Stubhub Safe To Buy Tickets

By | May 24, 2023
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Stubhub Safe To Buy Tickets – Anyone who has purchased event tickets, sports tickets, or concert tickets has heard of online ticket sellers like StubHub. StubHub was one of the first online ticket sellers. Individuals, of course, have been in the ticket business for a long time and are often referred to as tailors.

Buying tickets from movers is very reliable. It’s not hard for people to make fake banknotes that look legit. Nobody wants to cough up a lot of money only to be turned out the door.

Stubhub Safe To Buy Tickets

Stubhub Safe To Buy Tickets

The way StubHub makes it easy and secure to buy tickets for events takes the process online and becomes a middleman. This practice facilitates the coordination of transactions for buyers and sellers of tickets. Predictably, some people love StubHub while others hate it. The company has gained a large following but is also attracting its share of criticism.

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If you’re wondering if StubHub is a safe service to use and buy tickets, we’ve got you covered. This article determines if StubHub is the right company and if it’s the right safe place to buy tickets.

StubHub was founded in 2000 by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr, two Stanford Business School investment banking graduates. By 2003, the company had become profitable, and the duo sold StubHub to e-commerce giant eBay in 2007 for $310 million. Since then, eBay has made StubHub the heart of its ticketing operations.

StubHub operates by selling tickets to live entertainment events. Stadiums, sports teams, actors, etc. may use the service directly to sell tickets, and ticket holders or sellers may also post tickets for sale on the site.

StubHub makes its money by taking a commission on each ticket sold. While it’s possible to get discounted ticket prices through StubHub, the service is more useful for getting tickets last minute or for a sold-out event.

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In a word, yes. The company is legit and has the right to sell or resell any tickets on their website. As eBay owns it, it has the financial backing of one of the biggest companies in the world.

StubHub has the same flaws as its parent company: little dedicated to customer service, spotty (at best) after-sales service, and an apparent disinterest in customer satisfaction.

StubHub regularly receives rave reviews online. It’s not hard to find customer complaints related to getting their tickets after buying them.

Stubhub Safe To Buy Tickets

However, StubHub is also one of the few ticket sellers that guarantees the authenticity of their tickets. This is something most competitions don’t or can’t do. Even though obtaining a ticket or tickets can be an unexpected hassle, knowing that the ticket will be genuine is still a very important security.

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While it can be a little confusing to get your tickets, it’s also worth spending tens or hundreds of dollars on something that can turn out to be little more than a credit card if you’re buying tickets. resold tickets from an untitled work.

As you can imagine, StubHub has its fair share of fans and detractors, and reasonable explanations for both.

In 2006, over 100 New York Yankees season ticket holders on StubHub received letters denying them the right to purchase game tickets for the 2006 season and prohibiting them from purchasing season tickets for the 2007 season.

While StubHub is not responsible for the Yankees’ alleged violation of fan ticketing policy, it’s an open secret that the site allows people to sell tickets even when the original ticket provider is unhappy. and the body.

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A more serious incident occurred in 2006 when several New England Patriots fans reported being kicked out of a game because of fake tickets purchased on StubHub. Some are fake, while others are free tickets sold by scammers during the season. The Patriots want StubHub to publish a list of Patriots season ticket holders who use the site. The site ultimately lost in Massachusetts state court.

Although there are many negative reviews on StubHub, there are also many positive reviews. When reading online business reviews, it’s important to put things into perspective. A look at Yelp, Consumer Reports or the BBB shows many negative reviews on StubHub. Keep in mind that what you see is just an idea. Respondents will have thoughts and responses that they can post when angry or happy. No matter what you see, remember that the company guarantees its tickets. If you buy a ticket on the site that turns out to be a fake, you will be refunded.

Although there may be hundreds of negative reviews on the World Wide Web, there are also good ones. Consider that a few hundred negative reviews versus millions of transactions per year isn’t a lot, especially considering that more people can report bad experiences than can report good ones.

Stubhub Safe To Buy Tickets

Of course, all companies would prefer not to have negative reviews, but this is not possible for companies of this scale.

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Many people use StubHub and have done so for at least a few years. Apparently they were very lucky that all tickets purchased were valid and placed inside the stadium. However, some people have not been so clear. There have been reports of how StubHub called the buyer, told them there was a problem with the ticket, and managed to issue another one for the same location.

Overall, StubHub is the right place to buy tickets, but it has its limitations. As long as you use the site aware of this possibility, you will have no problem.

Have you used StubHub? Do you have any problems? Customer service experiences, good or bad? Tell us below.

Disclaimer: Certain pages of this site may contain hyperlinks. This in no way affects our editorial staff. StubHub is often considered one of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to buying and selling tickets and the used resale market and has been around since the company was founded in 2000.

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Given their popularity, we wanted to take a look at the validity of big tickets and give you some insight into whether you’re getting what you pay for.

Like many other providers, StubHub is a ticketing website that “allows experience seekers to buy and sell tickets anytime, anywhere through our desktop and mobile experience.”

The company offers buyers and sellers a 100% guarantee with their FanProtect Guarantee that they “stand behind every order, so you can buy and sell tickets with confidence.”

Stubhub Safe To Buy Tickets

At StubHub, customers can buy and sell tickets to “more than 10 million live sports, music and movies in over 40 countries.”

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The site’s 100% guarantee ensures that those who buy tickets, get tickets to any event, or get their money back.

Although StubHub offers a wide selection among many other ticket sites and guarantees the authenticity of tickets for buyers, there are a few criticisms of the service to be aware of.

Negative reviews have shown that varying ticket prices, different ticket delivery methods and shipping costs are some of the main reasons why buying from the site is the following complaints and – usually for sites tickets.

However, StubHub includes in their promise that they “will go out of their way to find a replacement ticket if there is a conflict with your order” and “If your event is canceled and not rescheduled, you will receive a credit of up to 120%. the amount you paid for the relevant program or refund option.” Their full policy can be found here.

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Yes. Like most ticket sellers, StubHub charges an additional fee on the payment portion of the purchase. They are usually around 27% of the original ticket price.

Yes. If you have valid tickets to download, you can list your seat for free on StubHub. The site will allow sellers to choose their own price and change it at any time before the sale.

StubHub is legit as a ticket seller with its competitive pricing, extensive policies covering buyers, and numerous live events listed on its site. While they have their fair share of disgruntled naysayers over extra fees at checkout and delivery issues, these reviews are common for tickets purchased on the secondary market.

Stubhub Safe To Buy Tickets

That being said, if you’re buying tickets for a live event, StubHub should be the option of choice.

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