Replacement Windows For Mobile Homes

By | April 22, 2023
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Replacement Windows For Mobile Homes – The latest update to our two-story kitchen, we have new windows! Here is a step-by-step look at how to remove, install and add a mobile home window.

We do a lot of DIY renovations in our home. However, when it comes to projects like windows and doors, we hire a building contractor to do the work. We use Lenhart Construction, LLC of Monett, MO, who has proven excellence in their work. They are the same company we trusted to remove the wedding fence in our house and replace it with a large pole.

Replacement Windows For Mobile Homes

Replacement Windows For Mobile Homes

Replacing all the windows in our two spacious mobile homes was a wise investment. The original windows on our 2002 Clayton were damaged due to the negligence of previous occupants.

New England Replacement Window Job Photos

A few years ago we replaced all the original windows when renovating the exterior of our two spacious mobile homes. It was a wise investment because it not only updated the look of our home but also saved money on our electricity bill.

Now that we’ve done a complete kitchen remodel, I’ve decided to add more windows to the kitchen to allow more light into our space. I am successful in bright and cool areas. Adding two more windows to the kitchen adds more light and opens up the beautiful view from the backyard.

Most mobile home windows are not ready-made models you can find at your local hardware store. Therefore, the option to switch windows left us two options.

The first option is to order custom made windows that match the installed ones. The second option is to drill large holes to match the size of the shelf.

How To Measure Mobile Home Windows

We decided to have custom windows made for our home by a local Amish business in our community. We were made by Countryside Windows in Stotts City, MO. We had bought products from them before and found the product quality to be high.

For our home, we decided to use standard size double glazed, vinyl windows to fit our workspace. Vinyl is an inexpensive and durable option available in a variety of colors, but we chose white.

Double-glazed windows are the easiest to clean. The top and bottom windows are open facing inward. It makes cleaning very easy. It also allows more air to enter our home during the season when windows can be opened.

Replacement Windows For Mobile Homes

As I mentioned earlier, I like to have a lot of windows in a house. Our first kitchen had a small window above the sink and cabinets all around.

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So when I made our 3D kitchen designed by Lily Ann Cabinets, I asked them to add two more windows. When I saw the picture, I immediately understood that our kitchen should be under renovation.

Now that it’s set up, the amount of light that fills our kitchen is beautiful and the space is even bigger.

When our contract came, the first thing they did was look at the picture of the picture in our hands. Then they took measurements and asked how we wanted the windows to be mounted.

I am very meticulous about details, especially when it comes to making sure the kitchen cabinet is centered below the main window. I mean, these guys are great at asking questions and making sure everything is as it should be.

Consideration For Bathroom Replacement Window

Since we did not do the work, I cannot give exact information on how they completely removed the glass. To remove the stuck window, I know the guys started by removing the vinyl from the outside of the house.

They then need to cut the fabric inside the window and open it from the outside to pull it out. As soon as they found the window, they began preparing to install all three correctly.

The main window of the kitchen measures 36×36 and this is already installed. The two small screens are 27×36 in size. To install new things, the guys need to rearrange some walls and create new space for new windows.

Replacement Windows For Mobile Homes

This includes not only reconfiguring some of the wall brackets, but also creating more supports to hold the windows. Watching the video will give you more insight into how they do it.

Mobile Home Skirting Options That Look Amazing

Once the windows were fixed, the kids were confident they would open and close properly. After the contractors left, I was able to mount the boat on the wall and add the simple mockup window.

I am so grateful that we decided to replace all the windows in our house with double glazed vinyl windows. I am even more grateful to have added more windows to increase the light in our home. Our kitchen now feels more open and bigger with more light we let in.

In our kitchen remodel, new windows seem to be one of the best decisions we can make for our home. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. This includes cabinetry, lighting, additional cabinetry, paint, hardware, shelves and organizing boxes.

Here at Rocky Hedge Farm, I believe in creating a lifestyle rooted in simplicity and contentment. I am determined to live less and find joy in the little things, trying to create a life full of joy and nourishment for my family.

Which Is Better: Custom Replacement Windows Or Stock Windows?

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Replacement Windows For Mobile Homes

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Black Grey Vinyl Replacement Windows For Mobile Homes

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