Vinyl Windows For Mobile Homes

By | April 25, 2023
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The need for replacement windows for mobile homes, as with any residential property, is often in the name of broken glass, broken window seals or rotten wood. On the other hand, other reasons for replacement may be to make your windows more energy efficient or to give them an improved appearance. The good news for manufactured home owners is that you won’t have many options in other residential buildings.

Vinyl Windows For Mobile Homes

Vinyl Windows For Mobile Homes

Three vertical and horizontal measurements should be taken to measure the mobile home window to be replaced. Measure the left, center, and right sides of the window for vertical dimensions. Measure the top, middle and bottom horizontal dimensions of the window. From the measurements taken, line up your new window with the smallest of each measurement.

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Measure the windows from side jamb to side jamb (not the window itself) for the horizontal measurement and from the head jamb (at the top of the window frame) to the edge of the window for the vertical measurement.

The same measure applies to the type of replacement window you want. In some cases, window trim may need to be removed for best results. And always move the belt out of the way when measuring.

If the replacement window is left on the square in an uninsulated window frame, the easiest and most cost-effective solution is to purchase a replacement or “pocket window”.

This causes the window to be inserted into the current arrow and pinned. If the frame or casing is rotting, the entire window must be removed to the studs and the opening must be prepared for a new window.

How To Replace Mobile Home Windows

Regardless of whether the job is done by a do-it-yourselfer or a trained professional, the same list of tools will be necessary:

When you decide to do the job yourself, keep in mind that every window will take several hours to replace, even if you use a pocket window. Consider it an investment of time rather than paying a competitive professional. Even if your bag doesn’t fit your budget, know that your level of frustration is good for your wallet.

Vinyl, like other residential surfaces, is the preferred choice for replacement windows in the US market. More than half of the homes purchased are made of vinyl. Vinyl replacement windows create a more secure seal than their aluminum counterparts. They come in a variety of styles, and are often very expensive per unit.

Vinyl Windows For Mobile Homes

Experts tell you to check the cross section of the vinyl windows you are considering. This way you can see the thickness of the vinyl, which will affect the performance. Choose 3 ¼ inch thickness for a more rigid, airtight and durable window.

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As a point of reference, Clayton Homes, the largest manufacturer of manufactured homes on the market, uses 90 percent insulated vinyl, all with double-paned, single-hung, tilt and turn windows.

Double glazing reduces energy loss and eliminates the need for storm windows. Single-hung windows are much less expensive than double-hung ones, and the corner brush can be easily removed from the frame for cleaning or an emergency.

In terms of style and appearance, vinyl windows do not require painting and maintain a consistent appearance over time. As it is a strong shade in the vinyl material, the color does not fade.

Aluminum mobile home windows are energy efficient and may not last as long, but they can be easier on the budget, especially if you have multiple windows to replace. It’s not always the best choice, but aluminum may be the best choice for you depending on the time.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Although aluminum is less energy efficient than vinyl products, its efficiency is much better than it was in the 1970s and 80s, mainly because the product has improved in keeping cool air in the warmer months. However, aluminum still has difficulty doing the opposite, trapping warm air in the cold months. When cold air enters an aluminum window, it penetrates the metal and can even freeze the inside of the wall. So if you are considering aluminum windows, consider your climate.

Aluminum is unfortunately pretty good at sound deadening, so that’s a plus. In addition, aluminum is a strong but light material, which helps in installation. And it can be adjusted to fit older window openings that can be slightly bent or rotated. If a replacement mobile home window accommodates dimensions larger than ¼” square, aluminum can solve the problem.

Fiberglass is more durable than vinyl and aluminum. The material retains its strength better than other products, and can be painted. With a seam on the corner, like vinyl windows, a colored fiberglass product is more likely than a traditional wood frame window. It has a high resistance to the weather, which means that the energy efficiency remains the same.

Vinyl Windows For Mobile Homes

While fiberglass mobile home windows have obvious advantages, they are more expensive than the competition and can be more difficult to install.

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Double-glazed windows in a mobile or manufactured home can be a huge improvement to a home’s energy efficiency and also eliminate the need for storm windows. The second panel and gas-filled interpanel seal reduce emissions by 50 percent. The second panel helps reduce noise, so you’re less likely to hear street noise and hear your neighbors blaring a football game on the TV. Not because of this.

Another important feature of double pane windows is something you don’t get. Clarity and visibility are often not reduced, so all the views you enjoy today will be enjoyed tomorrow, with better comfort.

Storm windows, storms out. It’s all about weatherization, but digging into deep, dark storage areas to find and clean old storm windows can be a chore. And storm windows deteriorate over time. They will be more effective and less attractive.

When shopping for replacement mobile windows, ask yourself a two-part question. I want to put the old storm windows over the newly installed windows. Do I want to buy new storm windows with new replacement windows?

Piedmont Mobile & Home Supply

The obvious answer is to buy double-glazed windows and make storm windows a thing of the past.

Over double-glazed windows, energy-efficient windows use additional technologies to reduce emissions. Some of these windows are called low emissivity windows, the “e” stands for emissivity. The application of invisible mineral coatings aims to strengthen the glass and reduce its mobility. Covers reduce UV rays, so less energy is needed to heat the house, and they also protect fabrics and interior colors from harmful rays.

A custom made home window can cost anywhere from $54 to $300 per unit depending on the desired features. If more than one window is replaced, savings can be achieved by purchasing the unit.

Vinyl Windows For Mobile Homes

Alternatively, if you’re on a budget and want to buy a used replacement window, eBay and Craigslist can be viable options. There may be a good outlet near you. However, it all depends on the size of your opening and the availability of spare parts. But if you are concerned about the cost, patience is important. You need to find the right tab. And forgiveness of mistakes and hard work will be necessary.

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