Non Prescription Flea Treatment For Cats

By | April 26, 2023
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Non Prescription Flea Treatment For Cats

Non Prescription Flea Treatment For Cats

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Advantage Ii Flea Control For Small Cats 5 9 Lbs, 12 Month

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Choosing a safe and effective flea preventative for cats can be difficult. Decades ago, flea control options were limited and toxic. Today, many safe and effective flea control products are available by prescription or over-the-counter (OTC).

Advantus Chewable Flea Treatment For Small Dogs, 7 Soft Chews

Outdoor cats are more likely to pick up fleas, but even indoor cats can get them from the family dog ​​or from a vet visit or accommodation. Fleas can even hitchhike indoors on clothes or shoes. If your cat has fleas, you want to get rid of them quickly. A severe flea infestation can seriously damage the cat’s skin, cause an allergic reaction or cause anemia due to blood loss. Fleas can also spread parasites such as tapeworms and carry diseases.

To come up with this best cat flea prevention guide, we did our research using the Companion Animal Parasite Council’s quick product guide and consulted four vets.

Warning: Talk to your vet before choosing a flea medication for your cat. They can advise what might be best based on your cat’s temperament, lifestyle and what parasites it is most at risk of in your area. Read product labels carefully. No matter which product you choose, never use a product intended for dogs. A product meant for dogs can make cats very sick and in some cases even fatal.

Non Prescription Flea Treatment For Cats

Once a month, Revolution Plus Topical Solution not only kills fleas and ticks, but also prevents heartworms and treats and kills hookworms, hookworms and ear mites.

The 5 Best Flea Treatments For Cats

Comfortis chewable tablets start killing fleas in 30 minutes and provide protection for a month with one easy-to-administer flavored tablet.

Capstar Flea Control tablets are safe for kittens from 4 weeks of age and start killing fleas within 30 minutes.

The Serest Flea and Tick collar provides eight months of protection against fleas and ticks in all life stages.

Cons: does not kill tapeworms; cats with neurological disorders require precautions; not indicated for use on breeding, pregnant or lactating cats

Nextstar™ Flea & Tick Topical For Cats

Revolution Plus Topical Solution is the most comprehensive parasite prevention for cats. It kills adult fleas before they lay eggs and protects against heartworms. It also treats and kills ear mites, nematodes, hookworms and blacklegs (deer), Gulf Coast and American dog ticks.

“The really exciting thing about flea control is that we’re constantly developing new ways to make it better, safer and more effective,” says Dr. Ashley Bourgeois, a veterinary dermatologist at the Animal Dermatology Clinic. Bourgeois prefers Revolution Plus, saying that its active ingredients (selamectin and sarolaner) are very effective and well tolerated by cats.

Dr. Keith Harper, a veterinarian at Hayward Veterinary Hospital, also likes Revolution Plus. “It’s one of the most effective flea preventatives on the market,” he says. “I’m also a fan of Bravecto; it is a long-term flea prevention, effective against fleas and ticks. Bravecto contains fluralaner, which belongs to the same drug class as selamectin and sarolaner; it is also very effective and well tolerated by cats. However, it does not fight as many parasites and should not be given to kittens under 6 months of age.

Non Prescription Flea Treatment For Cats

Revolution Plus is lightly applied every 30 days to the cat’s skin at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades. The liquid is absorbed quickly and dries without leaving any residue. Unlike some topical contraceptives, there is no need to use or touch the cat after applying it. If liquid gets on your hands, just wash them with soap and water.

Cat And Dog Flea Treatments Can Be Toxic To Pets, Humans

You need a vet’s prescription to buy Revolution Plus. Use with caution in cats with a history of neurological disorders such as seizures.

Safe: For cats 8 weeks and older and kittens weighing at least 1.5 pounds; for breeding, pregnant and lactating cats

We recommend Frontline Plus because in addition to killing fleas and controlling flea infestations, it also kills ticks and biting lice. Used and trusted by pet owners for over 20 years, it provides 30 days of protection with a single application. Fleas don’t need to bite your cat to work – they die on contact.

Frontline Plus contains two active ingredients, fipronil and S-methoprene, which together kill parasites and break the life cycle of fleas. Fipronil kills adult fleas and ticks, while S-methoprene prevents the development of immature flea stages (eggs, larvae and pupae). Sometimes it can take a while with consistent use to get rid of all the fleas completely, especially in heavy infestations, because you may still have flea eggs in your home, says Bourgeois.

Revolution Topical Solution For Cats 5.1 15 Lbs, 3 Month Supply

Frontline Plus is easy to use. Squeeze the contents of the tube into one spot on the cat’s skin between the shoulder blades. The liquid medicine spreads through the cat’s skin and accumulates in the sebaceous glands. It is then continuously distributed in the hair follicle throughout the month.

Cons: Does not kill flea eggs or larvae and does not protect against parasites other than fleas; not indicated for use on kittens under 14 weeks of age or breeding cats, pregnant or lactating cats

Comfortis chewable tablets are fast-acting and suitable for cats that cannot tolerate local flea prevention products. Spinosad, the active ingredient in Comfortis, starts working within 30 minutes and kills 98% of adult fleas within four hours.

Non Prescription Flea Treatment For Cats

Although topical flea control products are usually easier to use (you don’t have to make the cat swallow a pill), sometimes an oral contraceptive is a better option. For example, some cats with sensitive skin cannot tolerate spot treatment. “Comfortis is one of those that I like,” says Harper. “It’s harder to get a cat to drink an oral product, but if you can manage it, it’s a pretty effective oral flea medicine. It’s definitely and only for fleas.”

Best Flea And Tick Treatments For Cats On Amazon Prime

Comfortis is one of two oral flea control products for cats; the other is Capstar Flea Control Tablets. Unlike Capstar, which only kills fleas for 24 hours, Comfortis protects cats from fleas for a whole month. However, Comfortis is not safe for kittens under 14 weeks of age, while Capstar is safe for kittens under 4 weeks of age.

Give your cat one of the beef flavored tablets once a month. You can give the tablet just before or after feeding the cat, or hide it in a small amount of food. You need a vet’s prescription to buy Comfortis.

Safe: For cats and kittens 4 weeks of age and 2 pounds or more; for pregnant and lactating cats

Pros: Fast-acting, easy to give alone or with food, can be used with other flea control products, over the counter

Best Cat Flea Treatment 2023: Keep Your Cat Pest Free From Just £4

Cons: Does not provide long-term protection, does not kill flea eggs or larvae, and does not protect against parasites other than fleas.

Available without a prescription, Capstar is the only safe flea control product for kittens up to 4 weeks old and weighing at least 2 kilograms. When using other topical or oral flea control products, kittens should be at least 8 weeks old and sometimes older.

It is important to remove fleas from heavily infested cats, especially young kittens, as soon as possible. Capstar’s active ingredient, nitenpyram, takes effect in 30 minutes and kills more than 90% of adult fleas in just six hours.

Non Prescription Flea Treatment For Cats

Capstar only protects against fleas for 24 hours, but it is safe to use daily if needed. Since giving pills to a cat every day can be inconvenient, pet owners should start using a long-term flea control when the kitten is old enough.

Seresto Flea & Tick Collar For Cats + Tapeworm Dewormer For Cats (3 Tablets)

Reported 1,700 animal deaths and other adverse effects associated with Serest flea collars. It is not known if these incidents were caused by the pesticides used in the EPA-approved collar. You can read more about the safety of Serest collars in our frequently asked questions.

Pros: eight-month protection against adult fleas, flea larvae and ticks; light and comfortable to use; adjustable for cats of all sizes;

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