Which Home Security System Is The Best

By | May 10, 2023
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Investing in a home security system can improve home security and help protect your home from break-ins and theft. Keep reading to learn about the best home security systems and find the solution that’s right for you.

Which Home Security System Is The Best

Which Home Security System Is The Best

A home security system can improve the overall security of your home and protect you and your family from home intruders. State-of-the-art home security systems protect you from unexpected break-ins and allow you to keep your home safe.

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With so many providers out there, it can be difficult to figure out which home security system is best for you. This is where the This Old House Investigations Team comes in. We’ve compiled packages, prices, contracts, installation options and warranties to help you find the best security system for your home.

Overall 4.6/5 Large National Network Connection for Smart Home Appliances 24/7 Fire, Flood and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Package Overview Limited Time Offer: $100 ADT Visa Rewards Card (Tax*)

Best for easy installation 4.9/5 Ability to access the system from your phone Pay monthly + no contract required Easy installation See packages Free shipping + 60 day money back guarantee

Best medical alert monitoring and live video app for Smart Homes 4.7/5 Integrates remote controls and voice controls with Smart-Home devices. View Packages Free Installation + $50 Visa. Code: HOMEGC50

Tips For Building Your Home Security System

*A 36-month supervision contract is required. An early termination and installation fee will be charged. New customers only. Rewards Card issued by Pathward, N.A., Member FDIC. The terms and conditions of the card are valid. Read full terms and conditions.

ADT offers one of the best home security systems in the industry. The company has over 145 years of experience and serves millions of customers across the country. It also offers 24/7 professional monitoring, giving customers peace of mind that their home is always protected. With a wide range of package options, professional installation process and competitive pricing, ADT is our number one choice for the best home security system.

ADT offers five home security system packages. The package may include a keypad, motion detector, remote key, life safety devices (e.g. panic buttons) and wireless door/window sensors. Advanced packages include mobile app access, indoor/outdoor camera, doorbell camera, smart lock and smart plug. ADT cameras have 720p HD, night vision and dual audio connections.

Which Home Security System Is The Best

ADT prices range from $28.99 to $59.99 per month, excluding equipment costs. Equipment must be paid for in advance unless you choose the monthly financing option.

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All professionally installed packages require a 36-month monitoring contract. Soon. and installation fees. Additional taxes. See full terms and prices

Recommended Package: We recommend the Full ADT package. For $59.99 a month, you get professional monitoring, mobile app integration, video surveillance, and smart home automation features.

ADT is one of the most comprehensive options on this list. The company offers professional and self-monitoring options for both wireless and landline phones. Flatbed devices are a great option for business owners or anyone looking for high-quality video, a rare offering these days. The company also offers several smart home options and a user-friendly mobile app to control the system.

Pros maintains the largest national network of professional inspection centers with more than nine centers. Allowing customers to access smart home devices, some packages include mobile app remote control.

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Cons Requires minimum 36 month contract for professionally installed systems (24 months in California) Does not professionally install standalone equipment; Pro installation requires full system purchase

To learn more about what ADT has to offer, read our ADT home security system review or check out the brand comparisons below:

SimpliSafe is an affordable, no-contract alternative to top home security systems like ADT. It is easy to install and can be integrated with many smart home devices. SimpliSafe is ideal for tenants because installation does not require digging into walls or doors.

Which Home Security System Is The Best

SimpliSafe offers five information security packages. All packages include base station, keyboard, entry detector and motion detector. More comprehensive packages include fob, fire alarm, panic button, siren and temperature sensor.

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SimpliSafe kits come with easy-to-install tools and adhesive strips that allow you to place the tools wherever you want. If you want to install SimpliSafe cameras, you may need tools and a little digging.

SimpliSafe prices range from $229 to $489 for bundled equipment and $14.99 to $24.99 per month for professional monitoring. The company often makes deals that allow customers to incorporate a professional monitoring and alarm system. Here is a breakdown of the price of each combined SimpliSafe package:

Recommended Package: We recommend the Essentials package. $259 gets you three input sensors, one motion sensor, a keyboard, and a base station.

