a dairy farm, the property was the perfect location for gourmet cuisine. The light-filled space gives off a casual, summery feel thanks to crisp white tiles and a salvaged wood island.

This cozy Lake Tahoe home combines luxury and simplicity. The kitchen, designed by Palmer Weiss, features backsplashes from Exquisite Surfaces and Caesarstone countertops. Reclaimed barn ceiling beams and stained white oak floors complete the look.

Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

Fashion consultant Michael Carey, who has worked with Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, wanted to create his dream country house. This home in Claverack, New York has an original 19th century kitchen with an old fashioned stove and bee stove. You can’t get more original than this!

Nestled between the coastal town of Jose Ignacio and the inland village of Garzon, Uruguay, is this luxury sanctuary. The kitchen exudes timeless simplicity, from leather pendant lights to ceiling beams made from old railroad tracks found in a nearby field.

In this kitchen, designer Heidi Caillier shows off the charm of an 18th-century house. She exposed the original beams, made country-style cabinets (painted a very fresh cream color) and added period wallpaper. A wooden bench in the summer studio surrounds the Carrara marble island.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas Pinterest

This Victorian farmhouse in the English countryside exudes rustic charm from within. Rita Koenig designed and decorated her home

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