Sectional Sofa For Home Theater

By | May 10, 2023
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Sectional Sofa For Home Theater – A “pit sofa” is a large, deep sofa that creates a large, soft “pit” for several people to sit or sleep on. Usually consists of 6 or more sections arranged in a square or rectangular shape. Pit sofas also have other names such as “modular sectionals,” “pit sectionals,” and “modular pit sofas.”

When we designed our home theater at Arch Manor (see blog post here), we decided to remove the existing bleachers – we have two small children and instead of settling for separate lounge areas, we chose to create one large space. A couch where we can lie down and watch a movie together!

Sectional Sofa For Home Theater

Sectional Sofa For Home Theater

We looked at many different sofa brands and styles and finally decided which one best suited our style, dimensions and budget. This blog post will dive into our top 5 Safa picks (starting with our #5 pick and work our way down to #1) and provide the pros and cons of each.

Small Home Theater Room Design Ideas

Fossa chairs are large, so make sure your space can handle the width and depth. Especially for custom sofas that cannot be returned!

Select a functional fabric if available. Especially if you have kids, pets, or need white/pale fabric colors. Wine and coconut oil are not your friends!

If you have a space that requires a custom setup, look for pit sectionals, where you can purchase each piece individually.

Need your bed ASAP? Check delivery times for each option. Some ship within weeks, some months or longer!

The Motion 3 Seater Home Theater Dark Gray Available At Nashco Furniture Store In Jacksonville, Fl

Being able to return the sofa if you don’t like it is a huge plus, but it’s not usually an option to order.

One of the most popular and popular sofas, the Recovery Hardware Cloud Sofa offers the greatest versatility in modular sections to fit your space. This is one of the two sofas on our list where you buy each section separately, meaning if you need a wider sofa to fit your home theater, you can add sections in between to get the width you need.

Restauração Ferragens offers this sofa in 160 fabrics/colors, so you can find the perfect fit for your space and budget. When it comes to budget, this sofa is only for those who have a big budget to spend. A 6-section depth Classic (not Luxe) layout starts around 12K and goes north from there depending on the fabric, depth, and additional sections you can add.

Sectional Sofa For Home Theater

One piece of advice we can give you based on our research is to spend a lot of time looking at your pillow filling options. There are a lot of comments that say the baseboard looks too rough and hard to hold its shape.

Parker House Elias 219843769 Leather Match Power Sectional Sofa With Power Headrest And Console

This fine sofa from ZGallerie is one of the most elegant sofas we’ve seen. With clean lines and sculptural silhouettes, filled with high-density foam, and hand-wrapped through a multi-step process, each piece is both comfortable and durable. They have 35 color options including performance fabrics to prevent stains. Other key features:

This box and barrel sofa is a great choice for any home theater, especially if you need a special color or fabric. These are custom made and wrapped in hundreds of colors and fabrics. The sides are taped in (perfect for lounging and watching movies), and the cushions on this seat are more substantial than any other seat we’ve reviewed. Other features of the Axis well section include:

We can’t help but think of this Arhao divan in “our house”! It features plastic cushioning, foam and padding for a comfortable, structured look. There are currently 8 color options, 6 of which are performance fabrics. Since the top panel cannot be folded down to hide the hole, we definitely recommend choosing a performance fabric.

This sofa is part of the Coburn collection and you can customize it by purchasing accessories for this sofa. A unique home theater design is perfect! In-stock fabric options take 6 weeks to deliver, and custom fabrics take 12 weeks to deliver.

Octane Flex Hr Power Black Sectional

This is the pit bed we chose for our home theater at Arch Manor! Our family loves it, and it can easily overwhelm you and your crew in comfortable seas. This modular unit has 6 pieces and can accommodate about 8 people.

The fabric is soft, the cushions are not too firm and not too soft (ie just right), and the quality is top notch, especially for the price!

