Replacement Exterior Doors For Manufactured Homes

By | May 3, 2023
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Replacement Exterior Doors For Manufactured Homes – Kitsap’s largest selection of mobile home parts and manufactured home parts Kitsap’s largest selection of mobile home parts and manufactured home parts Kitsap’s largest selection of mobile home parts and manufactured home parts.

Mobile homes tend to have shorter doors than you would find on a log home, so you may not be able to find the size you need at box stores. We have standard sizes in both fiberglass and steel.

Replacement Exterior Doors For Manufactured Homes

Replacement Exterior Doors For Manufactured Homes

New exterior doors add value to the home. In addition to a fresh new look, you’ll have increased safety and efficiency. Some doors have excellent R-value and insulating properties. You can save a lot of money on heating and cooling costs by installing a new front door.

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When you are checking your gate drop and delivery, we ask that you stand outside your home and face the gate.

If you don’t open the door to the room, that’s escape. If you open the door to the outside, there will be an exit.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right type of door for you. Size can be a limiting factor as not all sizes are available in both aluminum and fiberglass. Want to replace your metal front door with fiberglass, but still need the exterior? Ask us if we can get the size you need in the fiberglass outlet.

Fiberglass is our favorite when replacing mobile home doors because of its superior safety and durability. We ask for doors hung on a wooden or composite jamb. The outer skin is fiberglass which provides the same safety as steel, but is less resistant. The inner core is an insulating foam that provides a better R-value than wood. They offer the same beauty of a wooden door, but are much safer, weatherproof better, require less maintenance and are more affordable. The jamb and slab come decorated, so the door will need to be painted to seal it. Traditional sliding doors, but we can order sliding doors in other sizes.

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Aluminum doors with a metal frame are the most popular of home doors. It is a more expensive option than fiberglass doors and is suitable for many cases. They have an insulating foam core and white aluminum skin, and are pre-hung on a steel frame with a nail flange for installation. There’s a reason Airstreams are made of aluminum: they don’t rust and they’re lightweight. Aluminum mobile home doors today are made with other materials to create a durable and strong product.

We have 6 panel fiberglass doors in all sizes in stock and some prairie arched windows. Other styles of windows we commonly order are 9-lites, vent-lite (half light with a window that opens) and full-lites. If you are looking for a custom door design, please contact one of us so we can create a special order quote.

Aluminum exit doors are only plain (no panels), but there are options for windows. We carry 9-lites, sunburst and a closed vertical slider. We order pre-installed windows in standard door sizes, but windows can also be purchased to be installed by the customer. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, we offer a ‘window cutting’ service and can arrange for the window to be cut here in store before you collect the door.

Replacement Exterior Doors For Manufactured Homes

Traditional sliding patio doors are notoriously ineffective. A single panel, or a double panel with broken seals, does very little to prevent heat transfer. We can order vinyl sliding doors with energy efficient glass, so help us save on your heating and cooling bills. We have a limited number of slides in stock, but can customize the doors to your current specifications. If you want to change your look completely, we can order fiberglass inward or outward French doors. French doors are a fixed width, so if you provide us with the opening of the net frame that the slider sits on, we can determine the size of French doors that would work for you. It’s an expensive option, but they create an attractive space with both design and functionality. Having double doors makes it easy to get large furniture/equipment in and out, and you can open those doors to make the most of the PNW summer weather.

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Kitsap Mobile Home Outfitters offers a large selection of mobile home doors and custom home doors. Many of these goal styles and sizes are available in stock and ready for pickup today. Call us and find out what we have to offer. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can also order custom doors.

Kitsap Mobile Home Outfitters in Bremerton Washington offers the largest selection of mobile home doors and windows made in Kitsap County. Call us today to find out what we have in stock.

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