Places To Elope In Maryland

By | May 20, 2023
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Places To Elope In Maryland – Maryland may be at the top of your “best places to get away” list, but you should definitely consider adding it! Maryland is such an underrated and beautiful state to explore on vacation with smaller crowds and amazing getaways. We cover everything you need to know when planning a Maryland vacation package or intimate wedding, including top vendors to help you plan your wedding day.

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Places To Elope In Maryland

Places To Elope In Maryland

Our top tip for couples planning an adventure trip is to always work with an experienced vacation supplier. Our Maryland excursion suppliers specialize in location, packing list, getaway dates and more. An experienced vacation supplier is your go-to resource when it comes to planning a stress-free vacation. They even have secret spots further afield on their list that they can share with you. Just contact one of them below and don’t forget to ask what they include in their Maryland vacation packages.

The Best Places To Elope In The Sunshine Coast

In Frederick County, Maryland, Sugarloaf Mountain is a popular place to plan an elopement ceremony. This state park may require a wedding permit to hold a ceremony here, it is best to contact the park and double check with the vendor. Another thing to note is that they have special areas for weddings that have restrictions on the size of the wedding party, setup, etc. This is not usually an issue for couples planning a vacation, but it is something to consider , if you are planning a small wedding here in Maryland.

Kilgore Falls is another popular getaway that offers stunning views of the falls and whimsical scenery of Rock State Park. The falls themselves are 17 feet tall, making them the second tallest waterfall in Maryland!

Advance reservations are required to visit Rockies State Park – Kilgore Falls and Falling Branch on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. This is very important to keep in mind when planning your holiday here.

This area is very popular in late spring, summer and early autumn – even on weekdays. Customers are encouraged to drive and arrive early as parking is quite limited.

The Couple’s Waterfront Elopement Included A Private Sunset Boat Cruise

Maryland has a little bit of everything for every couple. Mount Vernon is a fun neighborhood near Baltimore filled with old mansions and luxury hotels. Although it is not mountains and forests, there is beautiful greenery all around, and an escape photographer can document you looking around the shops and museums and sipping a cup of coffee in a cute cafe.

Catonsville, Maryland has a trail that takes you to Cascade Falls. This trail is quite challenging and will take about an hour. This area is a popular destination for many locals and tourists alike, so keep that in mind when planning your adventure. Patapsco Valley State Park also charges an entrance fee (per vehicle on weekdays and per person on weekends and holidays).

Federal Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland has a pretty cool underpass that makes for some beautiful scenic and unique vacation photos. It’s also tucked away, making it a great place to escape to for a fun photoshoot to celebrate your wedding anniversary. There are plenty of other places to explore within the park itself, but don’t forget to check out the underpass itself!

Places To Elope In Maryland

Rock State Park has many gems, but one of our favorites has to be the King and Queen seats. The best part? It’s actually very close to Kilgore Falls if you want to plan to visit both! This is an EPIC cliff overlooking the park. This is probably one of the dreamy images for any part of your wedding day. But be prepared for some walking and climbing (so wear good shoes).

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One of the oldest neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland. Fell’s Point is known for its chickens, taverns, live music and seafood! There’s a good spot at Waterview where you can exchange vows together and then head off to explore. It’s the perfect getaway for couples who want something that doesn’t involve hiking, but also craves a unique landscape.

Another great getaway for couples looking to plan a Maryland vacation is Brookside Gardens. These are public gardens located in Wheaton Regional Park in Silver Springs. The gardens are open daily for free, but be aware that there are certain events they may host that may disrupt your escape plans. You only need a special event permit if you want to be accompanied by more than 35 people.

When all else fails, keep things simple and plan your vacation at a local park. Glen Echo Park is an arts and cultural center in Maryland. There is a lot of history and even a unique carousel where you can take pictures.

While Maryland isn’t the best place to get away, the crowds are still a thing! Think about the season you want to escape. We personally love spring and fall for all the new flowers and fall foliage, but try planning a week-long vacation instead of a weekend wedding ceremony.

Maryland Elopement Guide

If you really want to beat the crowds, choose a sunrise vacation rather than a sunset one. Most people will stay up until sunset, but few will wake up extra early to catch the sunrise. Ask your escape photographer to see examples of escapes at sunrise and ask about any lighting problems in certain locations.

As with anywhere you choose to escape, permits and regulations are subject to change at any time. Many areas in Maryland do not require a special use permit to run an escape, but you can if you have a certain number of people or have some decorations and setup. It’s important to always double-check your holiday destination’s website to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Use your escape sellers as another resource because they are familiar with the area and the rules that come with it.

Places To Elope In Maryland

Be sure to follow the rules and respect the country you are visiting and leave it better than you found it.

Places To Elope

Planning to make your Maryland vacation official? Be sure to pay the marriage license fee (the average is $35, but it depends on which county you’re applying for your license). Maryland also has a 48-hour waiting period before a marriage license is issued, so plan accordingly if you’re traveling to Maryland for your ceremony.

Once a license is obtained, it is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Other than that, make sure you bring the proper paperwork, find an officiant, and have at least two witnesses to make your Maryland wedding ceremony legal.

When it comes to finding the perfect lodging for your vacation in Maryland, you should keep in mind where your vacation is located. After considering the travel time to and from your adventure, consider who will be staying with you in your accommodation. Renting a unique apartment is always a good option for a more intimate and unique stay on your wedding day. Check out these places to stay that we love: I travel for weddings and elopements (and help my couples plan their travel adventures!), but I wanted to do a post with the best getaways for those looking to get away in Maryland. !

Your big wedding has been postponed due to the pandemic, but you still want to get married this year?

How To Get A Maryland Marriage License & Plan A Md Wedding

Then escape will be the perfect choice! Meaningful, honest, adventurous and unique escape photos are what I am passionate about creating for you! I am here to be your guide, friend and go-to girl throughout your vacation experience. Below are some tips to help you get started planning your vacation.

Maryland’s free-to-explore areas open to the public can sometimes get crowded. A good way to have the place to yourself is to have your ceremony at sunrise. If your venue is not open at sunrise, I suggest choosing a day of the week for the ceremony. We can photograph the two of you saying your vows at sunset to capture the magical Maryland glow. Cloudy on the day of your holiday? Don’t sweat it! Clouds can create beautiful, soft light!

If you’re running in an adventurous location (like a mountain top or a waterfall), I suggest bringing comfortable shoes to walk to the ceremony location! If you already have a wedding dress for your big wedding and are looking for another wedding dress at an affordable price, BHLDN has some crazy great sales right now! Etsy is also a great place to find unique and affordable wedding dresses.

Places To Elope In Maryland

Want to keep the party going after the ceremony? Plan a dinner at your favorite restaurant just for the two of you or with several loved ones. You can also have a picnic with all your favorite foods! You deserve beautiful documentation of your entire escape day. From the preparation to the celebration after the ceremony! I offer an escape

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