SimpliSafe’s easy-to-install packages, in addition to the extensive equipment options, make our company our first choice among the best home security systems. All of its systems are easy to replace and come with a three-year warranty. The company offers limited smart home automation options compared to ADT or Vivint, but customers avoid future long-term contracts with those companies.

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Professionals Can arm or disarm the system from a smartphone, Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, etc. System batteries last more than 10 years. Monthly payments without a contract Easy to set up yourself.

Disadvantages Remote alert and alarm options are only offered with more expensive monitors SimpliCam does not have facial recognition and can send false alarms. May be difficult to use for customers who are not tech savvy

See how the company compares to other home security companies in detail with these brand comparisons:

Which Home Security System Is The Best

Vivint has over 20 years of experience and focuses on smart home integration and automation. It is ideal for homeowners who want to integrate their security system with existing smart home technology devices. Vivint’s system easily integrates with popular smart home platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and the company can offer help with features like smart climate control and smart lighting.

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Vivint offers five home security systems, all of which include a panel, intrusion sensor, voice control, and motion sensor. Advanced packages include a smart smoke detector, smart thermostat, doorbell camera, outdoor camera, smart garage door opener and more.

Vivint cameras have 1080p HD quality. Its internal camera is 155 degrees and the external camera is 140 degrees. Both cameras can work with two-way audio and night vision.

Vivint is a great choice for anyone who wants smart home automation and a professional installation experience. Customers are guaranteed that their system will work as Vivint does not allow DIY installation of their systems. Vivint offers more smart home products than home security companies like ADT or Frontpoint, the ability to integrate with third-party platforms like Google Home and Nest.

Pros Professional indoor monitoring includes live video monitoring, medical alarm monitoring and carbon monoxide (CO) detection Custom package model with affordable smart devices System can be controlled by mobile app, key fob or voice With party smart home devices is controlled by the third party. such as the Nest thermostat, Philips Hue smart lights, etc.

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Disadvantages Expensive initial equipment costs and long financial planning No do-it-yourself installation option. There is a very short three-day cancellation policy for full refunds

Founded in 2014, Abode is a new company in the home security industry. However, it offers a variety of home security system devices and monthly monitoring packages that do not require a long-term contract. In our opinion, Abode is the best for customization because of the Build My System option. This option requires working with an Abode representative to create a complete home security system package to protect your home.

Abode offers four home security packages. All packages include a smart home hub, door/window sensor, keyboard and key fob. Abode’s motion detectors are easy to use and high quality, although they only offer a one-year warranty on their devices. With Abode, customers can also customize their system using the Build My System option.

Which Home Security System Is The Best

If you are concerned about meeting all your security needs, Abode is a great choice for you. Its Build My System option starts with a questionnaire that recommends tools based on the device’s settings and the region you’re protecting.

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Many other home security companies offer customized package deals, but Abode’s monitoring plans are affordable and flexible. Products can be used for professional monitoring or self-monitoring, and professional monitoring is charged daily rather than monthly.

Pros No long-term contract required Abode Cue integration connects and controls smart home devices Professional supervision available if required

Frontpoint offers one of the best DIY systems in the industry. It comes with 24/7 professional monitoring, no long-term contracts and highly customizable smartphone notifications. Frontpoint ships devices directly to your door. All you need to do is connect the monitoring center and sensors to your Wi-Fi network.

Frontpoint offers four security packages. All packages include hub and keypad, door/window detector and motion detector. Advanced plans include a glass break detector, a smoke/heat sensor and an internal camera.

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Frontpoint prices range from $129 to $479 for compatible devices. If you choose to pay for your equipment with monthly financing, monthly prices range from $17 to $40. Frontpoint’s optional professional monitoring plans

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