Living Room Wall Shelf Decor

By | May 4, 2023
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Living Room Wall Shelf Decor – 40 Best Closet Decorating Ideas for a Stylish Home September 14, 2022 September 14, 2022 This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here. The 406 shares back shelves and ledges for more than just storage space. Function can meet style, and that’s the happy medium we all need in our homes. The ideas for decorating the closet are practically endless, and based on the formulas and tips below, you can create your own arrangement! To begin, choose a color palette that works with the surrounding space. Of course, depending on the room, you can set a style or a specific theme. Shelves can be decorated with a variety of items: books, vases, plates, plants, family photos, trinkets, heirlooms, art, and we’re just getting started. Below, you’ll find some great closet decorating ideas, including DIYs and expert tips for creating a cohesive look that all your guests will appreciate. Easy Closet Decorating Ideas and Tips I love playing with decor in my home, and once you read these great closet decorating ideas, I’m sure you will too! Don’t be intimidated when looking at beautifully designed wardrobes. There are a few simple rules you should follow that will give you great results every time! You’ll also like: How to Style Closets – The Ultimate Guide 1. How to Style Open Closets: 3 Using large and small items, some decorative accents and grouping can add depth and perspective. Decorate your wardrobe. . Playing with colors and textures can make your wardrobe more interesting and attractive. Credit: 2. How to style shelves and ledges Books, baskets and plants are wonderful things to fill your shelves and ledges with. Greenery works with any decor style and color theme and warms up any space. If you struggle to water your plants regularly, fake plants are a great option. Credit: 3. Styling Shelves 101: 3 Basic Shelf Styling Tips A neutral color scheme can look amazing if it balances out every shelf. Having a collection of potted plants, books, or other items can help create a recurring look. A large clock or wall art can serve as the perfect backdrop for all the other decor. Credit: 4. Easy Way to Display Art or Photos – DIY Art Shelf Another cute way to style your shelves is to use a collection of artwork. Choose different sizes and shapes to create a visually interesting composition for your frames. Displaying wall art without hanging it on a shelf is a convenient decorating method for the renter. Credit: 5. 3 Steps to Designing Your Wardrobe Keeping your color palette consistent can create a stunning look for your wardrobe. Once you’ve gathered the items you want to use, get rid of those that don’t have one of these: functionality, feel, or aesthetics. Credit: 6. Cozy Kitchen Shelf Styling Open shelves in the kitchen open up a whole range of decorating options. Plates, dishes, kitchen utensils, bowls, utensil holders and other types of kitchen accessories can be used for shelf styling. Add some art and plants and you’re set! Credit: 7. Apartment Renovation: Bookshelf Styling You don’t have to fill every available space on your shelves. Using lots of negative space will make your decor stand out. As you can see, creating groups of items really works because it adds visual impact! Credit: 8. Affordable Open Shelving The rule of threes works well for shelf styling with a few shelf styling tips that include color. The same goes for colors: stick to 3-4 dominant colors to avoid a cluttered look. Credit: 9. Coastal Style Bookshelves It’s easy to add a summery vibe to your shelves with sea glass bottles and beach items like starfish, seaweed and rope. Blue mason jars are just a pop of coastal decor! Credit: 10. 11 Tips for Styling Bookcases Like a Pro When designing bookcases, you can put most of the books on the bottom shelves and add your decor to the top shelves. This way, your bookcase will still retain its primary purpose: storing books. It is beautifully decorated. Who said you don’t want both? Credit: 11. Modern Farmhouse Style Spring Shelf Decor If you’re a fan of farmhouse decor, these shelf decorating tips are pure gold! By following this simple formula, you can make any seasonal or seasonal decoration. As for the items you’ll need to use, there’s plenty to choose from: chalkboard painted vases, rustic candle holders, baskets, and the list goes on. Credit: 12. Spring Style Bookshelves and Living Room Makeover The chinoiserie used for this wardrobe decoration is stunning! Combined with gold and wood accents and greenery, it gives an elegant look. It’s perfect for spring, but not too seasonal, so you can have it on warm days too. Credit: 13. Shelf Styling 101 When it comes to decorating shelves, who says you can’t go crazy with plants? It is good to use a variety of plants and plants. If there are hanging plants, be aware of their placement as they can obscure other items. Credit: 14. Geometric Shelf Styling If you have any geometric shelves in your home, you must style them! For smaller shelves, you can create a set for each. Don’t forget to add a pop of color here and there! Credit: 15. 5 Quick Shelf Styling Tips Getting started can be the most intimidating part of decorating shelves. It’s best to add larger items first. Things like large plants, vases, clocks and lamps are great! Continue adding texture with various small items. When in doubt, take photos of your closets. This way, it will be easier to see if anything is missing. Credit: 16. Modern & Organic Entry Style Closets If you’re going for a modern minimalist look, using more negative space is a must. Items can be grouped as usual, but don’t go overboard with too many colors. Adding some black accents will work with any style. Credit: 17. An Easy 3-Step Formula for Wardrobe and Bookcase Decorating With so many items on hand to style your closets, getting started can be challenging. You’ll find tons of great tips in this post, including decorating ideas for your kitchen, living room, and office! Credit: 18. Easy DIY Fall Shelf Decor and Shelf Styling Tips If you want to DIY some, seasonal decor can be frugal. No matter the season or theme, styling closets can be easy once you learn how to create your own framed art and organize items in your closet with neat results. Credit: 19. Fuss Shelf Styling Tips for Living Room Shelves Farmhouse style shelves have a unique charm that warms up any living room! What’s more, these easy shelf styling tips work with any decor style. If there’s one place in the house you shouldn’t skip shelf decor, it’s definitely the living room! Credit: 20. Fall Open Shelf Decorating Ideas You can get really creative with open shelves in the kitchen: it’s time to show off all your beautiful plates, bowls, and kitchen utensils, and we’re just getting started. Plan for lots of greenery. This will make updating your seasonal decor much easier. Credit: Beautiful boxes, baskets, and containers provide valuable storage space and keep your closets clutter-free. Adding a plant to every closet will make your decor more organic, no matter what style you’re shooting for. Credit: 22. 5 Steps to Designing a Beautiful Bookcase Designing bookcases is a breeze if you plan everything in advance. Make sure you have some consistent items and don’t be afraid to mix and match items to create an interesting combination. Credit: 23. DIY Laundry Room Cabinets and Decor Most of the time, the laundry room is not a place that anyone wants to decorate. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! Doing laundry will be more comfortable if you are surrounded by beautiful decorations. Credit: DIY Shelf Decor Ideas It’s okay to use things you already have to decorate your closet. When you feel like something is missing, you can make some fun crafts and make it yourself. Check out these DIY decorating ideas that are perfect for decorating shelves, bookcases, ledges, console tables, and any other empty space in your home. 24. Paper Mache Pressed Flower Art This paper mache pressed flower art has a lovely vintage vibe and is a very satisfying craft. Even the kids might want to help! Credit: 25. DIY wooden bell garland When it comes to decorating your wardrobe, it