Spring Craft Ideas For Adults

By | April 6, 2023
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Spring Craft Ideas For Adults – A collection of beautiful spring decorating crafts to keep your home fresh and ready for spring – on a budget!

The arrival of spring always brings me joy. The cold days are mostly behind us, and there is a sense of hope in the air. Spring cleaning is the time to freshen up your home and decorate it with bright, fresh spring decorations.

Spring Craft Ideas For Adults

Spring Craft Ideas For Adults

I love decorating my house with my DIY decorations all year round (I recently made some for Valentine’s Day!). But even when there isn’t a specific holiday in mind, I fill my home with beautiful crafts that capture the mood of the season.

Best Spring Diy Craft Projects

If you want to decorate your home for spring, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, these spring dollar shelves might be the answer. These are all easy ways to welcome spring into your home using supplies you can pick up at any good dollar store.

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of the new season is to decorate the tree. Trees aren’t just for Christmas, they’re perfect for creating a focal point for your decor at any time of the year. I absolutely love my spring tree!

Like my Valentine’s Day tree, my spring tree is decorated with all kinds of themed ornaments. And since I can’t resist making my own, I made all the decorations myself, using supplies I picked up at the Dollar Tree. My favorites are the little hanging baskets of lavender – they’re so cute, like little spring balls!

And if a one-year Christmas tree isn’t your style, I’ve also shared how I’ve incorporated my spring dollar store crafts into other areas of my home decor:

Beautiful Spring Dollar Store Crafts

If I’m feeling unmotivated with work, an easy way to refresh is with new papers! And what better than a spring themed chalkboard, bought at the dollar store and decorated with my favorite bright and colorful craft paper.

Sure, you can use these dollar store chalkboards all year round, but they’re especially perfect for spring. If you’re anything like me, you’ll need a little extra help getting back on track after the New Year rush. They help you feel organized and in control by keeping all your empty papers clean.

If you don’t like an item from the dollar store, it’s usually pretty easy to swap it out for something new! Here’s a great example: this spring bunny from the average but inspired sign.

Spring Craft Ideas For Adults

Get a bunny poster from the dollar store and cover the design with your favorite spring craft paper. Then you can add text and other fun details (like a cute little carrot!) to give your sign some personality.

Spring Crafts To Make And Sell

If your poster is cardboard, of course you’ll need to hang it inside. I think I’ll hide it in my entryway to make people smile when they walk into my house!

I like batting a lot. It’s so easy to make, you can theme it to match the season, and it looks great hanging anywhere in your home. This Burlap and Doll from Lovely Jane is so much fun, and it’s just made with cheap burlap and burlap from the dollar store.

Just cut the fabric into a nice shape and thread it on cheap yarn. It’s very simple, but very effective! Place it on your mantelpiece, bookcase, door or across the wall.

– So what could be better than making wreaths with real moss! This moss wreath from The Shabby Creek Cottage looks so beautiful hanging for spring.

The Absolute Best Diy Craft Ideas For Spring And Mother’s Days Crafts

Simply cut a sheet of moss into strips, and wrap them around the wreath form as you would a piece of ribbon. Both supplies can be found at the dollar store, so this is a very budget-friendly way to brighten up your home for spring!

Here’s another colorful DIY wreath that will be beautiful for spring. It is made of a rather unusual material: split peas!

This Mod Podge Rocks split pea wreath is literally made from split peas glued to an empty wreath from the dollar store. A bag of split peas is only a dollar from the grocery store, so you can do the whole thing for less than a cup of coffee.

Spring Craft Ideas For Adults

I love how effective this simple spring decoration is, and you could even try using red lentils for an extra pop of color!

Spring Crafts And Activities For Kids

Dollar stores can be a great place to find super cheap fake plants, but they don’t always come in the most attractive pots. DIY and dinosaurs give some fake breakdowns a makeover with these rope-covered vases.

This art cannot be easy. Use a little hot glue to wrap a cheap plastic pot around the rope from the dollar store – that’s it! They combine budget-friendly accessories to create something very smart. Plus, they’ll go well with most of your home decor styles.

The dollar store is the best place to buy glass vases. But if you want your vases to be of higher quality, frosted glass spray is an effective way to transform them.

I love the simplicity of these mountain-made glass vases. Sub-lines left untouched give a beautiful effect. They would be perfect for displaying the spring flowers you pick in your garden!

Easy Easter And Spring Crafts To Do With Kids!

Can you believe this amazing mini greenhouse from Ella Claire & Co. was made out of dollar store picture frames?! It’s a fun way to grow houseplants, and if you don’t have green fingers, you can even use fake plants! It will still be a fun feature in any room.

This recipe is super easy to make with dollar store photo frames and hot glue. Paint the frame white for a bright spring vibe, or choose a different color to match the rest of your home.

Shiny metal planters from the dollar store may not be what you’re looking for to display your plants, but they’re an easy way to make them look more elegant. These old metal planters from Little House of Four look so adorable!

Spring Craft Ideas For Adults

You just need a few simple household ingredients to create a product that will perfectly age your cheap metal planters. It couldn’t be easier, and the end result is a great way to add some spring flowers to your home or garden.

Spring Crafts & Tutorials

Here’s another easy way to make a beautiful vase to display spring flowers. This painted mason jar vase from Ideas From The Home is bright and beautiful and can be made with inexpensive mason jars from the dollar store. All you need is a small white leaf to make it a beautiful feature in your spring decor.

I also love the leather cord that goes around this vase. It’s amazing how such a simple addition can make such a difference in this type of craft!

If you don’t have room for a spring Christmas tree, maybe this smaller version will do better for you. These cute little topiaries from A Box of Twine are great on a coffee table or fireplace.

All the supplies for this spring craft can be found at the dollar store, including Styrofoam balls, moss, and inexpensive plants. All you need to make these cute trees is a touch of art!

The Epic Collection Of Spring Crafts For Kids

This beautiful spring themed wreath from The Happy House can be made in five minutes using supplies from the dollar store. Take the base of an empty wreath and wrap fake plants or flowers around it. That’s it!

You can of course use any color flowers for this project. However, I love the simplicity of this green and white quilt. It looks very light and clean, perfect for spring.

If you have leftover fake flowers, wrap them in curtain rings to create these stunning spring rings from Shades of Blue Interiors. They will bring a smile to your face every time you sit down to eat!

Spring Craft Ideas For Adults

You only need a few flowers for a nice effect here, so it’s a great way to use scraps or leftovers from a spring project.

Diy Crafts For Adults

Grab an old-fashioned ceramic bunny ornament from the dollar store, add a coat of textured concrete paint, and what do you get? These cute concrete bunnies from Life are having a party!

I love these spring themed bunny ornaments – they would be so cute to pop out of the spring flower display! You can also use the same color to match any other jewelry. Spring is almost here people! I love the fresh feeling that spring brings. I also love freshening up my decor – what a surprise 😉  I’ve been coming up with some great spring craft ideas and DIY spring decor ideas that I think you’ll love! Who will like it! (And I think you’ll love it as part of your spring decor, too!)

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