French Country Home Decor Ideas

By | May 19, 2023
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French Country Home Decor Ideas – We share the best home decor ideas, furniture recommendations, top products and interior design tips for America’s most stylish women.

Looking for French country style living rooms to inspire you as you decorate your French farmhouse? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with the most beautiful French-style living rooms you can find online.

French Country Home Decor Ideas

French Country Home Decor Ideas

When it comes to the living room, you want to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for your family and guests. The living room is where you will spend time hanging out with family and friends, watching TV and having endless conversations. At the same time, you want it to match your taste, aesthetics and home decoration style.

Stunning French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

The French country decorative style combines the comfort of a country home with the elegance of French design. We hope these living rooms will inspire you as you decorate your perfect living room in France.

Here we have a real French castle located in the French countryside! It’s open, spacious and has some great elements of French country decor. From the cream walls to the colorful curtains, the frame of this room is warm and cozy.

Antique paintings hang on the walls, ivory sofas surround a tufted ottoman that doubles as a French coffee table, and the space is centered on an antique, oriental rug. The space is lit by a crystal chandelier. This room is definitely top notch and would be best for older people without children.

Here we have a slightly Americanized French living room with some key decorative elements set in the American countryside. The central crystal chandelier is a great focal point. In the background, two golden mirrors leaning against the wall. The sofa itself is white in color and has a minimal design. The vintage style wooden coffee table features small votives and a rustic bucket of pink roses! It’s a beautifully done space, even if it looks a little too ‘French’.

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I love how this space is decorated with French whites, but I especially love that blue striped fringe blanket in the corner! The French love their stripes and this blanket is a must in their decorating style.

How lovely is this round marble table that resembles a real French bistro table that you would dine at in a restaurant in Paris? I actually own this table and I will personally say that it is even more wonderful! You can buy it here.

The coffee table is a key element of the living room. This tasteful vintage white coffee table is the epitome of French furniture design. I love that it was left completely bare except for a small bucket of flowers. It helps the space feel airy and clean! A sofa with beige upholstery adds some warmth to this space.

French Country Home Decor Ideas

This cabinet with faded blue glass doors is a great storage piece for a French living room. It opens and closes using the characteristic French iron turnstile. In the interior, antique books and decorative objects are rarely placed on fixed shelves.

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This wooden cabinet contains many things that you might need around the house. From extra pitchers to spare linens, there are tons of ways to use something like this antique armor. If you’re looking for a great French storage cabinet, check out our post on the best French country cabinets with charm.

Keep a wicker basket and wooden tray on top to add height to the area and fill in dead space. This home features a tufted neutral sofa and a rustic white side table in the living room. Honey wood floors keep the space cozy.

The gold oval wall mirror in this bright white living room is the perfect French touch for the wall. Other gold accents are found throughout the space, like those gorgeous gold marble-topped side tables. Lots of French white linens placed on the chairs and sofas make this space heavenly! We have several recommendations for Parisian mirrors online.

For a more rustic French look, go for dark brown and gray sofas like this living room decorated with a darker, mountain vibe. Exposed wooden ceiling beams and solid wood furniture make this space very open! Any trips to the French Alps?

The 70 Best French Country Decor Ideas

The Louis Chair is a classic chair design with a French accent that you must include in your French inspired home!

I love that this space isn’t afraid to make a bold design choice like adding an orange sofa. Two ginger table lamps on both sides contribute to the uniqueness of the space. Antique art and upholstered chairs with French accents neatly finish off this traditional French country space.

You have too many flowers in your living space! Store them in glass vases, jugs and urns – you’ll be glad you did!

French Country Home Decor Ideas

A rustic wooden wall clock will help you keep track of the time as you spend your days lounging on your French sofa bed.

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If the rule is to stick to just one piece per room, then this pale yellow floral upholstered sofa is definitely the one!

Since the French actress Brigitte Bardot wore her famous skirts and dresses in the 50s, according to the French, sweaters are incredibly elegant. You can use them on your pillows, as seen here. Don’t limit yourself to just green, I’ve seen cute decorations in red, blue, pink and even yellow!

Patterned wallpaper will instantly make your space more sophisticated and French. It should contrast with the color of your sofa or subtly accentuate it, as seen in this living room with French sage green furniture. Antique wall portraits and a painted wooden coffee table round off the space.

Tufted furniture is very old European and fits perfectly in most French interiors. You can use these taffeta chairs in pairs or individually!

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These unique gold side chairs are used as extra seating in this white French living room – a bold design choice that adds warmth to an otherwise cold, wintery space.

This classic French fashion accessory is also great to leave as a decoration in an empty corner of your living room. Deconstructed French accent chairs nearby give this room an intentionally unfinished, casual look.

Many country living rooms use ottomans as coffee tables. You can use trays on top to create a flat surface and hold flowers, candles, books and more. This tufted ottoman holds family treasures, showcasing their personalities and style.

French Country Home Decor Ideas

A vintage sofa bed and gold leaning wall mirror complete this charming European living room. There is a straw basket full of market flowers on the floor. I can only dream of how fresh this room smells!

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Finally, white or gray sliding furniture is very popular in homes in France. Having enough seating for a large family or entertaining guests is very important when it comes to French living room design. You never want your space to feel cramped or cluttered. Oversized, comfortable sectional furniture helps you achieve the right balance of comfort and practical style.

I hope these French living rooms have inspired you to live your best French life! As you can see, there are several basic elements in French country decorating, but you can also experiment and combine them with your existing home architecture and decorative style. There are many ways to get a charming French look in your home. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

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Curated Interior uses affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase from affiliated merchants at no cost to you. We only recommend products from retailers we know and love. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. If you want to create a cozy, rustic and traditional kitchen, you probably already know that you want to err on the side of country design. But is your style French country or English country?

Stylish French Country Decor Ideas

The ambiguity and confusion is understandable, as these two design styles share many similarities. However, they are also incredibly distinctive when you know the colors, textures and fabrics that define each one.

Enter Rhode Island designer Cindy Seeley, who has used both styles in her own stunning interior design projects. Read her tips on distinguishing French country cooking from English country cooking.

This style is characterized by strong notes of elegance and sophistication, yet maintains its ode to country life. In a true French country kitchen, you will easily notice the distinctive mustard yellow and warm red colors that reflect the surroundings.

French Country Home Decor Ideas

“French country cooking has earthier tones, while English cooking is cleaner,” says Seeley. “For example, a French kitchen might have moss green, while an English kitchen has hunter green.”

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When choosing how to upholster kitchen furniture, keep in mind that French fabrics show a refined sense of formal elegance.

“With French fabrics, you’ll see the flowers arranged in a slightly organized way,” says Seeley. “Toilet fabrics are also very popular in French kitchens. They depict gardens, fountains and other sanctuaries

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