Replacement Windows For Old Homes

By | April 8, 2023
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Replacement Windows For Old Homes – Many historic homes still have their original windows. To be considered historic, a home must be at least 50 years old. Fifty-year-old windows are probably drafty and single-glazed, which makes it difficult for hot and cold air to enter. Nevertheless, some homeowners believe that replacing historic windows with newer ones can detract from the home’s historic appearance and feel, as well as its value. Here’s what you need to know about replacing windows in older homes.

The windows of many historic apartments add character and atmosphere to the exterior. Fortunately, if you can’t imagine parting with your old windows, restoring them is an option. A historic window specialist can repair window panes, install moldings, and even free top frames that have stuck over the years. Refurbished older windows still block most of the draft when combined with a storm window inside or outside the home.

Replacement Windows For Old Homes

Replacement Windows For Old Homes

However, not all historic windows can be restored. If some of the wood around the window rots, there is no going back. Fortunately, you have the option of replacing old windows with modern windows that look historic, giving you the best of both worlds.

Window Sash Replacement Basics

Modern windows often have double or triple glazing with many energy-saving functions. This means that replacement windows are always more energy efficient than historic windows based on design alone. The right type of replacement window can preserve the character of the home and get a good return on investment when it’s time to sell.

When you buy replacement windows for a historic home with old wood windows, you’ll make more money in the long run by replacing them with newer vinyl windows that combine historic details with energy efficiency. Most old wooden windows come with latticework, so if you want to preserve the character of your home, look for windows that have the same feature. You may also consider looking for windows that are the same color as your current windows.

Of course, you have to match the size of the existing window. Your historic home may not be the place to knock out an exterior wall to enlarge a small old window into a large bay window. It’s best to discuss such major changes with your local historic preservation commission to gain insight that will help honor the best features of your historic home.

Because of the material, wooden windows are more expensive than vinyl windows. However, it is possible to preserve the historic character of your windows without too much expense. There are many customizable options for vinyl, from affordable to extravagant.

Replacement Windows 101

Once you’ve decided to replace your old windows, start looking for new windows that complement the style of your home. There are countless replacement windows for older homes, but not all contractors understand how to maintain historic homes, so it’s important that you find the right window company for the job. At Window World, we have over 200 locally owned stores nationwide, and our replacement window experts can help you explore your options, no matter how old your home is. Request a free replacement window quote or visit your local Window World today. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This is how it works.

Traditional windows, often called the eyes of the house, play an important role in defining the character of a period property. The key components of the overall impression are inextricably linked to the architectural style, and the age of the building can often be determined by looking at the windows.

Generally, old windows made of wood or metal are prone to deterioration if not properly maintained, and if you are renovating, you may need to replace them. This guide will help you choose the best windows for your home.

Replacement Windows For Old Homes

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Replacing Windows From The Exterior

The original windows were made using traditional techniques that are difficult to replicate due to modern building regulations, and their unnecessary replacement erodes the character of period homes. This means that it is very important to try to preserve and maintain the original windows.

Even if your windows appear repairable – suffering from rot and broken glass – you’ll be amazed at what expert restoration can achieve.

If your windows do not require structural repair, they can still be significantly improved. “Draft protection and repair of original windows can significantly improve functionality, safety and efficiency at a fraction of the cost of replacement,” says Richard Dollar, CEO of The Sash Window Workshop (opens in new tab).

In addition, the lifetime environmental costs of replacement are much higher than repairing existing architectural treasures.

Replacement Windows: To Grille Or Not To Grille?

Single windows are often replaced with double glazing for fear of inefficiency. But there will probably never be a refund for the fuel bills, even if the originals could have been updated. But if they are too rotten to fix, there are inappropriate modern designs, or you are expanding, you need to get authentic-looking new designs.

Major jobs and repairs require expertise, but you can do minor maintenance jobs to keep the windows in good condition.

Windows are priced individually, but in order to calculate rough costs for large areas, these estimates are presented in square metres.

Replacement Windows For Old Homes

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Signs On When To Replace Windows In Your Home

In addition, many homeowners complain about the nature and high energy bills. But before you switch automatically, check out the steps to fix and update them

Energy is lost through windows in two ways: by heat passing through the glass and by hot air escaping through the frames and gaps around them.

“If wooden windows are in reasonable condition, they can be caulked and repaired,” says Richard Dollar, CEO of The Sash Window Workshop (opens in new tab). “This improves functionality, safety and efficiency at a fraction of replacement costs.”

To further improve performance, consider installing secondary glazing, which means adding thin aluminum frame glass to existing windows. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to insulate and soundproof windows without affecting the character. Try a company that makes discrete custom designs like Storm (opens in a new tab).

Advantages Of Custom Replacement Windows On Historic Homes

The most familiar types of windows in period homes include side-hung windows—wood or metal—that open like a door, and vertical sliding doors, which consist of two frames, or “jams,” each with panes of glass held together by woodwork. glass rods that slide vertically in grooves and are held open by weights and pulleys hidden in the frames of wooden cases (although early frames were held open by pins).

Manufacturing techniques evolved over the centuries to allow for larger pieces of glass that were cheaper and more readily available, so early windows had small panes and later windows tended to have larger panes.

The glass is as important as the frame, and the imperfect original glass adds its own unique character. Stained glass is sometimes included.

Replacement Windows For Old Homes

Glass was very expensive in the Tudor period, as people often moved it around with them. Properties from rural and more modest backgrounds usually had wooden or stone openings that could be covered with boards, and later shutters.

Remodeling An Old House: Which Features Should You Keep?

When glass was used in windows, they usually had metal frames with leaded panes set into stone or wooden openings.

Metal windows continued to be used throughout the era, but saw a notable revival during the Arts and Crafts period, when medieval styles and craftsmanship increasingly influenced the design.

Consists of two individual frames, each with panes of glass held in place by wooden window beams. Casement windows slide vertically in tracks controlled by weights and pulleys hidden in the wooden box frame. Early Georgian designs were typically eight-over-eight or six-over-six checkered configurations.

If you live in a Victorian home, chances are you have sash or transom windows – probably made of wood. Mock Tudor homes were also popular in the Victorian era, so there may be lead lights between the stone legs.

How We Selected New Windows For Our Old House (& What They Cost) — The Grit And Polish

All Victorian windows were single-glazed, so many were torn out in post-war restoration projects and replaced with double-glazed windows. If you are lucky enough to still have the original windows, always check before replacing to see if a repair is possible, then upgrade with secondary glass to improve efficiency.

The housing boom of the 1930s created a large housing stock that still exists today. Bay windows are common in 1930s homes and steel was widely used, as evidenced by the popular Crittal style windows of this period. The Art Deco movement was in full swing, so unusual shapes and decorative glasswork were also common in the windows of the 1930s.

Recessed casement window with special leaded glass and curved top, from £7,000 for fully painted, finished and fitted windows,

Replacement Windows For Old Homes

“Timber windows offer a wide range of benefits beyond style and design flexibility, such as warmth

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