Johor Bahru Best Shopping Mall

By | April 8, 2023
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Johor Bahru Best Shopping Mall – The 6 malls in JB are worth braving the Causeway jam because they are not City Square, KSL or Komtar JBCC.

Our Causeway jams are notorious and can trap thousands of Singaporeans for hours on their way to or from neighboring Malaysia.

Johor Bahru Best Shopping Mall

Johor Bahru Best Shopping Mall

Since many of us use our exchange rates to do more than just eat, shop, or get a massage, there may be some general interest websites recommended by well-meaning friends or family members.

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A town square? Come on, it might be harder to find someone who hasn’t stepped on one of us. KSL City Mall? Thanks later. Comment on JBCC? Yes, I checked this list a long time ago.

If you’re a tourist visiting JB and looking for new places to go, here are six malls you might want to escape to the next time you’re there.

The new makan place that has JB locals talking is the recently opened TD Point Retail Mall, located in the Taman Daya area, an hour’s drive from Woodland Checkpoint.

With a cluster of around 30 retail and food and grocery outlets, this mall is said to be inspired by the Johor Premium outlets (albeit on a smaller scale), perfect for foodies.

Shopping Mall Popular Di Jb

Some of the food brands targeting the upper middle to upper income group include local brands such as Cawan Mas Coffee, Jiayi Milk Tea, Toung Bak Kut Teh and Ayong Ikan Bakar and dessert.

While you’re there, you can check out other offerings like Taiwanese restaurant Oc’daka, hotpot joint Qin Dynasty.

Another new shopping destination opened in March this year is the R&F mall, which has approximately 106 retail outlets (46 of which are F&B establishments).

Johor Bahru Best Shopping Mall

Located directly opposite City Square Mall, R&F mall is about 10 minutes from JB’s CIQ crossing via the link bridge.

Best Shopping Mall In Jb

The three-story retail space spans over 800,000 square feet and features a variety of retail, entertainment and dining venues offering fashion, dining and entertainment.

Some of R&F’s tenants include Jaya Grocer and Emperor Cinema, promising shoppers a luxury experience worth their SGD change.

As City Square Mall lacks a proper grocery store,  Jaya Grocer is sure to deliver a wide range of fresh and good quality products.

As Southeast Asia’s first luxury movie theater, say goodbye to stale popcorn and fries at Hong Kong’s Imperial Cinemas and eat food like stuffed hotdogs and Korean spicy chicken at the cafe.

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Sit back and relax in the luxurious leather seats, fully equipped with USB charging ports, and enjoy your premium movie experience.

Billed as JB’s largest integrated mall, The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey is a shopper’s paradise on earth and is said to be better than any JB mall before it.

Adopting the concept of Mid Valley Megamall in KL, the venue spans 1.5 million square feet with a wide range of dining options, retail outlets and entertainment options.

Johor Bahru Best Shopping Mall

Yes, we know that the famous Japanese department store Family Mart has a store in the town square. But the one at The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey, is said to be bigger and better – it even has a small seating area like the ones in Japan and Korea.

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If you’re a die-hard fan of Din Tai Fung’s xiao long baos (XLB) and egg fried rice, you might want to try Din Tai Fung’s spin-off brand. This is the first pork-free Din Tai Fung outlet in JB and they have added options like Lamb XLB and Sambal Chicken XLB to the menu.

After you’ve filled your bellies, take a walk down memory lane and visit SOGO, a department store popular in the 80s and 90s that many Singaporeans are still nostalgic for.

For all you young readers, SOGO is a Japanese department store (think Isetan or Takashimaya) that opened in Raffles City in 1986 but sadly left our sunny shores in 2000 due to financial problems.

Now, instead of a four-hour drive to a SOGO store in KL (which used to be the closest alternative), it’s less than an hour from The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey Woodlands crossing.

Interior View Of Dubai Mall

Dethroned by The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey, Paradigm Mall was the largest in DB when it opened its doors to the public in 2017.

Housed in an impressive seven-story building with more than 500 retail stores spread over 1.3 million square feet, the mega mall even has an ice rink.

Conveniently located in the Skudai district, this mall is only a 10-minute drive from JBCC, and perhaps because of its size (bigger than VivoCity, if you need a local reference), it still seems relatively untouched. , which allows many elbow room you buy by choice.

Johor Bahru Best Shopping Mall

So if you want to take advantage of the options before they are overrun by the uncles and aunts who can get you a lot down the street, you still have time.

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If you are tired of the traffic in Woodland, going through the Tuas crossing is a way to bypass it, and there is a direct bus from Jurong East MRT to Sutera Mall.

The Causeway Link bus CW4S will set you back a wallet-friendly $4.50 and the journey from CIQ Link Two to Sutera Mall takes around an hour depending on traffic conditions.

If you are traveling within JB and taking a taxi to the mall, this is where it is. Sutera Mall is pronounced ‘sutra mall’ by the locals – if you look at the driver as perplexed as I do.

Almost a hearty mall by my standards, Sutera Mall is an all-round mall frequented by residents in the Taman Sutera Utama area.

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That said, there is no glitz and glamour, but the prices are really affordable and there is plenty of good food and cheap massage parlors just outside the mall.

The old gold and 34 year old Holiday Plaza Mall is my family’s go to place when we are in the area.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the popular KSL City Mall, this place looks a bit dodgy at first glance, but hear me out, especially if you frequent JB for your grooming needs.

Johor Bahru Best Shopping Mall

When I think of Holiday Plaza, I think of the hair and nail salons on the top floor, and the fragrant traditional kaya pastries and egg tarts sold in one corner of the ground floor.

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Although the interior and exterior of the mall are a bit dated in terms of decor, what is inside is true?

As people often overlook the boring mall in favor of its bigger and fancier neighbor, KSL City Mall, the prices of goods and services at Holiday Plaza can be much cheaper, so this mall is the time to visit, could stand the a test one hour, including crossing immigration, you will enter a world of amazing halal food, shopping and entertainment! There are many things you can do along the Causeway, but nothing beats some retail therapy in Johor Bahru’s many interesting shopping malls. Here are some of the best malls in Johor Bahru for your next shopping spree!

After its soft launch in March 2019, R&F Mall will become every Singaporean’s new favorite mall in Johor Bahru. Located just 10 minutes away from Malaysian customs, this mall will have a wide selection of international name brands. In addition, there is even an IMAX and 4D cinema! One obvious benefit that every Muslim traveler can look forward to is the opening of a halal Carl’s Jr! Although only a few of its 100 stores are open, R&F Mall is a place to look forward to when it fully opens in the second half of 2019.

One of the newest mega malls in Johor Bahru is called The Mall, which is the largest integrated mall in Johor. Recently opened in April 2019, this mall consists of retail shops, restaurants, entertainment and office space. You will even recognize many household names such as SOGO, Michael Kors and Onitsuka Tiger. Crowd favorites like A&W, Kenny Rogers and Boat Noodle abound as well!

A Landmark Attraction In Johor Baru

Paradigm Mall seems to be the most family-friendly mall with tons of activities to keep everyone of all ages busy. Muslim shops, you will be able to shop your favorite international stores such as H&M, Cotton On and Uniqlo. Also, not just a mall, head to Paradigm to catch a movie, try your hand at ice skating, or even climb their rock wall! There will definitely be no dull moments here.

KSL is a favorite among many Muslims for its wide range of food at affordable prices. Of course, K-Fry is an easy crowd pleaser. Their classic fast food option and best selling Cheesy Bumbuk Chicken is definitely worth crossing the border. If you’ve had your fill of delicious halal food, head to Thai Odyssey for great Thai food.

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