Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Las Vegas

By | April 26, 2023
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Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Las Vegas – Heading to the Sunshine State and looking for ideas for places to stay in Florida? As always, I’m happy to share mine.

Luxury and Florida don’t usually go hand in hand — and if you’re thinking outside of Miami and the Miami Beach area (with its huge selection of luxury accommodations), you’ll have to dig a little deeper.

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Las Vegas

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Las Vegas

However, in recent years, there have been some ‘changes’ in terms of luxury accommodation and hotel options in Florida (or more expensive options, so to speak), and here are a few to consider on your next Florida trip.

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As always, I can only recommend places I’ve visited – and this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many resources like other magazines available on the web, but listing hotels based on what I hear would make my blog pointless.

So this list is limited – it only includes places I’ve actually stayed at. When I return, I will add more options for luxury and boutique hotels in Florida.

St. The Regis at Bal Harbor is one of our classic Florida beach getaways for a reason – and the location is perfect for us. Bal Harbor is 15-20 minutes north of Miami Beach which means it’s nicer and close enough to go to dinner and shopping. What we’ve found in our last 5 stays is that there are more local dining options in the area, meaning you really can stay local.

Across the street from the hotel, you’ll find the Bal Harbor Shops, the best luxury shopping mall in Florida (and possibly the United States), complete with some great restaurants. But in Aventura, in addition to shopping centers (which are great), you’ll also find excellent dining options.

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Rooms at Port St. Regis Bal (book here ) is even better, the sandy beach is amazing and it’s the perfect place for a relaxing Miami vacation, which is important to us and really something we really enjoy.

Housing in the Florida Keys is changing, and nowadays you can get more minimalist and less kitsch. We’ve always wanted to go, but honestly, every time I look at where we’re going to stay, I’m not inspired – and many times, we’ve put off visiting because it seems so pointless.

However, there are a handful of great new spots opening up along the beautiful beaches of the Florida Keys, and in 2019, we discovered Isla Bella and will happily return. Beautifully designed, I would happily recommend a stay at Isla Bella if you are visiting the Florida Keys. The only downside is that it markets itself as a beach resort… but there is no actual beach, which is a shame. There are several outdoor pools but…

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Las Vegas

We weren’t very familiar with “The Keys” and had never heard of Marathon before, and it’s basically halfway between the mainland and Key West (which we haven’t visited yet).

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Naples is an upscale area of ​​Florida – but I found the luxury hotel offerings somewhat lacking, which is a shame.

We stayed at the grande dame of Naples, the Ritz-Carlton, and thought it needed some updating. For the room rate charged, I personally don’t think it’s worth it. The luxury side of the experience is a bit bland – and the Ritz Carlton (check availability) is ridiculous as it offers great beach experiences elsewhere, so they know how it’s done.

Until the hotel is upgraded, I think vacation rentals are the way to go in this area (and there are some truly incredible ones we’ve found on Airbnb and other similar websites).

On my last trip to Florida before the Covid 19 pandemic (and our long lockdown) in 2020, I went to Florida… alone.

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I basically want a place where I can have a nice room, enjoy the beach, do reformer pilates and other fitness classes without leaving the hotel, pop in and out and see some friends for dinner (never mind my own beach) and also enjoy shopping- split. I looked for this combination all over the world and I found it in Florida and I actually got on the plane 2 days later. lonely (This is a big problem for me).

Some extensive Google searches lead to Carillion Wellness Resort & Spa, which I understand is Canyon Ranch. That gives me some peace of mind. It is also a member of the World’s Leading Hotels (which doesn’t mean the world, but means something). I had never heard or read about this hotel before, so I needed some encouragement.

Carillion Wellness Resort & Spa is absolutely amazing – the rooms are great (all suites, meaning you have a bit of extra space), the service is great and I loved the exercise classes. I do reformer pilates every day, I try and love Zumba, and even try some belly dancing (which is quite challenging). I loved it and I would recommend to go back. If you want to see Carillion Wellness Resort & Spa for yourself, visit the site to book your stay here.

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Las Vegas

Although Sarasota is on the water, it has no real beach (important for my non-US readers who fly to Florida with one thing on their mind: the beach, obviously).

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If you book your stay at the Ritz-Carlton, you have access to its beach club on Lido Key which is really nice. It is located 10 minutes away, on its own island (accessible by car) and works well. The arrangement is quite basic (it’s a very common sunbed like in Naples), but the service is excellent and the restaurant is good (and a bit more expensive).

Loved the hotel atmosphere associated with Sarasota and its really lively restaurants and bars. The rooms have been recently renovated and the service was good when we visited.

Probably one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at in the US – and there are quite a few to choose from. The Four Seasons at Surfside is amazing – and I wouldn’t consider staying anywhere else in the area…except for the fact that it has less than 80 rooms and is always fully booked for romantic getaways and luxury getaways. (It’s located not far from the St. Regis Bal Harbor and very close to The Carillon.

It’s almost a four season shop (see room) and very special and I honestly don’t think there is a better hotel in the area – the location is perfect for me (and how I like to spend my time in the area) and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s almost impossible to find a room for less than $1000, so keep that in mind.

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There are many more wonderful places to live in Florida – and the only way I can update this page is to visit regularly, which I hope to do.

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Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Las Vegas

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