Good Furniture For Home Theater

By | April 26, 2023
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Good Furniture For Home Theater – Our home theater seating models use the most advanced seating technologies, provide better health benefits and offer a wide range of entertainment options. Once you sit in the Octane Theater chair, you’ll never want to get up. Browse our extensive collection of home cinema seats below to find the seat that best suits your individual needs.

This series offers the health benefits of a massage chair combined with the state-of-the-art features of a home theater chair. This includes an electric lumbar support system, an electrically adjustable headrest and an electrically adjustable backrest. The true pinnacle of luxury seating has arrived.

Good Furniture For Home Theater

Good Furniture For Home Theater

The LHR series is equipped with three independent motors: electric lumbar support system, electric headrest and electric backrest. This premium range ensures total well-being and relaxation of the body, relieving muscle fatigue in the lower back, head and neck.

How To Build The Best Home Theater System For Under $1,000

The HR series is equipped with two independent motors – an electrically operated headrest and an electrically adjustable backrest. This provides relief from head and neck strain and also gives you a great viewing angle when lying in your preferred position.

Our Big & Tall range features a 400-pound frame, higher backs, wider armrests, and large seating areas. These models are built like a tank, with a reinforced frame that will last for many years. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

The XL series are full-size models designed for maximum comfort. Features include higher backrests, larger and deeper seating surfaces and wider armrests for exceptional comfort when lounging for hours on end.

The XS range offers space-saving theater seating models specifically designed to maximize the number of seats that can be accommodated in a smaller space without sacrificing personal comfort. We designed slimmer shoulders while providing higher backrests and overall body comfort.

New Movie Cinema Seats Rocking Home Theater Seating Rocker Made In Usa Black

The Flip Up Arm series creates a multifunctional home theater furniture. Raising your arms creates a couch or bed-like surface on which to lie down comfortably. Sit back, relax and enjoy the versatility!

The Riser series is the perfect solution when you need several rows of seats. These models offer the option of a built-in kickstand that adds an extra 20 cm of height, so everyone can enjoy the best seat in the house.

The ZR series offers a smooth folding backrest mechanism along with a fixed seat. Designed for both residential and commercial applications. Some models offer an artificial footrest upon request. Lie down, stretch out, recline Kings and queens of antiquity enjoyed life lying in the shade with their legs on an elegant chaise longue. Experience the same level of luxury by adding our popular movie theater chaise longue or home theater sofa to your custom movie theater room. Available in 37″ and 54″ widths.

Good Furniture For Home Theater

As part of our concierge services, we provide free layout diagrams as shown below to registered home theater integrators, interior designers and home builders. We will implement any home theater layout idea that comes to your mind. Because we manufacture each seat to your design, we can size your theater seats to match the radius of your platforms and optimal viewing angles on your screen. Fill out the form below to request a personalized layout view for your home theater. We need the dimensions of your room and any other information you can give us so that we can ensure that your cinema seats fit perfectly into your home cinema.

Modern Home Theater Ideas You’ll Love

With beautiful Cine silk leather or suede upholstery, cup holders and revolving snack trays, you’ll feel like royalty as you recline in comfort in our theater seats. Whether you opt for the 37-inch models or the super-wide 54-inch models, you’re in for a real treat. Handcrafted in our Canadian factory, this home theater chaise longue is the epitome of luxury – home theater seating at its finest.

Each home theater chaise longue we manufacture is carefully assembled by our team of experienced craftsmen and can be upholstered in high quality silk leather or Cine suede in the color of your choice. We have a great choice of stylish standard colors or you can choose a custom shade if you prefer. You can use our 3D designer to assemble your chaise longue online now by selecting all the functions you want. When you’re done, send us your final design and we’ll make you a personal offer right away.

Elite HTS is known worldwide as a manufacturer of ultra-high-end home cinema seats, and when you get your new cinema seats you will understand why. Every little detail guarantees perfection and thanks to the extremely robust construction you can expect your chaise longues to last for decades. Your new chairs are thoroughly inspected by our quality assurance team before they are packaged and shipped to your home and come with an extended 20-year warranty.

With our free layout service, it’s easy to realize your home theater dreams. Whether you need an exclusive home cinema setup or are interested in a combination of cinema seats, power recliners and dividable seats, our design team will create the perfect plan for your home.

Trends In Home Theater Seating

We ship our luxury cinema seats to customers in Canada, US, UK, Europe, Australia and around the world, so no matter where you live, you can enjoy the best cinema seats in your home, built by our experts. Start your custom project now and contact us if you need help.

When buying chaise longues for your home theater or media room, pay close attention to all specifications. The quality of the upholstery and cushioning foam is of primary importance, as is the overall build quality.

Our range of home theater chaise longues includes 37″ and 54″ wide models. Both models are made to order, which means that you can choose the color and type of upholstery, as well as the finish of the cup holders and the type of turntable.

Good Furniture For Home Theater

We have created chaise longues for home theater for individuals and organizations around the world. We specialize in exceptionally high quality home cinema seats and always keep our promises.

Home Theaters And Multipurpose Rooms

You can use the application form on our website for additional information. You can also call us at 604-575-8310 during business hours (PST) or email us at [email protected] anytime. In both cases you can count on a quick response.

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The tiered seating in this home theater provides unobstructed views from anywhere, and wall-to-wall carpeting provides additional sound absorption.

If you are planning a new home theater setup or looking to upgrade an existing home theater setup, one of your first tasks is to research home theater seating ideas. Comfortable, stylish seating options abound in home theaters, which are much more common in modern homes. The home theater experience can be greatly enhanced with a well-planned seating arrangement, so it makes sense to put seating style and design high on your home theater to-do list.

Pc Reclining Home Theater Sectional Set In Brown Color

Your first choice when it comes to home theater seating is to recreate the feel of a traditional movie theater or explore a seating scheme that’s more of a “media room” than an “immersive movie theater experience.”

If you decide to furnish your home theater space in a way that resembles a real movie theater – for example, with stadium seats, dramatic curtains covering the walls and a projection or TV screen, and cinema-style floor and wall lighting – then you can probably that your seating looks just as good as in a traditional movie theater. Your options for displaying this design will be wide. If you’re looking for an authentic cinema atmosphere, opt for cinema seats with classic reclining seats and velor upholstery – or go even further and look at antique wooden theater seats. Theater seats from the silent movie era to the present day are available at online and stationary antique stores if you have vintage seats in your home theater tent.

If you’re looking for a more modern experience, but still want your home theater to have the feel of a home theater, there are plenty of options for modern home theater seating. Many homeowners choose to emulate the classic movie theater layout, with rows of seats that may be arranged in a stadium style. The seats themselves are often plush armchair-like single seats or rows of seats, often with individual cup holders, trays, and other helpful accessories to help guests enjoy the show. The price points of these home theater seats range from affordable models with fabric or leatherette upholstery to extremely high-quality premium leather versions with electronic adjustments and even the ability to drive under guests as the on-screen action gets intense.

Good Furniture For Home Theater


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