The Best Receiver For Home Theater

By | April 25, 2023
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The Best Receiver For Home Theater – The AV receiver is to the theater what a good cook is to a good meal, or what your car is to the city center: it’s an important balance. But with so many different audio/video (AV) receivers on the market today—different brands, different models, different capabilities—how do you choose the right one for the job? Beyond fortune telling, coin flips and/or Ouija boards? That’s what this guide is all about, helping you choose the right beneficiary that A) you want to make and B) the price you want to pay. And, as an added bonus, maybe even C) it comes equipped with some extra skills that you know nothing about but will love anyway. We’ll look at AV receivers vs. stereo receivers, which are two very different animals. And then we’ll focus on “how to choose the best AV Receiver” for you and your situation.

In a hurry? Here are some important things to keep in mind when buying an AV receiver. Check what you are connecting the receiver to. This is the most important thing to consider. Are you connecting your receiver to stereo speakers? Or the TV? If your new receiver is for music only, you need a stereo receiver. If it’s for surround sound in a home theater, you need an AV receiver. If it’s for both music and home theater, the AV receiver has it covered—and then some. Get enough channels for now and for the future. One channel = one speaker. Make sure your new receiver has enough channels for all the speakers you have now, plus any you may need in the future. If you want surround sound, you’ll need at least five channels. Think about anything and everything you will be connected to. Think about all the places you want to connect with, now and down the road. For example, if you want to play vinyl, you will need a phono stage. If you want to play music wirelessly, you’ll need onboard Wi-Fi, etc. (In addition to Bluetooth, Airplay, etc., so you can play the music you want from your smartphone and tablet.) You’ll need it. to connect new devices or devices you get in the future, so the more connections your new receiver can handle, the better. Modern video switching is necessary. Converting 4K video is a must, even if you don’t have a 4K TV yet. (One day, you will.) Remember that you can connect any video source, such as a DVD player or Apple TV. (4K conversion is all about connecting multiple 4K-capable displays to an AV receiver.) Go with a receiver that comes equipped with Dolby Atmos. We explain what Dolby Atmos is and move on … but for now, just imagine: amazing, 3D-like sound that seems to move around you. There’s also DTS:X, which is a new surround sound system designed to make the theater sound even louder, unlike Dolby Atmos. The good news: most new AV receivers can play both formats. Look for all 3 HDR modes. To help future-proof your system, make sure the receiver you choose is equipped to handle HDR10, DV and HLG formats. Potential for multiple rooms. Some receivers can do 2, 3, 4 things at once, like running home theater with surround sound in one room while streaming music to another (or several rooms). Many AV receivers can play two different channels in two different rooms on two different TVs. Or just skip the rest of this and buy a set here: The Best Homecoming Artists of 2023. Then give yourself a stand-O. Now you have what our experts call one of the best AV receivers anywhere, at any price.

The Best Receiver For Home Theater

The Best Receiver For Home Theater

What is an AV receiver? An AV (Audio/Video or Home Theater) receiver not only powers your home theater, but is the brains behind the entire system. The AV receiver’s job is to receive, interpret and process the TV audio signal (for example, via cable or set-top box) coming into the home, before sending it to its final destination. : TV and chat. An AV receiver has five or more amplifiers (minimum) driving five or more speakers. Why so many? A typical home theater system has 5 speakers that together create surround sound … and each speaker needs its own distinct sound from the AV receiver. Today, many theaters have more than 5 speakers, including those that are Dolby Atmos enabled. In fact, for maximum efficiency, many home theaters now include a dozen or more speakers, many of which are hidden and/or in walls and ceilings.

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A stereo receiver has 2 amplifiers (one for each channel) and is used primarily for listening to audio. (Think of channels as speakers. One channel is one circuit for one sound, and there are two when we talk about stereo.) Two amplifiers in a stereo receiver will give you two voices talking, and you can even connect. stereo receiver for the TV, you won’t get surround sound because of this.

(While you’re shopping, you may also come across integrated amplifiers, which are basically the same thing as a stereo receiver, minus the AM/FM tuner.)

When should you use an AV receiver? In the end, it comes down to price and value. $800 will buy a very good AV receiver with 4K video conversion and Dolby Atmos. On the other hand, if music is more important to you than movies with surround sound, the same $800 will buy you a very good (better than good) 2-channel sound receiver (but not surround sound). .

Bottom line: AV receivers are primarily designed and built for televisions as a way to bring authentic theater-like entertainment into the home. And since AV receivers are more than stereo receivers, you can always use your AV receiver for TV and music. On the other hand, as we said above, the stereo receiver and TV together do not send surround sound by themselves.

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The whole reason for AV receivers in the first place is to create a great home theater system around sound. Yes, AV receivers now do everything, and we’ll touch on them, but everything: Whether you’re watching a game and want to feel like you’re in the stadium, or watching Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling dance. and you want to feel like you’re there, now you’ll need an AV receiver connected to your TV. What’s Next: Everything you need to consider when choosing the best receiver for you, your room, your preferences and your budget.

Nothing is too much or too suggestive. A big reason why: all the things that are coming… new products, new products, new ways of doing things… it’s the future and you want to be a part of it. Plus, you want to be able to connect with everything you have now. Look for at least 4 HDMI inputs so you can connect a cable box, Blu-ray player, PlayStation and at least one additional input for future expansion. (Add an Apple TV or Roku to the mix, and boom, you’ve got access to all four.) Ready to hook up a turntable? Make sure you find the phono input.

In the local PA area? If you come to our store for an AV receiver (or anything else), be sure to bring a list of your existing products. If you’re shopping with us online, make sure the new products you buy are compatible with everything you already have at home. And if you’re not sure, give us a call! Our experts want to talk about these things and see things.

The Best Receiver For Home Theater

There are some very important features you’ll need in your new AV receiver to make it work with TVs from last years, and soon-to-be TVs, plus all your video devices ( Apple TV, Roku, X-BOX, etc. ).

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4K is currently the most available and highest quality video format for home video consumers. With 4K, the picture is detailed, you can sit directly in front of the TV with your nose almost touching the screen and the picture remains the same. (No “dots and/or lines” like we’ve all seen on the older ones. Even on the biggest 4K TVs.)

As the number of screens increases, and we mean NO, this is important. However, to make it all happen, your AV receiver needs to be able to convert 4K signals. If so, you can send audio and video from all your videos through your audio system and enjoy the video-audio without losing any detail in the video.

Another feature to look out for: HDCP 2.2 support HDCP 2.2 is the latest and newest protection technology designed to stop people from illegally copying video, especially 4K content. Here’s why it’s important: If you try

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