Where To Stay In Barbados All Inclusive

By | April 21, 2023
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Where To Stay In Barbados All Inclusive – Barbados is one of the small Caribbean islands that often surprises visitors with what can be found there. From horse racing to cricket matches, from lush botanical gardens to amazing caves, there is so much to do in Barbados. Don’t forget the sun, rum and people from all over the world flock to this area.

When deciding on the best area to live in Barbados, consider the following four areas: the high West Coast, the rugged North Coast, the modern South Coast and the East Coast. The most popular places to stay in Barbados are located on the south and west coasts of the island. Each place is sure to have a different experience, which means the best place to stay in Barbados depends on you and what you want to get out of your vacation.

Where To Stay In Barbados All Inclusive

Where To Stay In Barbados All Inclusive

If you have decided on the best time to visit Barbados, this blog will help you decide on the best places to stay in Barbados to make the most of your getaway.

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Best for: A lively beach vacation. This is the best area to learn to surf. Here you will find the most famous golf club in Barbados.

Top attractions in Christ Church: Enterprise Beach (ranked 4 out of 15), Dover Beach (ranked 7 out of 15), Garrison Savannah (ranked 13 out of 15).

On the south coast of Barbados, you’ll find places like Christ Church, home to the island’s main airport, Grantley Adams International Airport. It is also the home of St. Lawrence Gap (known locally as “The Gap”), the island’s busiest recreational area.

In St. In Lawrence Gap, you’ll find the best restaurants, bars, clubs and shops, as well as hotels and all-inclusive resorts, from the modest to the spectacular.

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Image: Royal Barbados is located in St. Lawrence Gap and offers unique accommodations and first-class restaurants.

Looking for a party? Saint Lawrence Gap is a good place to live, as is Bridgetown. Both are in the southwest of the island. Useful information: Guests of both all inclusive resorts in Barbados can enjoy complimentary cocktails and other (alcoholic) beverages during their stay. Royal Barbados comes with a craft cellar and bowling alley!

Experience wisely, whether you want your Barbados vacation to include plenty of sightseeing, sunny beaches or outdoor experiences like the Harry Bayley Observatory, you’ll always be busy. The observatory opens on Friday evenings and here you will be able to view the night sky using the powerful telescope right on site.

Where To Stay In Barbados All Inclusive

While visiting Christ Church, consider taking a tour of the Banks Beer Brewery and watching horse racing at the Garrison Savannah. For a piece of history, visit the church of St. Lawrence dates back to the early 19th century. Christchurch is also home to the island nation’s most famous golf club (Barbados Golf Club) and surfing school (Barry’s Surf School).

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Most interesting places in St Philip: Bottom Bay (ranked 3 out of 15), Crane Beach (ranked 12 out of 15).

The quieter side of things can be enjoyed in St. Philip, explore plantation houses such as Sunbury, which dates back to the 17th century, or enjoy some of Barbados’ iconic beaches: Bottom Bay and Crane Beach.

St. Philip really is very diverse in terms of what you can do there. In fact, among the main attractions in St. Philip is Bushy Park Racing Circuit where you can experience life on the fast track – literally. Book one of the “unforgettable experiences of a lifetime” as you push the limits of racing cars or karts or watch an international racing event.

As well as exploring the beaches, greenhouses and racetracks, in St Philip you can visit the four lighthouses at Ragged Point, which promise stunning views, or the Four Square Distillery for a tour that includes a tasting.

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Suitable for: Active holidays on the beach. This is the best area for free shopping, sightseeing and fishing.

The west coast of Barbados is on the high side, and you’ll find luxury resorts and scattered accommodation here. Sandy beaches are attractive to many, such as the famous Holetown Beach.

Holetown, formerly called Jamestown, is where the British first settled on the island. It was named after King James I. Many things have changed since then and now you can find many restaurants, bars and cafes in this area.

Where To Stay In Barbados All Inclusive

The most interesting places in St. Michael: Carlisle Bay (2nd out of 15), Mount Gay Distillery (9th out of 15), George Washington House (10th out of 15).

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A short distance down the west coast is St. Michael, home of the capital city of Bridgetown, and there are expected to be many tourist attractions in the area. This is a combination for guests who want to be in the center of it all; in a place where they can connect deeply with the pulse of the island.

Bridgetown is a great place to go for an unforgettable fishing trip. Among the many nearby attractions, the most famous include the George Washington House, Fort St. Anne, the Barbados Museum, and the Cathedral of St.

There is also Carlisle Bay with beautiful beaches and an underwater diving park with many shipwrecks and yachts.

Do you like diving? PADIĀ® certified guests at both Barbados resorts can dive for free (maximum two tanks per day). This includes professional equipment and staff! PADIĀ® certification can be obtained at the resort for an additional fee. After certification, you can dive the rest of your vacation for free!

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Also nearby are Brighton Beach, Cockspur Visitor Centre, Mount Gay Rum Distillery, Tirol Cot Heritage Centre, Kensington Oval (cricket venue), Frank Collymore Hall (classic theater production) and lots of bits and bobs. buy.

Like most capital cities, Bridgetown always has something exciting going on and this vibrant city will give you the chance to experience the Caribbean maritime lifestyle. While in Bridgetown, don’t forget to visit the Chamberlain Bridge and the statue of Lord Nelson.

Main attractions in St. James: In the central west of the island, St James Parish appeals to travelers of all budgets. Although the area is known as one of the island’s celebrity destinations, there’s more to it than just accommodation and plenty of activities.

Where To Stay In Barbados All Inclusive

You can expand your knowledge of Barbadian history, for example, by visiting the church of St. James Parish, which opened its doors in 1600. The church was built in an area called ‘God’s Akko’. While in St. Jakub, you can go on a tour of this stone church and learn about its colorful past.

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Also visit the Portvale Sugar Factory, one of the last remaining working sugar factories in Barbados, Folkstone Marina Park and the Sir Frank Hutson Museum. Villages such as Prospect, Sugar Hill, Appleby and Porters are also interesting places to visit during your exploration.

Best thing: Reconnecting with nature. This is the best area for hiking. Here you will find one of the most beautiful botanical gardens. The water on the east coast is rough, making it a great place for professional surfers.

High point of interest in St. Joseph: Hunte’s Gardens (1st out of 15), Bathsheba Beach (8th out of 15).

After a tour of the island’s attractions, enjoy some free time in St. Joseph. It’s a great place to come “home” and just relax if you enjoy exploring botanical gardens like the Flower Forest, which used to invite sugar. Another botanic garden in the area is Andromeda Gardens in St Joseph Village, which is small. However, it has more than 600 types of plants. The gardens were once part of a private collection assembled and maintained by the island’s former botanist, Iris Bannochie. Hunte Gardens is another botanical garden you can visit in St. Joseph.

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Clean and less developed than some West Coast communities, St. Lucy in the North is a breath of fresh air. It’s perfect for guests who think vacationing in paradise means enjoying the simple things like lush trees and ocean views almost everywhere you look.

Many who choose to live in St Lucy do so because of its remote appeal; in St. Lucy literally makes you feel like you are away from it all and discovering the only part of Barbados that is very right to experience.

This is, of course, far from the truth, as everyone is welcome in St. Lucy, where visitors can explore places like Flower Cave, a sea cave located beneath the cliffs at North Point. It is the only accessible sea cave on the island and guided tours are available. If you are going to the zoo, bring a swimsuit and water

Where To Stay In Barbados All Inclusive