What Are The Best Home Office Chairs

By | April 9, 2023
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The best office chair can do wonders for your health and posture, while making working from home more comfortable. In the early stages of the lockdown, the number of Britons working from home increased from 1.5 million to just north of ten million, and many are beginning to accept this new shift as permanent. So, if you haven’t already gotten yourself a new office chair, now might be the time to invest. In fact, hunching over your laptop from a stiff old kitchen chair—or, worse, working from the couch or bed—can wreak havoc on your back and your productivity.

What Are The Best Home Office Chairs

What Are The Best Home Office Chairs

It goes without saying that it is worth spending some of the money saved on a decent chair. You’ll find some expensive ergonomic options in our roundup of the best office chairs, but we’ll also feature some budget-friendly options that will protect you from back pain while you work without breaking the bank.

Furmax Home Office Chair Mesh Computer Chair Ergonomic Task Desk Chairs With Flip Up Arms And Adjustable Height, Black

On the other hand, if budget is your priority and you can do without many of the ergonomic extras you see here, we’ve put together another roundup of the best desk chairs – including stationary chairs from just £12.

The SIHOO M18 office chair offers an excellent range of adjustable ergonomic features at a very reasonable price of £250. And now you can get the chair for just £169.

At Wellworking’s online store, you can save on a selection of ergonomic office chairs, including ex-screen and refurbished models, from brands like Herman Miller and Humanscale. Many of the chairs we’ve included in our review below, including the Herman Miller Sayl, Aeron, and HAG Capisco, can be found at a discount.

We spoke to Paul Simons, director of office chair specialist Wellworking, to find out what key features you want in a good office chair.

Best Office Chairs For Working From Home, According To Reviewers

The world of office chairs is one where you should buy the best you can afford. More expensive chairs tend to give you better ergonomics, more adjustability and a longer warranty, but cheaper chairs tend to be a false economy. Still, there are the occasional deals on surprisingly decent office chairs, while some of the chairs costing a few thousand pounds aren’t really any better for sitting for long periods of time than those costing a few hundred.

What kind of floor do you have? Get the right type of caster for your floor – hard, stone, carpet and so on – to prevent slipping when you don’t want it to or potentially damaging the floor.

How high is your desk? Standard desks are around 710-740mm (28-29 inches) high and that’s about the same for most of us, but if you’re a shorter or taller person, make sure your desk is comfortable. Ideally, adjust your chair to optimize your posture and get a table for your chair (not the other way around). For the ultimate setup, try a sit-stand desk that lets you sit and stand all day. Try to stand for 20 minutes for every 40 minutes you sit.

What Are The Best Home Office Chairs

Screen and monitor: Your monitor should be at arm’s length, with the center of the screen at eye level. Don’t change the chair – change the height of the monitor with an adjustable arm or stand.

X4 Leather Executive Chair By X Chair

Try it first: everyone’s anatomy is unique and what a friend or colleague thinks is great can be surprisingly uncomfortable for you, but give it time because new chairs will always feel a little weird at first. Please note that if you buy online or over the phone, you can always return it within 14 days under the distance selling policy.

Use a good supplier: they should be able to show you how to use your chair after delivery. Even the most ergonomic chair will be uncomfortable if you use it incorrectly.

Check the warranty: Your chair should last, so ideally the warranty should last five years or more.

We won’t mince words: Habitat Brixham doesn’t offer much to match the comfort and adjustable features of some of the premium office chairs featured below. But while you get what you pay for, this chair certainly won’t break the bank, which will undoubtedly be key for those on a budget.

Simpli Home Chambers Swivel Office Chair Distressed Blue Axcochr 10 Dstb

What you get is a faux leather swivel office chair with a gas lift for height adjustment. Armrests can be a bit heavy compared to chairs that have padded seats, but there are also many office chairs in this price range that don’t have armrests at all. Moreover, the simple structure of the chair also makes it easy to assemble it yourself.

You can spend a lot of money on an ergonomic office chair that gives you tons of adjustable features for optimal comfort and support. But with the Orangebox Do, you get a comfortable mesh chair with just as much versatility, for less than half the price.

You can manually adjust the armrests and seat depth, but the best thing about the Orangebox Do is the tilt mechanism to balance the weight. This responds to your weight and movements as you use the chair and allows it to automatically adjust to your posture, eliminating, as Orangebox says, “numerous buttons and levers to find and struggle with.”

What Are The Best Home Office Chairs

The Verus is Herman Miller’s cheapest chair, and while it’s not the best in the range, if you want the brand without spending a fortune, it’s not a bad choice.

Home Office Chair Ergonomic High Back Swivel Task Desk Chair Gaming Racing Chair

It normally costs around £480, you can often get it for a lot less when it’s on sale. The version we tested had a “Triflex” plastic back, which feels sturdier than Sayl’s rubber back. Alternatively, you can opt for the mesh version, which should be slightly softer.

Its height-adjustable armrests are very similar to the more expensive Saylo. In terms of adjustability, you have all the features you need, including seat height and backrest tilt with tilt limit and forward tilt options, all of which make the Verus a very comfortable chair for working from home.

For the price, the Sihoo M18 is a pretty impressive office chair. It has an ergonomically shaped seat and curved backrest made of breathable mesh material, as well as several adjustable features, including a headrest, armrests, lumbar support and backrest.

Sihoo, although a somewhat obscure brand, makes a number of ergonomic office chairs that can be purchased on Amazon. The M57 is usually more expensive, but not much different from the M18 except for a few small features like 3D adjustable armrests.

Best Contemporary Desk Chairs For The Home Office

Sihoo M18 has recently increased in price. But even at over £200, you’re still getting a lot for your money. It is also available with footrests as well as “upgraded casters”.

SIHOO Desk Chair, Ergonomic Computer Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar Support, High Back Executive Swivel Chair (Black)

An icon of modern design (its inclusion in MoMA is proof enough), the Herman Miller Aeron is among the best office chairs we’ve tested. It offers a range of features including forward tilt and fully adjustable arms, along with essentials such as seat height and backrest.

What Are The Best Home Office Chairs

The mesh material covering the back and seat is breathable and has enough lift to provide adequate support and comfort, although some may prefer a cushion. Despite this, the Aeron is a chair that delivers results in all areas. The only catch is the price of a thousand pounds. This won’t be within everyone’s budget, but if you have the money, you really can’t go wrong with the Aeron.

The 9 Best Office Chairs, According To Lab Testing

The Elite Team Plus may not look particularly striking, especially compared to some of the more prominent ergonomic chairs in this review. In fact, as far as ergonomic design goes, it’s pretty nondescript.

However, it’s still a very comfortable and supportive chair, and you have a number of customizable features to play with, including backrest tilt, seat tilt and the all-important seat height. They are easily operated using three clearly marked levers under the right side of the seat.

At £180, the standard Team Plus is also excellent value. Its comfortable foam seat is upholstered in quality ‘Xtreme’ material, with plenty of color options to choose from, including ‘Diablo’ (burgundy), ‘Ocean’ (navy) and ‘Solano’ (orange). If you want to pay a bit more, you can add height-adjustable armrests (£35), lumbar support pump (£26) and adjustable seat depth (£17).

Herman Miller Sayla’s unique design inspired by a suspension bridge makes this office chair more than a statement piece. Not only is this a stylish piece of furniture; it is also comfortable to sit on. In fact, its rubber back is very supportive and feels much better to sit on than first impressions suggest.

Best Stylish Home Office Chairs To Upgrade Your Work From Home Set Up

As standard, Sayl offers everything

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