Farmhouse Shelf Decor Living Room

By | April 3, 2023
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I wanted to share with you all the 3 ways I have created this chippy recipe over the past few months. I enjoy changing it up, especially during different seasons and holidays. The shelf style (farmhouse style) is not something to be afraid of; while there are other “rules” out there, I keep it simple by using different shapes, lengths and layouts as my guidelines. Other than that, I’m not sticking to any hard and fast rules that I hope will encourage you to try it yourself. I’ve shared a material shopping list at the end that provides links to help you create the look!

Farmhouse Shelf Decor Living Room

Farmhouse Shelf Decor Living Room

Style One: This style was inspired by the “It’s beautiful with my soul” sign I got from Lianne @letterbrugg, and also, the loose flowers from the Valentine’s party my husband gave me. I don’t usually do simulacrum in farmhouse decor, but I love the shape here. I accomplished this by using two different pieces of home decor: a wooden lamp on one side and 2 candle sticks on the other. Then I placed a small “wreath” (which is actually a wreath wrapped around a flower; a simple DIY I found in the book, “A Touch of Farmhouse Charm” by Liz Fourez) that was placed above the old window. it depends. on the wall.

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Style Two: As winter ends and spring approaches, I repurposed some vintage items to add pots and artificial plants. In this spring and summer season, terracotta pots are trending in the garden decoration, and they are used in a variety of ways! You can read more about their decorations in the article I wrote here. Also, the “wreath” is now a crown and has been replaced with smaller flowers (my own). Between chippy trees, terracotta pots, and greenery, there are many textures represented here. Candlelight from Kelli @kandacandles adds a touch of fun to this shelf.

Style Three: This last style is the easiest, because these items are part of a collection sent to me by my friend Julie @thefamilymantel. Hand picked each of these pieces to create a themed collection, cut the need to buy and make a decision. I love how well it all came together. Old books bound with string, tins, and glass bottles make great writing. Height is obtained from collection boxes and light trees, and the use of artificial flowers in glass bottles. This look also has pops of color. I did not put more flowers on the window because of the resistance from this green.

While keeping your style straight is great, changing it up can be fun too! Most of the time, you already have what you can use to make small but grateful changes to your rooms. Using different fabrics, lengths and shapes as your guidelines, you can definitely achieve the perfect farmhouse style. Happy second day of October! October is my favorite month of the year, it’s also my birthday!

I have prepared for you a tour of modern Fall boho room decor. It’s full of home decor we’ve added for the month of October.

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I love mixing and matching decor carefully in our home. Start in September and gradually change until the end of October. I love a little change throughout the season especially when it comes to fall decor.

This is the most seasonal decoration I will be adding to our living room space. I like a touch of fall but not too much makeup. He ends up making the room feel cramped instead of comfortable.

My favorite way to add to our summer decor is by placing colorful pumpkins on our coffee table. And add a touch of autumn leaves throughout the home.

Farmhouse Shelf Decor Living Room

I kept a pumpkin on the coffee table from Save the Food. We sell coffee tables in Canada.

Farmhouse Living Room Shelf Decor

I also picked up fake leaves at Michaels. I placed them in a painted baking soda vase (tutorial found here) for a little fall!

Another option is to add a few fall decorations to your closets in your living room. I added to the pumpkin a little. They are from Michaels. I moved the soda container to this corner of our room.

My favorite addition to the shelf is the tail weed I picked up from here on Etsy. They make the shelves make noise, but in a soft way hah.

When it comes to shelf decor, I like to include our Small Display chairs. They add texture and length to the shelf style. We offer these seats in small groups which you can find in our store here.

Modern Farmhouse Style Spring Shelf Decor

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You can also shop our house and get lots of home decoration and interior design ideas by following us on app. Looking for your next home improvement project? How about something that will add some functionality to the space while contributing to a comfortable and inviting decor? Farm shelves can provide you with both. They are a great addition to any space and would make a great DIY project. before we start let’s show you some of our favorites.

Here is a group that has more than a farm shelf. The shelf is complete with a rustic frame, a wooden cup, three solar lamps, two beautiful bottles and candle holders all around. Notice how the rest of the living room is decorated in balance.

Farmhouse Shelf Decor Living Room

Turn an empty corner of the room into a fun and interesting place by hanging a few farm pictures on the wall and decorating them with your favorite things. You can build rooms yourself from wood. Use any imperfections in the wood to give the shelf more character. Check out the titinthemitten project details.

Best Farmhouse Shelf Decor Ideas And Designs For 2022

You only need a little space on the wall to hang the country curtains and make the room look beautiful. These box style shelves featured on sarahjoyblog are beautiful and practical at the same time. They can hold a variety of items such as small planters, vases, picture frames and more. All three are attached to a wooden wall which makes installation easy.

There are many ways you can achieve that rustic, farmhouse look even if your rooms are made of new wood. One option is to use painted wood and then use sandpaper to give it a period look, and another is to use antique paint. The second concept is shown in the work shown on lizmarieblog.

Shelves are great for storage and great for displaying jewelry and other items. For example, you can hang a beautiful country table in the bedroom, next to the bed and turn it into a display area for posters, paintings and drawings. Check out theruggedrooster for inspiration.

A good project could be to restore a piece of furniture such as a wardrobe or cupboard. You can still retain some of its original charm and just make a few tweaks and adjustments. Find the perfect place for the piece in your home and enjoy it for years to come. Get more sweet ideas about cherished happiness.

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Corner shelves like the ones featured on christina-maria are great for tight spaces like hallways where you don’t want to take up space but want to keep some things on the wall. You can use farmhouse shelves to make the decor look warm and inviting.

Check out this great tutorial from harbourbreezehome. It shows you how to make farmhouse shelves from scratch and gives some ideas on how to decorate and integrate them into the overall decor of your space.

Building beautiful garden sheds is just the first step in improving the decor of your home. Once the shelves are in place it’s time to organize them and give them more character with the things you put on them. Collect the same things but don’t forget to divide. You can find a few ideas on michealadianedesigns.

Farmhouse Shelf Decor Living Room

Farmhouse brick is great in any type of space and that includes the bathroom. They usually have a good spot for them on the wall next to the toilet so you might want to take advantage of it for your next DIY project. Check out lollyjane for more info and ideas. You can use shelves for storage and display surfaces with small accents and decorations intended to give the bathroom

The Dos And Don’ts Of Decorating Built In Shelves

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