This sofa is from the Home of Sean & Catherine Lowe collection and has all the benefits of Wayfair (free returns, customer service, etc.).

Sectional Sofa For Home Theater

Compared to the other sofas above, this is a clear winner for us – not only is it quality and comfortable, but it’s also affordable, which means we don’t get mad when our kids spill coconut oil all over their pillows.

Cy Modern Pu Leather Roma Recliner Corner Sofa Sets Sectional Home Theater Lounge Seat For Home

A word of advice – this sofa sells out fast, so if you see it in a color you like – buy it! They are restocked once a month and sold out within days. Set up an email notification to Wayfair to be alerted when they are in stock!

Viewing sofas side-by-side really helps you compare them, see what options are available and which one will best suit your needs.

John and Megan are the founders of Arch Manor, a passion project offering home design, remodeling, DIY tutorials, decorating, electronic design and 3-D rendering services. The couple, who live in Leesburg, Virginia, are currently renovating Arch Manor, a brick colonial built in 2000.

The hanging height of kitchen cabinets is very important to the overall design and functionality of the space. How you hang upper kitchen cabinets affects the look and feel of the room. Default height above

Reclining Sectional Sofa In Brown Bonded Leather

Prepare for prepared meal preparation paragraphs. My “P” key just broke the keyboard… period. It’s our most valuable resource as busy adults, and this year Megan and I are actively taking time to give ourselves more time.

Depending on the size of the wall damage, there are several different ways to repair drywall holes. Today we’re going to walk you through the steps to repair and patch a coin or larger hole. Fear not, sofa-style theater chairs allow you to lie back and stretch out under a large, cozy blanket.

This type of seating is perfect for media rooms, playrooms and family rooms, in addition to dedicated theaters.

Sectional Sofa For Home Theater

Customize your theater setup with our easy-to-use configurations for home theater units, theater couches, and the popular Cuddle Couch.

Honbay Home Fashion Movie Cinema Theater Sectional Modular Recliner Chair Storage Sofa Couch,dark Grey

Create a two-tone combo with your choice of over 75 colors in yellow silk suede or comfortable suede Cine-Suede.

CUDDLE COUCH Create your own custom Cuddle Couch by choosing the standard 2-seater option shown below or our new super-spacious 6-seater version.

Our latest creations are perfect for the front row of a media room or a dedicated multi-row home theater. Create your own custom theater room by choosing from a variety of layouts and unique two-tone color combinations.

We use only the finest quality upholstery materials for sofa style seating. These materials include our soft Cine-Suede fabrics or our ultra-soft silk leather materials that provide a warm and cozy theater experience. This revolutionary breathable material is designed with a proprietary micropore ventilation system. Choose from over 75 colors to create unique two-tone combinations.

Universal Ally Contemporary 4 Seat Sectional Sofa

The Cuddle Couch shown below is available with or without an optional ottoman. Cuddle Couch is approximately 80″ (203 cm) deep with ottoman, 60″ (152 cm) without.

Our Custom Turntables are made from solid, hand-picked Canadian hardwood, and you can choose from 8 different wood colors. A large bowl is great for corn or nachos. The jacket can hold a large drink and is available in 4 different metal buckles.

Our sturdy hardwood frames are built using the highest quality raw materials available in Canada. It has been going on for decades.

Sectional Sofa For Home Theater

A high-quality foam can be the difference between a support that lasts for years or months. We use the highest quality “swamp” foam using the highest durability technology. Carefully selected levels of firmness provide the perfect balance of support and comfort.

Brown Bonded Leather Home Theater Recliner Sectional Sofa

To get the best of both worlds, many designers put chairs in the back row and sofa-style chairs in the front row. As part of our concert services, we offer free layout design services to our registered theater builders, interior designers, homebuilders and architectural firms. Below are some inspiring ideas for layouts that combine theater and sofa-style theaters. Choose one of the layout ideas below to help us start your own custom layout.

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