Stubhub A Good Place To Buy Tickets

By | May 1, 2023
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StubHub is one of our favorite ticket websites for quick and simple pricing and great events.

Stubhub A Good Place To Buy Tickets

Stubhub A Good Place To Buy Tickets

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StubHub is now one of the best options for buying and selling the best concert tickets (opens in a new tab) and the best sports tickets (opens in a new tab ), excluding comedy and home theater. All of this is safe, affordable, and easily located on a clear site with an app.

So if you are looking for great deals on tickets then StubHub is one of the best places to start looking. The prices are very clear so that everything is clear, at a glance. The site is very easy to use and has a clear layout that makes shopping for a special event or browsing a style easy.

Search by sport, band, publishing or comedy, for example. Or, if you prefer, you can explore some of the city’s options – a great way to explore and even better if you’re visiting a new place.

While StubHub may not have the best customer guarantee out there, the FanProtect guarantee is a reliable feature that ensures the safety and security of sales and services.

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Stubhub sells tickets to many sporting events, concerts, plays and more. Using the free keyword search tool, you can search by topic, artist or group, and the website design is simple and pleasing to the eye. You can also choose the city and dates you want to find your options. It has a free text search feature, meaning if you know what you’re looking for you can access tickets.

Once you’ve chosen what you’re looking for, StubHub will tell you the concert closest to you and list the others. You can filter tickets by price, amount or location and see how many tickets are left for sale and location, which we like.

When choosing your seat on StubHub, more and more photos of your location and view of the event are available, meaning you can make an informed choice about where you sit and the view that’s best for you.

Stubhub A Good Place To Buy Tickets

StubHub also boasts a great app. You can sync your music so StubHub knows your favorite artists. It notifies you when you’re playing nearby, which is a new feature we like. The app also allows you to download digital tickets with a 360-degree view of the area in question from your seats before purchasing.

Stubhub Takes On Ticketmaster With New Platform For Both Primary And Secondary Tickets

StubHub has a 100% FanProtect guarantee, which promises to help you buy tickets with confidence and buy tickets safely and securely. This website has the same refund policy as most ticket websites. You are guaranteed to get a valid ticket in time for the event, but you will get a refund if the event is cancelled. You won’t get your money back if it’s just shipped.

When you buy tickets, you can be sure that they are genuine and will arrive at the time of the concert, and customers are promised a good deal and a fair price. Unlike Ticketmaster (opens in a new tab), this service does not offer refunds, exchanges, or ticket insurance.

We searched all the websites we tested for three specific events and compared the prices of the base ticket. This site has some of the most expensive tickets out there and the same seats offered on StubHub are available for higher prices on sites like Ticketmaster.

Consistently in our testing, StubHub charges an additional 20% on top of ticket prices as a service fee, which is impressive compared to sites like VividSeats (opens in a new tab) and Coast to Coast ( opens in a new tab), sometimes costs. . it turns out to be more than the price of the ticket itself.

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StubHub gives you the option to filter search results by price, location or best value. This is a feature we’ve seen on other sites like Razorgator (opens in a new tab) that uses an algorithm that takes the estimated value of a seat and calculates which seats are inferior. in amount. When selecting seats there’s also the option to see which view you’re paying for – great if you’re weighing price against view.

Although we found the cheapest tickets on StubHub, it is a secondary market website, which means buying tickets from other users and licensed ticket sellers. That said, depending on the event, there may be several price points. All prices are estimated, and it offers the possibility that the prices determined by consumers may be higher or lower than the face value.

StubHub also makes it easy to buy tickets. Like most services, listing is free, and when you sell tickets, StubHub earns a 10-percent commission. This company also has a team that can help you buy tickets closer to the concert date. The service can transfer money to you from sales in several ways, and you can donate to charity through the website.

Stubhub A Good Place To Buy Tickets

We love that you can set your own price on StubHub, meaning you can score a ticket at a lower price or wait and see if someone matches the price you paid. StubHub also manages all types of tickets, from digital to physical, and to ensure that each transaction is safe and secure for both parties, StubHub includes the FanProtect Guarantee.

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As mentioned you should not expect to get a refund when using StubHub. This will not allow you to change your mind and cancel the tickets for your refund. However, you can buy with confidence knowing that if the event is canceled for reasons beyond your control, you will get your money back.

When it comes to fees, StubHub charges a fee for buying and selling tickets. The full price will be displayed, including estimated prices but you must use the filter and select “show prices and estimated prices” to get a clear display. Prices and fees fluctuate based on demand for tickets but generally charge a 10 percent purchase fee and a 20 percent sales fee.

StubHub is one of our favorite ticket websites for quick and simple pricing and great events. Not only is it a great place to buy tickets, but it is a great resource for buying tickets because of its many customers. The ticket prices are among the best we’ve seen, and the service is reasonably priced when you consider that shipping costs are included.

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With their power in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at the power of ticket tape and give you an idea of ​​whether you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Like many other retailers, StubHub is a ticketing website that allows fans to buy and sell tickets anytime and anywhere through our desktop and mobile experiences.

The company offers a 100% guarantee to buyers and sellers with their FanProtect guarantee which states that “they will refund all orders so you can buy and sell tickets with 100% confidence.”

Stubhub A Good Place To Buy Tickets

On StubHub, customers can buy and sell tickets to “more than 10 million sports, music and theater events in more than 40 countries.”

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The site’s 100% guarantee ensures that ticket buyers will either “receive a valid ticket to an event or receive a refund.”

Although StubHub has more options to choose from than most other ticketing sites and guarantees the validity of tickets to buyers, there are some criticisms of the service that should be noted.

Negative reviews point out that different ticket prices, different ticket delivery methods, and shipping costs are some of the biggest drawbacks of buying on the site, which are common complaints about high -end site.

However, StubHub includes their guarantee that they “will find replacement tickets if there is an issue with your order,” and “If your event is canceled without being scheduled, you will receive a 120% refund.” of the amount you paid. the event

Wisconsin Residents Could Get Ticket Refunds After Stubhub Settlement

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